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Hello my friends. I do trust this finds you well, and not hitting the overload button getting ready for Christmas. As so many of you guessed last week, yes, once I had finished making those wee boxes with Camilla and Denise (they will be given out this Thursday at step inside)… I moved on to the next thing on my to-do list. Not many dull moments here on the North Wales coast! So, this was my desk when I started on Tuesday morning.

Not a lot of natural light – but here are some large, 8inch tall, boxes I’m putting together for my family to carry their Christmas present. There is the usual clutter on the desk, the die set, a box awaiting folding, low tack and Double sided tapes, scissors, tweezers, glue – still upside down – and a couple of completed boxes. By 4 pm Tuesday afternoon the desk looked like this!

Still no natural light – it has been fairly dark most of the day, although there was a big golden ball appeared in the sky for a few minutes round lunchtime. Yes there is a difference in the photos – I’m now on box 5. They are all different colours, with a different set of embellishments.

This is really a quite fantastic die set – tonic – and around 29 dies in the set. It cost an absolute fortune, but I decided it was worth splashing out as I will use it a lot.

A great investment, I think. Of course, I don’t actually spend all my days up on my landing! (Oh, I wish I could) I do come downstairs occasionally and visit the lounge where I am trying to stash bust my yarn collection. Failing again – although with this blanket I haven’t bought extra yarn – but it was close!!!

So that’s it from me, folks. I wish you the very best of Christmases. May you know the gift of the season – God, coming to earth as a baby, born in a country ruled over by harsh leaders, to an unmarried mother, in poverty. Emmanuel – God with us. How good and precious that He understands!

God bless you all. Take care.


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Hello my friends. I’m back in the land of song again after a brief trip around the countries to visit friends and family. And I have been busy – what’s new, I hear you ask!!

Yes, more of these delightful little boxes. I shall be spending time today (Wednesday) with Canu Camilla as we fill them all with a couple of chocolates and a thank you note.

The markings on the cutting mat are centimetres, so you have an idea of size, and there are some thank you notes which Cam has designed and printed off. All that remains is for me to pick up some boxes of chocs from the supermarket when I shop tomorrow for Step Inside.

Meanwhile, our basket of goody boxes gets fuller…

56 done so far, and around another 15 to go should hopefully see us OK.

And that’s me this week folks. Still cutting and sticking, and still stash-busting my yarn bag during the evenings.

Take care everyone. God bless.


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