Hello my friends. Yes – a gap of three weeks – totally unexpected – but, in the end, most welcome. I made it to the grand 500, then , when I had visited everyone, had to go get my blood pressure checked. Apparently it was a little raised when I was called for a pre-op by the local hospital. The doctor’s surgery were happy with the result, I called the hospital, and within 30minutes had been asked if I was able to take a cancellation on Jan 11th. Well, you don’t hesitate! I sorted house, contents, house guests, a friend to take me in on the day, a daughter to come look after me… and within a week was in the recovery room waking up! Both daughters took turns to come up and pamper me, then I went to Nottingham to be pampered for a bit longer. Now I’m home alone, coping (but VERY slowly), and well into the recovery time of six weeks. Yay!

Consequently, my time at my desk has been virtually nil – until I woke this morning (Tuesday) and felt like playing with brushos. So, I got them out, lined them up, took the lids off…

I tried a few bits, then hit a total brick wall of exhaustion!!! I’m happy with a few, but not all by any means. Oh well, it was my first crafty excursion since Christmas! And that was it – the lids went back on, the tubs were put away.

One of my church friends called in the other day to see how I was doing – and brought me this…

… not as big as I usually tackle, but quite big enough for now. The friend wondered whether we should be giving step inside a make-over??!! It wasn’t until I had finished the puzzle that I realised the young man with the black jacket was pouring his drink… into a non-existent glass:-)

As you can imagine, I’m doing a lot of tv watching at the moment – and so I put together a few balls of yarn to see what I could do…

Mrs D gave me two of these gorgeous balls of yarn with my Christmas present – they have an amazing array of colours within them… so I felt a blanket coming on – as you see, I haven’t got very far yet – but that’s ok. I’m just plodding slowly, sleeping in the settee when I need to, swapping activity when my brain fades, and simply making sure I get sufficient to eat and drink.

Don’t know what the weather is like with you – but here’s a North Wales picture from Tuesday morning – we had just had a 20minute blizzard – and this was the result. As I only live around 40feet above sea level, we don’t often have snow that settles, but this was the view from my landing window…

I just love it when the snow settles on the mountains as it picks out all the shapes of the landscape.

So that’s me today, folks – recovering well – milking it to the nth degree (and why not I ask myself?) – just taking my time, doing a little of what I fancy each day – and thoroughly enjoying the fact that falling asleep at the drop of a hat is perfectly acceptable. I will get round to visiting everyone – but with all these naps it may take a few days.

Take care. God bless.


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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your op Margaret. Enjoy the pampering, you deserve it. I never take the lids off my Brushos as they are so intense (in case of spills). Instead I have made a hole in the lid with a push pin which stays in place when not in use. Hope you feel up to more crafting soon. Sarah #4

  2. it’s good to see you back and glad to hear you are recovering well. Take the pampering while it lasts, I say!! They recommend rather than taking the lid off the brushos, you poke a small hole in the lid so you can shake (like a salt cellar) small amounts out… more controllable. Liking your results though. Helen #5 (didn’t read Sarah’s comment so have duplicated the brusho tip!)

  3. Glad you are on the mend and have had folk to look after and pamper you. Like your paint samples very much as I love bright colours. Always say Britain would be a lot happier in winter if people wore bright colours. God bless. Ani (still in bed so haven’t contributed yet).

  4. Well, Margaret you are full of surprises, I’ve been meaning to write to you for several weeks now, but don’t think I actually did it,.. been praying so gla d the LORD has you all in hand and you were pampered beautifully. I know the view form that landing an dit is very special especially with the snow covering, very pretty,
    Brushos are so much fun and you’ve done well, I like there bright hues underneath die cuts. I smiled at the invisible glass pour!
    Happy WOYWW,
    Shaz in Oz.x #6 or so.

    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}
    {Wonderful Words Of Life – Shaz in Oz}

  5. My comment seems to have vanished.
    Too much to write it again.
    Lord bless sis, praying your recovery will be complete, glad you’ve been spoilt. Well deserved.
    Great blanket, Brushos and view from the landing too . Hugs Shaz.x #6

  6. Good to hear you are recovering well Margaret you’ve had good people around you taking care of you. Take advantage of those naps, they are super healers!!
    So brave of you to take the lids off those brusho’s i’d be so scared .. I too use mine like a salt shaker with little holes in the top to shake it all about. Beautiful results.
    Enjoy your rest time.
    Happy Woyww Hugs Tracey #9

  7. Of course, if you have a hole in your lid you must remember when using to place your finger over the hole and give them a shake before sprinkling.
    Sorry, I had no idea you had been in hospital until lat week and then with all the trials and tribulations of my back it just got left unsaid. Will email you my lovely friend.
    Neet 8 xx

  8. I didn’t know you were having an op my friend but I’m pleased to hear you’re now making a good steady recovery. Enjoy all the pampering you can get.
    Annie x #10

  9. Well happy to hear that you were in and out and now getting back to normal. Blessings ! Seems we all are having some health dealings. Really like those brush backgrounds. And a puzzle, totally forgot that so far this winter. I have a new one, will have to get it out.
    Thanks for sharing your fun photos. Wishing you well But rest and keep warm ~

