Hello there all you kind folks. Your lovely comments and advice last week have been duly noted – and acted upon! I have indeed spent the week relaxing to recover from the op – can’t quite believe a simple hernia repair takes so long to recover from… but I’m continuing to milk it, as you suggested! I have spent much time snoozing, watching tv, sitting on the sofa, having good long lie-ins… in other words, I have been decadently lazy – and enjoying it!

The only vaguely crafty thing I have done is to continue with those crochet squares – they show distinct signs of growth…

Having made 12 small starter squares with that gorgeous yarn, and adding to each one with a delicate pale lemon, I then chose to add two more of the colours in that yarn around each square. Now each one is getting a round of the multi-coloured yarn, then I will crochet them all together and see where I get to. I’m sure I shall need some more to make a reasonable sized blanket, but we will see. Each square is currently around 11 inches in size.

Also on my desk this week are my two free tickets to the Manchester craft show, and my WOYWW badge ready for the occasion.  A group of us are all going over on Friday. Is anyone from WOYWW going? It would be good to meet up if so. I confess I like this show – it’s not too large, a good variety of stalls, and not as crowded as the NEC. It’s also a considerably shorter journey from the North Wales Coast.

So that’s me this week. Nothing much doing at all. I did manage to visit everyone this last week – but I can’t find any way of leaving you a message Kathryn – I’m so sorry. A few of the google+ folks I actually email each week as I can’t leave them a message either – but they do at least get a comment from me. Can’t do anything for poor Kathryn…

So, take care, everyone. God bless.


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  1. I am hoping that it will be easier to leave a comment on my blog now Margaret as I have changed some settings. It also means that all previous comments have disappeared sadly. I have free tickets for Saturday but don’t think I will make it, especially if the weather doesn’t improve. Look forward to seeing the finished blanket. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  2. So glad you are recovering, albeit slowly. That is the best way to heal after an operation. Best not to hurry these things.
    Sorry I won’t be at the show, am suffering so much with this back pain, in fact it had me awake at 6 this morning but am sure you will enjoy yourself. Just be careful driving if this snow is still around although the city is probably going to be clear on the roads, it is just us back waters who don’t clear.
    Keep up with the crochet, you are going to have one super blanket there.
    Sending healing thoughts, Neet 1

  3. Happy WOYWW. Glad to read that you are recovering from your op. Your crochet is so neat. I have never managed to master crochet. A new group has started on Saturdays at a local yarn shop/cafe, and I hope to get along to it when we return from Spain. I have tried to teach myself a few times, but I have been told that a lot of knitters find crochet difficult, and vice versa. Enjoy your trip to the Craft Show. Ali x #8

  4. Love the photo! But I’m afraid I can’t read the text – there’s not enough contrast between the writing and the background :/
    Anyway Happy WOYWW 🙂
    Claire no. 6

  5. I’m glad you’re feeling better enough to contemplate going to the Manchester show! Well done on those crochet squares, there’s some on my blog today as well!! Keep on getting betterer, as my son used to say!
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

  6. It’s good to see you’re doing all the right things to help your body heal my friend and that you feel you will be up to a trip to the craft show…just don’t overdo it.
    Annie x #11

  7. Hi Margaret, hope you enjoy the show, we’ll be going to Happy Stampers in May. Love that show, small, friendly, and above all cheap tickets and free parking! Good to hear you’re resting plenty, I agree it’s very tiring being operated on, lol. By the way, you can install an Instagram app onto your PC , doesn’t have to be on a phone.Love to you, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #7 XxX

  8. “Decadently lazy” sounds just right to me… and I love your chrocheted squares. I created three full sized blankets in the Summer of 2016 and would have made more if not my hubby ‘forbid it’.. it’s enough as it is and he doesn’t want even MORE of those in da house… he’s kinda right too so I knitted an all-white blanket for our own bed instead, ha! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #18

  9. Don’t worry about Lathy on Instagram, I’ll tell her! She has a blog underway, just needs the nerve to go for it I think! So glad to hear that you’ve been following orders. I often think it’s the anaesthesia that takes getting over more than the physical battering! I hope you are therefore, healing well. The squares look great, once joined I bet it won’t take long to make them into a blanket, that many 11” squares adds up to quite big!

  10. Hi Margaret, those squares are bigger than I thought! You won’t need many more to make a good sized blanket. I’m just catching up on the news of your hernia op – good to hear that you’re recovering well – that’s something I may have to get done at one point too – I’ve lived with mine for years and apart from occasionally ‘popping out’ just under my ribs on both sides, they’re manageable, but I’m aware of the dangers of a strangulated hernia. Mine was definitely caused by pregnancy as I never had it before that – I guess my abdominal wall just got thinner. Have fun at the craft show – I’ve never been to any but I love watching the videos of the ones in the US – they always do things on a larger scale – and by just watching it, I don’t have to deal with the crowds either LOL! Happy #504 zsuzsa #20

  11. Oh my, how lovely to be so lazy! Your squares are coming along nicely, they will be a quilt in no time! I’m envious of you going to a Craft Show, I haven’t been to one in years! Have a great time, Lindart #24

  12. HI Margaret, good for you. I hope you have someone close to pamper you while you recover. the squares look very industrious to me 🙂 ~Stacy #26

  13. I’m glad you are resting up. Love the crochet squares. enjoy the show! Sadly I will be working. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week, with love and God Bless, Caro x (#30)

  14. I’m glad you are feeling better but make sure you take it easy! Have fun at the craft show – hope the snow isn’t to bad with you. xx Jo

  15. Happy you’re feeling better and better! My dad had hernia surgery a while back and it took him quite some time to recover but he is 83. Beautiful squares! And have fun at the show! Have a great week!!
    Carol N #25

  16. Hi Margaret, I hope you continue to take it easy until your body is completely over the op.

    Love the pretty squares.

    Have fun at the event.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW 504.
    Sue #5

  17. You must be feeling better if you are attempting Manchester show. Keep promising myself I will combine a trip to the UK to see my grandson and visit the show. Would have to book extra luggage for journey back though. Enjoy your weekend. Ani. #12

  18. Glad you listened to us dear sis and are resting up. Excellent. Sure way to get better. The op take longer than we think.. chopping up insides an all! Guess what it’s raining here just as my washing finishes. At least it waited to finish and not just put in garage. We’ve not had rain for soooo long that I am glad to see it amd washing will go in garage! Its over six weeks before Christmas.
    I have blogged and shared brusho technique on desk share but was Sunday post so didn’t link. Was special blog hop for Di of Snippets playground. Was going to WOYWW but felt yuck and came to grinding stop. Need to get cracking today though.
    Better go sort washing. Sent snail mail your way at last. Hope it doesn’t take too long.
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  19. Hi Margaret, having to join you in being decadently lazy this week – I have caught something nasty and my asthma doesn’t like it. You’ve been much more productive than I – those squares are lovely. Take care and get well soon. Hugs, Elizabeth x #23

  20. Pleased the wool is making something nice, I can probably greet you some more of it when I go to Lincoln on Tuesday, if you want.

  21. Hello Margaret. Is it me or did you change your blog? LOL Looks different to me for some reason this week. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Love the granny squares you have going. Pretty country colors. Creative Blessings! Kelly #29

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