Hello my friends. Yes – absent without permission again – my only excuse is that I have simply NOT done anything artycrafty until this week. This is how my desk has looked after a grand tidy when my house guests left…

…and yes, I honestly DO realise there are two Christmas baubles hanging from my shelf. I forgot to put them away – and all the other Christmas stuff is behind those drawer units in the far distance! So there they will stay until I need to get something else out from the attic.

All was to change on my desk, however, on Monday morning when a friend and I had a bit of a card-fest – making cards for the church leaders to give out as encouragement – when folk are ill, having a hard time, whenever they just need a bit of a boost. You can, I’m sure imagine what happened next…

It got much worse, too! So, what can we see – scissors, papers, Polyanna Pickering pads, a few finished cards, glue, stamps, and my specs. Up on the shelf is a gorgeous blue and white pot. It’s from Rwanda, and was given me by a friend who regularly travels there. It is for keeping food in – but what to keep in it myself?? All ideas gratefully received!

And here’s Camilla (with the emphasis on the “Cam”, not the “ill”), taking a bit of a breather during our session. Hopefully you will find her this week on Julia’s link-up, showing her brand new desk space!! So, what did we do, apart from drink cups of tea? I’ll leave Camilla to hopefully show you her efforts – but here are mine – a hotch-potch of styles…

A couple of brusho pieces, some Pollyanna Pickering images, one on a shaped card base. (I was given a huge box filled with card shapes at the end of last year – so tried one out!), one stamped with a shadowed sentiment which says “Dance like no-one is watching, sing like no-one is listening”, one with an embossed and coloured piece, and one with a die-cut edge and a stamped sentiment encouraging people to live life to the full

So that’s me this week folks. Back behind the wheel since my op – even went over to the east side of Manchester Tuesday to meet up with Chris and hubby (Mr & Mrs D); getting out and about; enjoying having the house just to myself now my houseguests are back in their static caravan; and full of plans for my own gadding about the land in our VERY elderly touring caravan. I may well take a few days to get round everyone this week, as I am in and out rather a lot… oops!

Take care. God bless.


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  1. Glad to see that you are recruiting for WOYWW Margaret. I still haven’t had much luck getting Eva started with a blog. I’d keep treats in that pot (for after Lent) myself lol. Love the cards and I’m sure they will encourage anyone who receives one. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  2. Good to hear you are getting out and about again Margaret. You go for it girl, there’s nothing like getting around for keeping you young.
    Lovely array of cards there for us to see, hope they can be of use to the recipients as it is such a great idea to have cards on hand for people who need a bit of cheer.
    Blessings, Neet 7

  3. Happy WOYWW. Glad to hear you are getting out and about. Wonderful to see the crafty area so tidy, and then so busy with your friend making wonderful cards. Ali x #11

  4. Oh Margaret, it’s a bumper edition from you today, what a lovely thought behind those cards and such fun to create and craft along with a friend. I did smile about the baubles, I always forget a bauble or two, I’m sure they hide each year.
    That pot is so pretty, maybe it could be filled with little treats for yourself , we all need a boost of energy now and then whilst crafting!
    Happy WoywW Tracey #12 I think

  5. Hello Margaret.I too am back. Good to hear you are doing well and getting out. Great to be crafting again too- like your makes! Take care. Anne X #14

  6. Oh what fun! Lovely card collection. I’m sure if any of us have a good look round there are bits of Christmas stuff still lurking somewhere. Have a great woyww, Angela x16x

  7. It’s good to see you back and hear all is well with you. Love the cards you made and will try to welcome our new member later.
    Annie x #9

  8. Hi Margaret, nice to see you again. Lots of lovely cards there, looking forward to ‘meeting’ Camilla. Good to hear you’re getting out and about now. Love & hugs, Shaz #5X

  9. Your cards are fabulous – I love the variety of colours and styles – you have cards to suit absolutely everyone! The spring colours are so pretty and I particularly love the more neutral coloured one with white grasses in front of it – just gorgeous. I’m so glad you are fighting fit again and getting out and about – being a sporadic desker I’m afraid I missed the news that you had had an op – anyway I’m glad it went well. I’m looking forward to seeing Camilla’s desk, I’ll keep a look out for it.
    Have a good week,
    Diana xx #15

  10. The second pic of your desk so much better than the clean version! It looks like you had fun crafting with Camilla, it’s been nice to see her on the desks today as well. I’m so pleased that you have the house back to yourself and are able to drive again – woohoo, freedom!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxxx

  11. Well it did t take you long to mess up your desk but it was worth it making all those lovely cards, and how lovely to craft with a friend, I’m intrigued to see what else you’ve both been up to.
    Have a lovely week, take care
    Jan #19

  12. Hi Margaret, It looks like you both had a really great day. Love the piles of cards you ended up making. and I am not sure on the basket. ( its a fiber thing right? so probably not anything with moisture to it but, I don’t know almost everything I can think of that is crafty that might fit in it has the potential to leak.. (wrapped candies may work? esp. if you wanted them out of sight) ~Stacy #28

  13. What a great space. I like the long table room. The cards you made for your church is very nice. A great way to share your crafting skills with those that need a lift!