  10. It’s grand to see you back on the desks lovely gal and I’m really glad that your recuperation is going well – I guess the toughest thing for an active person like yourself in the enforced quieter life but your body is obviously guiding you as to what you can and can’t do. Go with the flow! So a little bit of this and that seems the perfect way to go. Nice pic of the snowy mountain, we have escaped the worst down here in BP .
    Hugs LLJ 14 xx

  11. Glad to hear that you are recovering well and getting plenty of rest. In this weather, you are better snuggled inside in the warm. Thank you for your visit today. xx Maggie (Silvercrafter) #18

  12. Hi Margaret, great to hear the op is done, just treat yourself gently- I know you will. It’s surprising how having surgery can leave you wanting to cat nap so much, isn’t it?
    Liking the Brusho backgrounds, I often find that it takes the ‘right’ stamp to make them come to life. I often stamp an image onto some clear plastic, then move it around on the background to find the sweet spot.
    Blood pressure- what a pest Mine had started getting high again, on two lots of meds, the new one comes with the interesting side effect of a dry cough! After 3 weeks of that, told them I’d had enough. They’d been checking it regularly, and it was coming down, so off that one now. Take care, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #7 XxX

  13. Wow Margaret… that was unexpected fast that you got the operation and I hope you recovery goes well. A little bit of sig saw puzzle, a little bit brusho, a little bit of croching.. sounds like you exactly know what you need right now, enjoy and take it easy. Love from Holland. Marit #20

  14. Hi Margaret, how lucky that you had your op early and was available, I´m sure that doesn´t happen too often. I´m like that with Brushos, fancy messing and then end up with pieces I haven´t a clue what to do with, pleased to hear you are recovering slowly so take care of yourself.
    Jan no21

  15. Pleased to hear you’re on the road to recovery, sometimes it’s good for things to happen quickly as we don’t have time to worry!!
    Enjoy your enforced rest.
    Love and hugs
    Christine #24

  16. HI Margaret, I am glad to hear you are on the mend. and I giggled and studied the puzzle for a long time and best guess is maybe its syrup in a little pitcher for the plate of food? hard to say the lines of the edges of the puzzle distract me a lot. ( I don’t have the patience for puzzles at all) 🙂 I hope you get more little bits of crafty time every so often too 🙂 ~Stacy #26

  17. So glad to hear that you are on the mend. Take it steady – it takes longer to recover than you think and those little naps are essential. I love the playing with Brushos – I have some too and it is so hit and miss as to how they come out. Take care and have a good week. With love and God Bless, Caro x (#27)

  18. I’m glad your getting better-there is no harm in taking time and getting pampered in the process. I love the look out your window, and wishing that was our blizzard right now; we had over 20 inches fall the other day, and its still drifting around. Need some sun to seal it down! I hope each day sees you a bit stronger. Take care!
    -K #27

  19. Hi Margaret, Your coloured painting is lovely.

    The jigsaw is fab. I can’t make out what the guy is doing.

    Sending you heaps of positive healing thoughts . Hope you go from strength to strength.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW 503
    Sue #2

  20. Praying for a speedy recovery! I had a double take at your puzzle after reading about the glass. What a hoot! Your Brushos look a lot like Ken Oliver’s Color Burst powders. Very cool. Nice start on the blanket and love the snow covered mountains! Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Carol N #22

  21. Hello Margaret and thank you for visiting and your kind words. I am glad you are making a good recovery and have been well looked after. We had some snow last night. Car was proving difficult to clear this morning and DH was so cold that I told him to leave it and we would go out tomorrow instead. Take it easy. Anne x 16

  22. Hi Margaret, just you take it easy the crafty stuff can wait. Loving the jigsaw and pleased to hear you’re on the mend. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww (what’s left of it), sending hugs, Angela x17x

  23. Hi Margaret, sounds like you are doing all the right things to ensure you recover well. And good to see you have tried a little bit of crafting again though I’d say don’t push yourself too much. You’ll get there as soon as you should. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hugs, Elizabeth X #29

  24. Oh my! I hope you have a quick recovery! How nice for you be so well looked after, and so funny that the guy in the puzzle has no glass! With your recovery time, you should be able to make a beautiful blanket, play with Brusho’s some more, and soon you will be an expert! Take your time and don’t overdo it, enjoy the recovery, and thank you for your lovely visit to mine! Lindart #25

  25. Oh, those brusho panels are lovely, well done. The crochet is looking good, nice and bright and cheerful for a nasty cold morning.
    Pleased you are improving, well done.

  26. Stay warm and on the sofa, stay slow and pampered…believe me, however well you feel, you need to take it easy for as long as you can….and then you need to take time to build up your stamina all over again, don’t expect to live at the same pace without practice girl! So you can think about re-jigging Step Inside. Is there a ‘thing’ about the process that needs changing for a specific reason? I’m a bit ‘if it ain’t broke’ , and it does seem very successful! Meanwhile, I glanced at the puzzle…is the young man purring something onto the food? a I can’t see well enough, but the thought of all those puzzles out there with that mistake makes me grin!

  27. Take it easy and get well soon Margaret. I was amazed how long it took me to feel normal after my gall bladder op in 2014. Plenty of rest and enjoy chilling out while you have the opportunity. xx Jo

  28. Hi Margaret! Thanks for the visit. I bet after your ordeal you were happy to visit round with us. Sorry you’re alone over there. I’d come keep you company if I could. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Creative Blessings! Kelly #32

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