Hello my friends. I confess I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon as I am expecting guests to stay tonight… so won’t have time once they are all here.

So those of you of a nervous disposition should ignore this first photo – my desk!

Yes, I’m sorry, a neat and tidy desk. It’s the guests, you see, can’t have them seeing me in all my messy glory… But! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been hard at work – birthday cards, thank you cards, lots ready for the hotel – you name them, I’ve done them this week. Here’s just a few…

I’ve been having some fun doing a bit of stamping:-

Then I was having some fun with my Gemini machine and the computer printer. The larger cards are 6inches square – so quite large dies. The view on the Thank You card is of the Snowdon horseshoe in the wintertime. I don’t know how John did it, but it was taken back in the days of films and proper developing, and the sunset cast this fabulous pinky haze over the whole picture. Brilliant, and a very popular card!

I’m nearly done with the jumper I was knitting – just got to finish the second sleeve, neckline and sew it together. Then maybe I can take it away with me next week. I’m rapidly getting myself organised for Trip 1 that I mentioned last week.. and getting VERY excited!!! The first port of call is the caravan site at the end of Mrs D’s lane – ready for her Golden Wedding celebrations! So, I’ll be MIA for a while – but I’ll be back in time for the crop!

Some of you asked questions in your comments last week – yes, I’ll take photos of the places I go to – and I’ll show you some! – planning on taking my camera AND John’s, in case I run out of hard disk storage on one or the other!!

I don’t sell the cards to the hotel, Belinda – I put them there on Sale or Return – that way they keep all the money separate, and at the end of the season the local hospice gets a nice chunk of cash as well as me. Where did you buy that pencil sharpener from? I’ve been looking for one and can’t seem to find one. What is it called? Thanks for your comment on the horse chestnut photo – it just sat there in the sun, and I couldn’t resist

So that’s me. folks, this week. Last Saturday I took a trip over to Anglesey and sat gazing across the Menai Straits to the mainland. Glorious!!

So, take care, folks. God bless.


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  1. Have a great time at Mrs D’s Margaret. Love the cards and I’m sure the hospice will be getting a huge donation at the end of the season. I look forward to seeing the photos of your travels. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

  2. That last pic is glorious – you really can’t beat Wales for gorgeous scenery. Good luck with the first of the travels, hope you enjoy Mrs D’s party!!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  3. Fun times today then!
    have a wonderful trip you’ve picked the right weekend for it.
    Love all the cards, John’s photo is a winner.
    Take care
    Christine #20

  4. Well, that made my teeth itchy! I guess guests and going away are suitable. Reasons to tidy up. Someone I know has been known to literally drop the scissors and go on holiday though. It was still all there on return, but guests..yeah, even I would attempt a hide and tidy job! Lovely cards, you really have been busy. Excited for Mr and Mrs D, what a glorious milestone in their life together, am sure you will have great fun on trip the first! Go with care though, wonโ€™t you. Xxxxx

  5. What a tidy desk, Margaret! Thank you for the warning about nervous dispositions… The longer I am absent from my desk, the more untidy it becomes, as it always turns into a dumping ground. I haven’t sat at it for weeks – too busy with other creativity, including (especially) working on my new website this week, which is taking a lot longer than anticipated, but I think it will be worth it in the end. It’s pretty raw at the moment but hopefully by next week it will look a bit more respectable! I am impressed with WordPress (pun intended) – much more sophisticated than Blogger.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #16

  6. Thanks for popping by at mine earlier….yes the plan is to make the best of every day together once Dod’s retired and get out and about in our motor home as and when we can….can’t wait. Hope you enjoy your travels. Look forward to catching up with you at the crop.
    Annie x #12

  7. My favourite island. My friend Lois used to say she was island hopping when we went to Treaddur – first over to Anglesey and then to Holy Island. Happy days when we had the caravan and i spent most of my school holidays down there. It used to be surprising how quickly I got my marking done when I took it with me – Treaddur is a magic place for me.
    I digress, your desk is so tidy and makes me envious of your lovely light and airy space. I must de-clutter!
    So the hotel sells your cards to guests? What a lovely idea.
    Take care, enjoy your holidays.
    Blessings, Neet xx

