Government health warning – picture heavy post! But the desk is first!

Hello there – goodness, I have been MIA for simply AGES! I would have been here last week – but I’m afraid the internet let me down – all was prepared, thoughts, pictures…then NOTHING! A completely blank screen. However… like that proverbial bad penny… here I am.

Straight to the photo of my desk, I think.

Taken Tuesday afternoon, it isn’t going to change before tomorrow as I have friends for dinner this evening. From right to left… You can see the usual clutter associated with a mammoth card fest (thought I should start in on the Christmas cards, and have so far achieved 50); diary; mobile phone (rapidly dying – must go search for another); pile of cards awaiting colouring (I shall take them away next month); peel offs in boxes; scissors, glue, etc.; box of coloured and glitzy card. Up on the shelf is a pot of pencils and pens; that lovely African pot (still empty); some A5 handmade paper pieces; more boxes of peel offs; pot of rulers; paintbrushes; glues; my mug trees with DST, low tack tape.

So that’s me at the moment –  don’t worry about the rest of the post – only look at the pictures from my gadding about Britain if you really want to. I’m now back from trips 2&3, and preparing for trip 4 – my final big trip this year. The poor caravan has stood up well to being hauled around the country, slept in for ten weeks so far this year, and still has five weeks to go – my daughter and family in her for a week, then myself for four weeks! I’m catching up with everything and preparing for the big burst – Cornwall, Devon and Gloucestershire! Not at all bad for a 37year old, well seasoned, and very well travelled, caravan!

So, trip 2 & 3. I went “up North” for trip 2. Cumbria, Northumberland and North Yorkshire. A few snippets…

Acorn Bank – Cumbria
Breamish Valley – Northumberland. Not quite the side of the county seen in “Vera”
Bamburgh Castle
Grey seals on the Farne Islands

This was one of the highlights of my whole year. I really don’t “do” water! But, I so longed to go out to the Farnes. It took MUCH prayer, and a packet of mints in my coat pocket!, but I got there. Went out on a catamaran, spent three hours off the mainland! A trip right around all the Farnes, seeing the seals, gannets, guillemots, terns, puffins, shags, cormorants…. an amazing experience, one I would love to repeat. The boat captain managed to get us so close to the birds and mammals – then we landed on Inner Farne and went in among the terns and puffins. Mobbed by the adults, we all had to ensure we wore hats!!

The reason we were all mobbed! Baby terns
Adult tern
Small fountain feature

A trip to Alnwick Gardens on a gloriously hot sunny day meant water featured a lot!!! It’s a fabulous place with all sorts of water features – all different – and all exhibiting different scientific principles of water flow. Great fun.

Looking through a wall of water

I was standing within an almost complete circle of water flowing straight down from a large basin, into a low trough. We could walk down under the basin and appear to stand behind and within water.

Richmond waterfalls – North Yorkshire
Allium – Helmsley Walled Garden

Helmsley walled garden was beautiful. A charity garden supporting vulnerable adults through horticultural therapy.

The dining room – Attingham Park – Shropshire

Then followed a fantastic trip 3! Firstly to south Warwickshire for a couple of days to meet up with friends, then on to Buckinghamshire to attend my eldest grandie’s 18th birthday party. No idea where the years have gone! How can she possibly be 18 and awaiting her A level results this week??? Then on to Shropshire, a place I regularly travel through but had never stopped! Shrewsbury was a beautiful town, but even more exciting… was the fact of meeting up with our very own Wipso and Twiglet, then, when I visited Acton Scott Victorian working farm (recently featured on tv apparently) I spent a couple of hours with Twiglet’s daughter, Tilly tea dance, doing some needle felting!

Acton Scott – the old school house
Tilly tea dance – running a taster session for anyone who fancied a go
My humble effort!

I had two great campsites in Shropshire – out in the middle of nowhere, lived to tell the tale of THAT thunderstorm, and enjoyed the most amazing sunsets!

Sunset, Pontesbury – Shropshire

Whilst in Shropshire I was determined to visit some of the Brother Cadfael villages, mentioned in the Cadfael books by Ellis Peters. I had fun!  Cadfael was  a middle ages monk, and the whole series is set around Shrewsbury Abbey. So, I went to Shrewsbury Abbey – not that different 1000 years later; I went to Pontesbury, Bayston, Pulley, Frankwell, and lastly to Maesbury – and see what I found there…

Maesbury church

The church is what is called a tin tabernacle – and in 1903 arrived flat packed from Harrods in London! Amazing. It was really lovely inside and obviously well used and well loved by the villagers.