    I’ve been MIA for over a year now and am (hopefully) getting back in the swing of things.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (27)

  14. What a shock to see that first photo! Love the second one especially as it had such a wonderful experience with it. How great to make cards with friends and you spread the word – another website to visit – which is wonderful. I shall look out for her.
    Enjoy all your travels and meet ups.
    Take care
    Christine #26

  15. What a transformation of your desk! Great cards and fun times with friends!! Have a great week!!!
    Carol N #21

  16. What a difference a day makes – tidy and empty one day, happily busy and creative the next. Love the cards you both made. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week. With love and God Bless. Caro x (#31)

  17. Looks like you had a great time crafting with Camilla – I love the mixed selection. Good to hear you are out and about again. xx Jo

  18. Ah, there you are! Great to see you at it, and believe me, your landing strip of a desk cannot come close the state of my workroom today. I’m almost ashamed….almost! Lovely cards you’ve produced and I must say that I expect that knowing what they will be used for is a great motivation. I bet the recipients can feel your enthusiasm . I’m thrilled that you’re up to being busy busy, but don’t overdo it Gal. Take time for resting stuff too. Xxxx

  19. Hi Margaret, I think I’d be missing too if I had house guests to care for. Nice to see your back though. The baubles – my mother had a superstition about missed decorations – if they weren’t packed away on the 6th January they had to stay out until next Christmas otherwise it brought bad luck! Hugs, Elizabeth X #29

  20. Those cards are great, especially the Pollyana Pickering ones, I have some of her owls somewhere.
    It was wonderful to see you on Tuesday and catch up, and very envious of Camilla for having a playtime with you. Long time since we had one of those.

  21. Hi there, Margaret, love your room it’s so bright cheery and welcoming and great tomcraft in room, I’ve still few decorations up, ones I don’t put away cos I like them, who says they have it go down anyway. I tried three times to comment on Camilla’s blog not sure if I’m particularly inept but hopefully one was successful .
    Glad to see you well enough to Craft especially with a dear friend.
    Happy belated WOYWW ,
    Shaz in Oz.x #18

  22. Well, Margaret, that was a tidy desk! It doesn’t take long to get it back to normal again, though, does it. I’m sorry to hear you had to have a hernia operation – I had to trawl back through your blog to find that out – sorry to have been out of the loop for so long. I hope you are recovering OK now. Not sure whether I shall have mine repaired again (for the 3rd time!) or whether they’ll opt to leave alone – I think it’s bigger than it was, and with me there’s always a risk of an obstruction which could be very serious. Thank you for your visit, and no, “boredom” hasn’t been in my dictionary for many a long year! I have had to rest quite a lot lately. I’m not very good at pacing myself, I’m afraid! I’m in a pickle today, with toothache – went to the dentist this a.m. and he said my wisdom tooth was cracked, although I said I thought it was the tooth next to it that was the problem. He did a temp. filling in the wisdom tooth, and since the anaesthetic has worn off, it still hurts and I’m convinced it’s the next tooth in trouble too so I’ll be going back sooner than anticipated, I think. I’m such a wimp at the dentist… I’ve also got laryngitis and absolutely NO voice! I can’t call my hubby so have to go to him if I want anything, can’t use the phone… But the house is quiet lol lol!! The Bible study research is going well but it’s a huge amount of work collating all the stuff I’m learning, and preparing the visual aids too.

    Happy belated WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi #10

  23. I need to do some organisation in my atelier too… seeing your neat desk and shelves makes me think of doing that today but seeing my art journal and stuff on the desk I think: naaahhh… not this weekend! I love the cards you made! Have a great weekend dear! Love from the Netherlands, Marit #32

  24. I looked at your blog and paniced…clean desk! No……please dont let that infect my desk (it is RARELY clean)…..then, phew, scrolled down to see all the deliciousness it became with all your crafting.

    some great makes and welcome back

  25. Hi Margaret! Sorry to be so late in my replies, but this is the first chance I have gotten all week! Thanks for your visit! I love the blue pot, it says “chocolates!” to me and “cat treats” to Mittsy and Inky. . .I like your nice clean desk, but I like the very busy and messy one better! You guys obviously had a great time! See you tomorrow, Lindart #22

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