  8. Thank you for your return visit, Margaret. I’m getting there slowly with WordPress – it’s quite a challenge but enjoyable too – I like a challenge! Thanks for your good wishes for my tooth extraction. Better out than in. Not looking forward to the process but roll on Tues when it will all be over and I can get rid of the intermittent toothache. So glad you like my flowers! I think the slippers will be really fun when they are finished. I shall go back to the shop with them and tell them what I did!!

    Shoshi x

  9. Gorgeous cards and I love the photo at the end as well. Have a great time at Mrs Ds. Looking forward to finally meeting you in person at the crop! Thanks for sharing and Happy WOYWW. Have a great week, with love & God Bless, Caro x (#15)

  10. Super cards, mega intricate large dies! Nice that you get to sell your cards like that too. It’s a year since I really crafted, blogged and linked but hope I’m getting my mojo back. BJ#24

  11. What a wonderfully clear and tidy desk – it belies all the beautiful work you’ve done on those cards – they are gorgeous and the photo of the Snowdon Horseshoe is lovely – so serene.
    Hope you have a great week and a Happy Easter,
    Diana x #21

  12. Love your cards! And the photo card is fabulous! Great scene.
    I also love your last photo of the bridge and mountains!
    Have a wonderful time on your trip! Expecting lots of pictures!
    God bless!
    Carol N #26

  13. Beautiful cards Margaret. The view of Wales is just beautiful. Have a wonderful trip, safe travels and see you at the crop! Anne x 18

  14. Hi Margaret. Lovely tidy desk. I’m afraid that when we have visitors they just have to put up with whatever is going on at the time. I have tried to tidy up in the past and then can’t find the stuff I need when they’ve gone so just leave it out now. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x17x

  15. HI Margaret, ooh pretty cards and you got it all picked up before the company arrived. (you go girl) ๐Ÿ™‚ I am lucky enough that having all the stash and mess up above the garage means not many people see it haha. ~Stacy #29
    PS I love how you did the rose with the God Bless card too

  16. Smashing cards Maragret, you have been busy stamping and cutting. Always nice to see a clean desk, ready and waiting to start playing again. Beautiful view across the bridge, My Hubbies Grandma & Grandad lived in Anglesey .
    Wishing you a blessed Easter & Happy WoywW Tracey #6

  17. Those are lovely cards you’ve been making, you have some super stamps.
    Don’t know if this will post, I am having real trouble posting comments, and I know you won’t mind if you get three one after the other
    Now that’s interesting it actually worked!

  18. LOL Loved your post about cleaning up for the guests. I (try) to do the same thing. But your desk looks lovely! Dorlene #33

  19. You are doing very well and that trip sounds brilliant. I look forward to seeing all your photos. As you say,veto be taught by Linda Williams is a real treat and so inspiring. She is such a lovely lady too and so generous with her help. Have a great time. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter) #34

  20. Hi Margaret, I’m the same when we have visitors. Have to tidy my desk and turn my craft room back into the guest room. Great looking selection of cards! It sounds like you are going to have some amazing adventures this summer. Enjoy yourself at Mrs D’s party, and i look forward to catching up with you at the Crop. Have a lovely Easter Heather x #8

  21. Lovely cards! I can see why the photo card is popular! I hope you and your guests had a awesome time! Thanks for your visit, and have a Happy Easter! Lindart #27

  22. John’s Snowdon photo is a stunner – there is something special about proper film isn’t there. But your photo is also fab – such atmosphere! They make lovely cards I think. xx Jo

  23. A tidy desk is always wonderful to see too ๐Ÿ™‚ and all those beautiful cards that you have created too they are going to be well loved HAPPY WOYWW #10 Hugs Nikki C #46 ish ๐Ÿ˜›

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