I also had the opportunity to do a little family history research. Over 100 years ago my great uncle was, I think, stirred by the Welsh revival – and decided to become a minister in the church in Wales. From a first language Welsh family he travelled up to Durham to study theology, gaining his degree and returning to the Bangor diocese to minister. Over the years I have managed to visit three of the four churches he was in. This year I went to the fourth – in Llandinam, a small village just over the Welsh border from Shropshire. Whilst out for the day I went to the village of Mallwyd which was his final church. It had always been closed, but that one day was open. Such a treat to go in, see the place he had ministered, and be able to take photos for his grandson who now lives in America and has no pictures of where his granddad lived.

The East window – Mallwyd
The wooden tower – Mallwyd – 1611? or 1640?

What a privilege to minister in a place with such a heritage

So, that really is it, folks. What a couple of months I have had. I feel incredibly privileged to have done so much – had so much fun – and seen so many of my family and friends. Apart from the 50 Christmas cards since I arrived home, I have also managed to finish that jumper I was doing earlier – photo must await a future blog post, I think – make family birthday cards, and half crochet a blanket for Uganda. Life still isn’t boring!

Take care my friends. If you have got this far, then many, many congratulations. You have earned yourself several gold stars!

God bless.


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  1. WOW it is good to see you back – you have been much missed. Your trips sound and look fabulous, I really enjoyed all the photos of places I will probably never get to visit., not having your sense of adventure (or transport!!) and you’ve been so busy since you got back too! Happy WOYWW Helen #2

  2. Wow! What an adventure you have just had and what a lovely set of photos to remind you. Yes, I earned the stars but it was no hardship as it was all so interesting to see where you have been. Your photos are beautiful and I love how big they are, we can really see what is going on wherever you are.
    Can’t wait to see where your next adventure takes you – you should write a book about the travels of your trusty caravan!
    Blessings, Neet xx 1

  3. Good Morning Margaret. What a fabulous post. Love your busy desk, but mostly I loved seeing and hearing all about those beautiful places you’ve visited over the summer months. The pictures alone are fantastic and makes me want to visit, but sadly I don’t drive and no longer have a caravan either. Hope you enjoy your coming weeks. Hugs Rita xxx

  4. Great to see you back Margaret and what amazing visits you have been on. Love the dumfed picture made with Tilly Tea Dance. 50 Christmas cards is prolific too. Enjoy the rest of your gallivanting this summer. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #9

  5. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful trip. I have stopped traveling but I do enjy you all the wonderful places you got to visit. So much beauty and heritage around you! Also love your craft desk!

  6. Margaret!! It’s so fab to see you on the desks again :-D. What fab pics from your travels, I particularly loved the Northumberland pics as we lived up there for 13 years. We did the Farnes trip a few times and loved seeing all the birds, well done for facing your fears and doing it anyway. How wonderful to visit those churches with such a family connection too. Enjoy your time at home and the next part of your trip!
    HUgs LLJ 10 xxx

  7. Welcome back Margret indeed what adventures you have had and what a post to share with us upon your return. Lovely to see you had chance to catch a Tilly taster course in the middle of it all, your wee make is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it all with us and taking us to places some of us may never get chance to visit in a lifetime.
    Time to recharge those batteries and do the washing before the next adventure hee hee!!
    I’m surprised you have even had chance to put glue to card over the past few weeks.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #14 x

  8. Hello. It’s good to see your feet have touched the ground long enough to join in the fun. I’ve really enjoyed joining you on your travels by sharing your photos. Hope the next leg of your travels is as successful. Stay safe.
    Annie x #7

  9. Hi Margaret, what an amazing journey you had! So interesting to read about, and supported by a fabulous selection of photographs! Tilly is lovely, isn’t she? And so, so clever with her needle felting. I’ve loved all the Cadfael books, not read them for a long time now. I agree, I get shocked- and angry- when I see history being re written to suit peoples agenda! Happy Birthday to your daughter- she picked a good day to be born, lol. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  10. Wow, Margaret, you’ve certainly been around this summer and seen some beautiful places! I’ve said it before and will say it again – you’re an inspiration to me as I like my home comforts, but you inspire me to get out more LOL! That caravan must be something special to be running for that long – well, I guess, it hasn’t got an engine, so it’s not like a car, but still! We must get one when we retire! Happy travels and do pop in from time to time! zsuzsa #19

  11. My goodness! What lovely adventures you’ve had! I love the photos, hard to choose a favourite, but castles get me every time. And how fun to visit where Cadfael did all his sleuthing! I love those books! Your desk looks very neat and organised, and I’m very impressed with 50 CC’s, oh my I haven’t even done one yet! Have a great week, and a good rest before your next adventure! Lindart #26

  12. Wow, you’ve certainly had a great time by the look of things – I love the photos of your wonderful travels and admire your spirit of adventure going over to the Farnes – it sounds like an amazing experience. The little needle felted sample is gorgeous and how lovely that you got to spend a couple of hours with Tilly Tea Dance at one of her amazing workshops.
    Have a great week,
    Diana xx #17

