Hello my friends – I really want to apologise to so many of you… Last week I visited everyone, but simply could not leave comments on an incredible number of posts. I don’t know what blogger or google was playing at. Let me say now how much I enjoyed what you had on show – and what fun I had seeing everything. I’ll hope for better success this week!!! Claire made the comment last week that the font was different and she couldn’t read it. I have just been trying to make it bold for you, but it keeps crashing the whole programme, so we’ll try simply making it larger in the hope that helps…

So, straight in – my desk this week…

Taken late Tuesday evening, with some signs of activity. I have been actually making some bits and pieces

…one of which has been a pergamano piece. So many folk use the grids these days I thought I would try one. Concentrated so hard on getting the grid right, I completely forgot to do things in the right order! – Honestly, anaesthetic has a lot to answer for!! – so, I worked all the design on the small butterfly, then worked the backing piece – and THEN tried to colour the back of the second piece!! Should have done it first, of course, so it has left all sorts of marks – and I reckon it will need doing again!

Slightly more successful were a few cards…

Bottom right was made using one of the brusho pieces from the other week. The rest were all simple stamped pieces – some more liked than others! Not at all sure about the one with the bells – it’s a bit “in your face” for me.

However, more activity has been the completion of the blanket I was working on using some of that gorgeous yarn given to me at Christmas… I still have almost a whole ball left yet, Chris!

…Large enough for a single bed it will go toward the rest heading out for Uganda.

The other end of the desk today is most definitely very different… a complete shambles.

Hmm – let’s see what we have here. Lens cover on top of a notepad, Shevet Achim calendar (the piece with the yellow and red heart), given to me today, and already a month late; knitting (a jumper – do you remember those lovely sweaters years ago where it all looked woven?, well, that’s what I fancied doing); the pile of books maps and notepad for planning my summer caravanning trips (still there unfinished); two box files with all sorts in them, computer monitor displaying the googly eyes placed all over my home by the grandies aided and abetted by my two daughters. I love them and refuse to get rid of them…(the googly eyes, that is!)

So that’s me this week folks, plodding on here on the North Wales coast, having enjoyed seeing the snow up here.

Take care of yourselves. God bless.


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  1. well, you have been busy! of your cards I love the one bottom left… but they are all great! Kind of agree about the bells one – the ink looks a bit dark/heavy for the design maybe. Still, productive is good! Have a fab week. Helen #1

  2. Morning, that blankets looks smashing, went into Boyes yesterday and bought a couple more balls of the wool, it is so pretty. No idea what I will do with it.
    That pergammano looks OK to my inexpert eye, just variations in colour which I thought we part of your planned artistic expertise!!
    Love the cardio cards, haven’t you been having fun,
    Chris #8

  3. Ooh Margaret, I must say the bigger font is marvellous for me! I LOVE the image on the first card of the figures , it’s wonderful, speaks to me that does. The bells are OK,! I wonder if it’s because all the stamping is the same colour that you feel they’re a bit in your face? strange isn’t it. You can make so many cards and nothing in particular stands out and then on a second look…bam!
    Very glad to see you doing a bit here and ther, , it must be as the mood takes you for a while yet Mrs, don’t rush back into over full time everything. The blanket is gorgeous.

  4. Hi Margaret, doing things in the wrong order is very me, I’m afraid! lol. Even when I think I’ve thought it through, and made notes. Ah well. Loving the cards, like them all, but particularly the bottom left and top centre. The bleeding art tissue is so much fun, all it needs is a spray bottle of water, and the tissue. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  5. Well, I’m appreciative of the larger font, so thank you! I couldn’t comment on some blogs last week either and they were ones that I’m a regular visitor at like Zsuzsa, weird. Your cards are all lovely but the tree silhouettes are my fav stamp, like those very much.
    Hugs LLJ 14

  6. Hi Margaret, much easier to read today. Who knows what goes on sometimes with commenting, drives you mad sometimes. Nice busy desk is my favourite think and stops me feeling guilty Lol! Loving the blanket too. Have a good week and a happy woyww, Angela x12x

  7. Hi Margaret, I also have problems commenting on some desks, it gets quite frustrating some times
    A lovely set of cards and your desk looks very industrious with all various crafts going on although it still looks tidy.
    Have a great week
    Jan no18

  8. I can’t believe you’ve already finished the blanket! It must have been quite pleasurable working on it in the final stages as you could use it to keep your lap warm! Well done and all those cards too! You must have been a busy bee! My blog has reverted back to Blogger comments now so you should have no problem commenting. Have a lovely week! zsuzsa #17

  9. I’m late joining in the fun today cos I’ve been really busy with a steady flow of customers plus been finishing off my 7 bears….it’s all go here.
    Whether the wrong way round or not I really love your butterfly card…you have such patience to do the pergamano.
    Annie x #11

  10. I had a giggle at the eyes on your monitor! Glad to see you creating so you must be feeling better and better! Great cards and blanket! I love the look of pergamano but have no desire to try it. I think I have too much going on as it is! Thanks for popping by and have a great week!
    Carol N #21

  11. I love your cards and the pergamano. The blanket looks lovely and snuggly and warm. Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a nice week. With love and God bless, Caro x (#30)

  12. Hi Margaret, the larger font is easier to read. ( my eyes are aging at warp speed it seems like)
    Love the colors on the finished blanket too.
    and the googley eyes made me smile

    Stacy #25

  13. Hi Margaret, The text is much easier to read.

    Loving your beautiful cards.

    The blanket is fab. Looking forward to seeing your finished jumping.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #15

  14. Bigger font? Google plus? I’m just holding my breath and hoping it doesn’t affect me because I don’t understand any of it!! Lots of beautiful cards – I know you think there were a couple hiccups with the pergamo but I wouldn’t know where to start!! I love the look, but it seems like it has to be clean….. not my forte! Happy Wednesday, Cindy #20

  15. I love the Googly Eyes, what a wonderful way to remember your grandkids – smart they are! I don’t blame you for leaving them just where they are. And I for one love the large font, I don’t have to enlarge the post to read it! I also use the large font on my blog, so much easier for everyone to read. The cards are lovely, especially the Love card – the colours are so bright and happy! Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful week, Lindart #27

  16. The larger font really helps ’cause I, too, have trouble reading small texts.. thank you! I always love seeing people work with vellum, your piece looks lovely and I kinda like the ‘inperfection’ of the color in the background! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, happy ~ belated ~ woyww. Hug from Holland, Marit #16

  17. Definitely much better to read now Margaret. Thanks!
    How are you? Hope you are recovering nicely as each day goes by.
    Love your Pergamano work – always such a tricky thing doing those picot edges but you do them just fine. Great cards following – and the crochet – well, that is beautiful and will be so appreciated when it gets to its destination
    Hugs, Neeet xx.

  18. Hi there Margaret finally made it over here, been super busy then super lazy! That’s me..
    I’m loving the card,s all are fine from Downunder, including the pergamano, blanket amazing and love the knitting just started too!
    Happy very belated WOYWW,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  19. So glad that I eventually got round to check the desks this week. I really love your cards and that crochet blanket is gorgeous. Hope you are recovering well. xx Jo

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