Hello my friends. My goodness me – I had no idea that my wanderings around Britain would cause so many memories to surface in so many of you. Each one of you managed to make it right to the end of my mammoth post. You have earned your gold stars!!! Your comments last week were just so precious. Thank you.

So, this week – more and more cards have been rolling off the production line, as it were – so much so that any of a nervous disposition should most definitely not look at the photo! My desk has become the most awful muddle – and I itch to tidy it – but there is no point until I have made the last 10 cards which have been ordered, so I must just cope for one more day… then a massive tidy-up session is called for!

So, what can we see today? Paper poo ALL over the floor as I have done so much die cutting; two waste bins – one for recycling one for non recycling; boxes out with all different coloured card, inks on the stool near the top of the stairs. Going up onto the desk, a clear green cutting mat apart from a pair of specs; boxes of peel-offs; two neat piles of finished cards, just awaiting my details on the back and then bagging and pricing; my to-do list with a pencil hoping it may be used to cross items off; and right in the distance on the desk an enormous pile of papers, card blanks, ribbons, gems… yes, the left hand shove has been well used this week!

So really, that’s me – but just one little picture of a card just to prove I have actually been working…

I love this stamp. It’s made by Circa Design. I met them at one of the shows and asked if they had this particular sentiment on a stamp. The answer was “No, but if you can find out the details we will make it for you”. They did and it is now on their website. I use it often, and it is extremely popular with the holiday makers at the hotel.

My “and finally” is different…

Not a good photo as the image is foreshortened, but there we have it – now all I need is autumn and winter in order to wear it!

Take care my friends. God bless.


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  1. maybe it;s the angle, but your desk doesn’t look too untidy to me.. well done on getting more cards done! I do find that paper poo (love that term) has a tendency to travel around the place on the soles of one’s feet! Have a great week. Helen #4

  2. Brilliant jumper Margaret. I have one that I started many years ago in that pattern but I never finished it and I’m not sure where it is now even if I had time to. I love that saying too. I have the Clarity version of the stamp and also the senility prayer version which ends with … and the eyesight to tell the difference. It doesn’t seem to be available any more but it’s a funny verse for birthday cards. Hope you manage to get tidy soon. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #6

  3. Oooh, well done on finishing the jumper – you have way more patience than me to complete that pattern. It’ll keep you lovely and snug over winter, that’s for sure. The card is great too, it’s brilliant that your cards are in such demand at the hotel – long may that continue!
    Re red hair. I’m so pleased that I lived at a time when red hair was admired rather than the horrid bullying of being a ‘ginger’ these days. I was told that people paid a guinea each to have freckles painted on too!! Being only about 6 at the time, I thought this was marvellous and how lucky was I. 😀
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  4. I do love y our space! It seems like a lovely space to create in. The sweater is just gorgeous and will keep you nice and warm. We have been so very hot here, it’s hard to think of Fall and Winter but it is coming!
    Glenda #15

  5. Oooh, your desk really looks busy! I won’t call it ‘mess’ ’cause that is not what it is.. it’s filled with inspiration!!! And yes, Autumn is around the corner and I sometimes long for colder weather and wearing sweaters… but right now it’s lovely sunny and not too warm so I stick with days like this and enjoy while I can! Thanks for stopping by my blog, happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #17

  6. Oh my, you’ve been busy! I know all about the paper poo on the floor – I just got rid of mine yesterday, though the floor could do with a good hoovering. Don’t you just hate those tiny little bits of paper getting everywhere? Lovely card with a lovely message – hope to see some of the others too next time! Thanks for your visit earlier, Margaret! Have a good week! zsuzsa #14

  7. Hi Margaret, I’m still chuckling at the paper ‘poo’ – that’s new to me but I’m sure it will become, as Jan would put it, common parlance in corner of the craft world. I, too, have two bins so that I can be a good little recycler. The sweater pattern really took me back to the 1980s – it was all the thing back then and I saw versions of it everywhere. Your colours are lovely and it’s going to be much needed very soon now that autumn is on it’s way. Up here I’d say it was here already. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #18

  8. So nice to see you back in the land of blog! I’ve missed you – had to have a quick peep at last weeks post to see all your gorgeous photos and to read your adventures. The desk doesnt look too bad too me, but I can understand getting frustrated if things are piled on top of each other. Had to laugh at your paper poo description, so brilliant! I love the card – perfect sentiment. Have a lovely week. With Love & God Bless, Caro x (#8)

  9. Hi Margaret, I love a busy desk so it’s all good for me. Nice jumper, I can understand you hoping for cool weather Lol! I know Circa Design they are a great company. Have a lovely week and a very happy woyww, Angela x13x

  10. Welcome back! I had to look at your previous post and all the great photos! I almost feel like I went on a tour!
    As for today, great desk showing lots of use! Your card is gorgeous and I love the sweater!
    Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed week!
    Carol N #19

  11. I love to see a busy desk like that, Margaret – that’s what I call respectable mess, not like the mess in my studio at the moment, which is neglectful mess! Your card is beautiful. I’m amazed that they made the stamp at your request and that it’s now in their catalogue! That really does say something about that company, doesn’t it. I love the subtle background you have created for it, too. As for the jumper, I found out on Youtube a few months ago how you do that incredible woven effect and I thought – no, it’s not for me – far too complicated!! But then I thought the same about the amazing parchment work you do, too. You are so skilled! That knitting must have taken some doing. I have no doubt that the autumn and winter, and their associated bad weather, will be upon us soon enough without your wishing for them lol lol!!! (Although I can forgive you for not being able to wait to wear your new jumper!)

    Thank you for visiting. Yes, yesterday was an extremely busy day and I have been rather tired today! I rested most of this afternoon, after my hubby and I had lunch at the top of the garden with the kitties to keep us company. So many apples on the tree and I was worried about the Isaac Newton effect!

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #1

  12. Wow Margaret – your jumper is amazing! It will be perfect for Autumn /Winter – but that’s a long way off, I hope. I love the message on your card – so wise. Isn’t your crafty space lovely too. xx J

  13. Hi Margaret! In answer to your question about Mittsy and the squirrels – I would love to say I have such a lovely considerate kitty, but I really think they are just too fast for her. Although I’m not sure what she would do if she did catch one! Your “woven” sweater is awesome! And you have been so busy with your cards! I always admire your long desk no matter how untidy! And I love the term “paper poo” – I do have lots of that too! Thanks for your visit! Have a great week, Lindart #21

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