  13. HI Margaret, Oh my gosh so many beautiful shots. I totally wanted to climb those stairs to see what the view from the top changed to. I cannot tell you which one is my favorite but, they are all so fun to see because, they are so different from what is “normal” here 🙂 I am so excited for you that the traveling is working out so well too. ~Stacy #28

  14. Ah what a lovely post Margaret – good to see you back and glad you had such a brilliant time. That little caravan is amazing and you certainly have seen some wonderful parts of our countryside haven’t you. I love your little sheep picture. and so pleased you had an opportunity to work with “Tilly”. xxx Jo

  15. Hi Margaret, you’ve certainly had some amazing adventures whilst you were MIA. And lots of lovely photographs to remind you of your travels. That was good fortune that the 4th church was open on the very day you visited – one day I will do some research on my family history. And 50 Christmas cards since you returned – you put us to shame, I wish I had your energy and enthusiasm. Have a lovely week, hugs Heather xx #25

  16. Ah Margaret, our intrepid desker, so good to have you back for a little while. My first thought as i was reading…yup…just home for a break from touring and already entertaining! Great post, cant believe that you have made 50 cards already. Ive just been whining about making a start and I’ve made about 3!! Beautiful photos from your tripping, was very surprised to read that you hadn’t stopped in Shrewsbury before, bet you had fun with the Shrewsbury set! The Cadfael route is fascinating to me, I’m a fan. And also the tin tabernacle from Harrods…who knew that once they didnt just sell expensive stuff you dont need! I was quite caught out by the beauty of Bamburgh, the town, the coast, the castle…an abiding happy memory for me. Meanwhile, I LOVE the wooden tower at Mallwyd…who ever will know if it’s a full stop or another 29 years! Love it!!

  17. What wonderful adventures you have had Margaret and more to come! You pack so much in. Wonderful photos- loved sharing in your trip. Anne x #5

  18. What a fabulous post, Margaret. Your craft room is always a joy to behold – so organised, and bright and airy looking too. As for your photos of your trip, they are all just amazing – really professional, especially the wildlife ones! I’m so glad you went to Richmond. My best friend from school lived there for a few years and I had some great holidays up there with her, when her kids were little, and we all had such fun! I really enjoyed my virtual trip following your camera! Thanks for your visit – yes, my fruit and veg en masse is an impressive sight, isn’t it! It almost made me break out into a rendering of “We plough the fields and scatter” lol! We’ve already made some inroads. The advance prep certainly saves some time like tonight when I had to get a meal on pretty quickly because it was my Bible study night.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x

  19. Hi Margaret.
    Thanks for popping by and for your kind words of reassurance. I have serious workdesk envy looking at that lovely space you have made. It’s a wonder you can ever tear yourself away!
    The beach that runs between Bamburgh and Seahouses is one of my favourite places in the world, and we also ventured out on the boat trip to the Farne Islands when we were last there. I didn’t have any mints with me but I did keep my gaze fixed on the horizon and hung on like grim death!
    I love your needle-felted landscape!
    Amelia #29

  20. Margaret, I have to catch my breath before I can put into words those amazing photos. Wow! You are a great photographer. I loved the street scenes, sunset and water feature. Oh and I loved seeing the baby bird. I love seeing birds. I think I would be nervous to go under the water wall. But is was pretty cool seeing the pictures. Thank you for taking us on your trip. Your desk is really inspiring. It looks so organized and productive. I was suppose to start back to work in mine this week but haven’t. I used to make all of my christmas cards but because I make cards for my Etsy shop and others, it became too much. So when I can I make crafty christmas cards only for my crafty friends that won’t toss them on December 25th!! ha ha I will begin making custom orders for christmas cards in September but you are very smart to start now. Thank you for visiting my site. It’s always wonderful to hear from you. Now go on and have fun on your next trip and don’t forget to share photos!!
    Belinda #27

  21. Hi Margaret, you’re intrepid, woman! But what a wonderful places you’ve been and such amazing experiences. Love the photos of the birds – love all your photos actually. The one of Richmond brought back some wonderful memories – lovely little town. Your elderly caravan seems to be keeping up with you very well. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth x #23

  22. Hi dear sis, sorry so late. Persisting but not made far around list. Loved your post all of it fascinating, the dumping soo cute and so you too, you would have been in you element!
    Ah your heritage a great uncle who really followed followed on, what rich heritage… and beautiful England.. Wales and Scotland too. How wonderful your sea voyage. We have little terns here nesting and def none allowed there at that time.
    Must go late, you’ll be my last one.
    Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too.
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

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