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Hello my friends. I’m so pleased to say that google played fair this past week and I was able to visit and comment on almost everyone’s blogs. Yay!! It felt so good.

I have had two desks this week, as I have had two very different projects on the go. The leader of our Step Inside team asked me if I could come up with a card we could put on the tables this week for Valentine Day. So, I sat down and played a bit, coming up with three ideas – then on Monday four of us got together and made 18 cards – one for each table. Inside there is a verse “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life” – God’s love letter to each one of us

As you can see we had a load of fun, then all shared lunch together before going our separate ways.

My second desk has been the settee (yes, folks, I am still taking life easier than normal. I tried the car last weekend, but definitely my body wasn’t ready for driving – I shall try again this weekend) My houseguests and I have been spending lots of time enjoying the tv, whilst I have been making inroads into the jumper I started last week. It’s growing! But it takes a whole evening to do one row!!! However, that row consists of 8 or 9 individual blocks of 24 rows each… It’s going to take some time, but I’m getting there…

Sorry about the state of the dark corner, but I felt the colours showed more true in this photo than the others I took.

So that’s me this week folks. I’m writing this early Tuesday evening so that I can sit down later and watch the Great British Sewing Bee. I can’t ever imagine doing sewing under such pressure as these folk do. I don’t think it would do my hard earned blood pressure any good at all.

Take care, my friends.

God bless.


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Hello my friends – I really want to apologise to so many of you… Last week I visited everyone, but simply could not leave comments on an incredible number of posts. I don’t know what blogger or google was playing at. Let me say now how much I enjoyed what you had on show – and what fun I had seeing everything. I’ll hope for better success this week!!! Claire made the comment last week that the font was different and she couldn’t read it. I have just been trying to make it bold for you, but it keeps crashing the whole programme, so we’ll try simply making it larger in the hope that helps…

So, straight in – my desk this week…

Taken late Tuesday evening, with some signs of activity. I have been actually making some bits and pieces

…one of which has been a pergamano piece. So many folk use the grids these days I thought I would try one. Concentrated so hard on getting the grid right, I completely forgot to do things in the right order! – Honestly, anaesthetic has a lot to answer for!! – so, I worked all the design on the small butterfly, then worked the backing piece – and THEN tried to colour the back of the second piece!! Should have done it first, of course, so it has left all sorts of marks – and I reckon it will need doing again!

Slightly more successful were a few cards…

Bottom right was made using one of the brusho pieces from the other week. The rest were all simple stamped pieces – some more liked than others! Not at all sure about the one with the bells – it’s a bit “in your face” for me.

However, more activity has been the completion of the blanket I was working on using some of that gorgeous yarn given to me at Christmas… I still have almost a whole ball left yet, Chris!

…Large enough for a single bed it will go toward the rest heading out for Uganda.

The other end of the desk today is most definitely very different… a complete shambles.

Hmm – let’s see what we have here. Lens cover on top of a notepad, Shevet Achim calendar (the piece with the yellow and red heart), given to me today, and already a month late; knitting (a jumper – do you remember those lovely sweaters years ago where it all looked woven?, well, that’s what I fancied doing); the pile of books maps and notepad for planning my summer caravanning trips (still there unfinished); two box files with all sorts in them, computer monitor displaying the googly eyes placed all over my home by the grandies aided and abetted by my two daughters. I love them and refuse to get rid of them…(the googly eyes, that is!)

So that’s me this week folks, plodding on here on the North Wales coast, having enjoyed seeing the snow up here.

Take care of yourselves. God bless.


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