Hello my frinds. I hope where you are is a little warmer than it is here – I woke to a white, very frosty world this morning! My desk photo today would have been too boring for words – as there is absolutely nothing on it! Na-da! not a thing! That’s basically because I haven’t been there all week except to write the addresses on envelopes for my Christmas cards.

Yes, the cards are finished, written, and addressed. The presents are wrapped. Still got to get a mortgage to pay for the stamps, though! Sounds like too soon? Yes, well, that’s because my home is on the market and I’m trying my very best to keep the place tidy for any prospective viewers. . I can’t believe that I am properly tidying up before I go to bed, making sure the kitchen is always tidy, not cluttering the place up… Hopefully it will be worth it and before too long I shall be following  a removal van across country toward Nottingham. Nearer my girls.

However, I haven’t been idle. I have been stash busting with yarn again. A blanket for Uganda – just a cot size this time. Of course, the idea was that I would use up much of my blue yarn… I did! Unfortunately, before I had sufficient squares – so… yes, you’ve guessed – I had to go and buy another ball of light blue!!

So that’s me this week folks. Nothing much to report at all really. I wish you well. I trust this finds you busy and healthy.

Take care. God bless.


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  1. oh, you’ve made the decision then! very pleased for you and I am sure your girls will love having you closer. Well done on getting your cards written and ready to post – not done mine yet, maybe this weekend after Kew.
    the latest blanket looks fabulous but shame you had to buy more wool to finish it! Such is life!! Helen #2

  2. Oh Margaret, what a shame you are leaving that beautiful home you have. I can understand the reasons behind your decision – it will be so nice to be nearer to your girls. Good luck with the sale – I am sure it will be snapped up as it is a beautiful home an in such a lovely place.
    Great blanket, I love the various shades of blue you have used,
    Hugs, Neet 14 xx

  3. Hi Margaret, wow, you won’t be too far away from us in Nottingham, won’t it be lovely to be closer to your girls, even if it means leaving your lovely home. So annoying to run out of a vital thing when you’re almost finished! Not even got my cards finished yet, hoping that I’ll be able to get to them soon as I continue to improve. Have a lovely week, Hugs from us both, Shaz #1 X

  4. I think you’re doing the right thing for sure – it’s been a lovely home but a new chapter awaits. IT worked for me and Gordon, it will for you too! Good luck with it all xx. The blanket squares are lovely, you do have a knack of putting things together!
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  5. The blanket is gorgeous Margaret. All those lovely shades of blue! The stash-busting leading to yarn buying issue happened to me too recently – I was going for a stashbuster in rainbow colours and ended up having to buy several balls in shades of orange and green to make it happen!
    Good luck with the house sale – hope a buyer knocks on your door very soon.
    Amelia #21

  6. Well done completing your Christmas cards and making them post office ready too! You’re definitely ahead of the game! Good luck with your house move – I still remember when we put ours on the market – I never had the house in such tip top condition – I always went into overdrive 2-3 hours before the viewing cleaning and tidying – the hard part was trying to hide all the clutter and then getting it out again. It was all worth it though. Hope you find a nice place to live near your family, Margaret. All the best, zsuzsa #17

  7. Oh Good luck with your moving plans Margaret – I hope it goes like clockwork and you are soon settled and cosy in your new place. Your blanket is lovely – and yes that made me giggle – so like us to have go out and buy a bit more yarn to finish it off! xx Jo

  8. Hi Margaret, Christmas shopping done – heaven preserve me from overcrowded shops – and home in time to leave a few comments. Hope your house sells quickly otherwise you could be doing what we had to do one year and move 2 days before Christmas …. needless to say Christmas was a non-event that year! The cot quilt is lovely – all those shades of blue are beautiful. It’s been a little warmer here today but we’ve been waking up to frosty mornings this last week. Have a good week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #16

  9. So efficient with the Christmas cards and shopping – I have barely started yet! I really hope that the house selling goes well – have you found one you like near Nottingham? It will be lovely for you to be nearer the girls although I know you will miss your current house, church and friends. Happy WOYWW. Have a lovely week. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#10)

  10. Oh my Margaret you are so organised!! Still I understand why. Hope you find someone soon. Oh well, at least have my cards MADE even though there isn’t a chance of them going out before the first week of December (which I have suddenly realised is not that far away …..I Thanks for your earlier visit!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #18 xx

  11. Oh my goodness, Margaret, a house move! That will be quite an upheaval, but a very wise decision. I do hope everything goes through smoothly with no hitches, and that you get some nice viewers of your house, and soon… They probably won’t be much interested before the New Year with everything else going on at this time of year, but the spring is a good time for a move. The girls must be pleased with your decision. I hope you find a lovely place to live, and a really good church as well! Thank you for your visit – I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t touched my Tudor project, and really need to get my skates on from now on if I’m going to finish it in time.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #20

  12. Hi Margaret, beautiful blanket. Hope the move goes well. although I have to say the idea scares me but that’s just because I have too much stuff! Wishing you a happy belated woyww, Angela x15x

  13. I hope the house is soon snapped up so you can be closer to the girls Margaret, it will be worth all that tidying away before viewing when you near to the family.
    There seems to be no end in sight to me finishing my cards this year, i’m really hoping I don’t have to resort to buying some eekkk!
    Happy WoywW Tracey #5

  14. Nothing much to report?!! A big fat life changer of a decision and there’s nothing to report?!! I’m sure the house will be snapped up and I just know that being nearer the girls will be the right thing for you; never one to step back from a challenge lovely gal! Oh my gosh I can only imagine the wails of loss that greet your news from your many Rhos friends and church family! The clear desk I therefore totally understand. The written Christmas cards I’m a bit envious of. Here’s a tip – when you’re running out of yarn – just crochet faster!!

  15. Love the blue blanket. Well done on your Christmas cards. Keeping the house tidy is hard work! I think the advice is to have the fire on and cookie baking these days 🙂

  16. What a beautiful blanket!
    Hope the sale of your home goes quickly (at least as fast as you want it) and at a great price!
    Thanks for stopping by. I’m running WAY late this week.
    Carol N #19

  17. Congratulations on your decision to move nearer to your family. I would dread having to pack up my house to move, material, wool and card making stuff. Often wonder what my daughter would do if something happened to me, knowing her bin it. Seriously though hope you sell quickly. Haven’t thought about personal cards yet just ones for selling. Have a good week. Ani#6

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