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Hello my friends. Another Wednesday, already almost halfway through March! Where is the time going? You are here to see my desk – which I have to say, has seen quite a lot of action this week.

Right in the centre there’s my cutting mat with scrap paper on top, for practising stamping. I see two pairs of scissors and two pairs of glasses – must be learning from Julia – an empty hot chocolate mug, low tack tape, DST, a little pot of water, a gold card – several of my friends are celebrating their golden wedding anniversaries in the next few weeks, so I’m setting to! – a pile of finished cards ready for the hotel, some papers from the Country Diary freebie with one of this month’s magazines, and over to the left some pergamano bits – can’t show that card!! There’s also the usual detritus of glue, baby wipe, pencil sharpener, foam pads for inks, and my daylight lamp – which has been on all day today (Tuesday) as the weather has been so bad here. As I write this at 11.30 at night, the wind is howling around the bungalow – I’m just glad I’m indoors.

So that’s me this week folks. My jumper continues apace – the back is finished, and this evening I have finished the front and started on the first sleeve. I’m pleased – it’s looking good.

It will take me a while to get round to everyone this week – no, I’m not gadding about – just doing the worship prep as I am leading on Sunday – so it’s out with the song folders again.

Take care my friends. Thank you so much for the encouraging comments last week. God bless.


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Hello my friends. Yes – absent without permission again – my only excuse is that I have simply NOT done anything artycrafty until this week. This is how my desk has looked after a grand tidy when my house guests left…

…and yes, I honestly DO realise there are two Christmas baubles hanging from my shelf. I forgot to put them away – and all the other Christmas stuff is behind those drawer units in the far distance! So there they will stay until I need to get something else out from the attic.

All was to change on my desk, however, on Monday morning when a friend and I had a bit of a card-fest – making cards for the church leaders to give out as encouragement – when folk are ill, having a hard time, whenever they just need a bit of a boost. You can, I’m sure imagine what happened next…

It got much worse, too! So, what can we see – scissors, papers, Polyanna Pickering pads, a few finished cards, glue, stamps, and my specs. Up on the shelf is a gorgeous blue and white pot. It’s from Rwanda, and was given me by a friend who regularly travels there. It is for keeping food in – but what to keep in it myself?? All ideas gratefully received!

And here’s Camilla (with the emphasis on the “Cam”, not the “ill”), taking a bit of a breather during our session. Hopefully you will find her this week on Julia’s link-up, showing her brand new desk space!! So, what did we do, apart from drink cups of tea? I’ll leave Camilla to hopefully show you her efforts – but here are mine – a hotch-potch of styles…

A couple of brusho pieces, some Pollyanna Pickering images, one on a shaped card base. (I was given a huge box filled with card shapes at the end of last year – so tried one out!), one stamped with a shadowed sentiment which says “Dance like no-one is watching, sing like no-one is listening”, one with an embossed and coloured piece, and one with a die-cut edge and a stamped sentiment encouraging people to live life to the full

So that’s me this week folks. Back behind the wheel since my op – even went over to the east side of Manchester Tuesday to meet up with Chris and hubby (Mr & Mrs D); getting out and about; enjoying having the house just to myself now my houseguests are back in their static caravan; and full of plans for my own gadding about the land in our VERY elderly touring caravan. I may well take a few days to get round everyone this week, as I am in and out rather a lot… oops!

Take care. God bless.


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