Hello my friends. I’m hoping this will work – as word press seem to have altered all sorts, and quite frankly, I’m up the proverbial creek without a paddle!!! I am writing this Tuesday lunchtime before I head off to Nottingham for my grand daughter’s concert this evening. I’ll schedule it and it will be linked up by someone else – many thanks!!! So, here we are – the last post before Christmas 2018. I’m writing this to the accompaniment of a Carol CD – wonderful – there is something about the harmonies of Christmas music which isn’t found the rest of the year – no idea what it is!!

Well, my desk is showing definite signs of activity this week. There’s the mess on the floor and the overflowing waste bin to prove it!!! My Advent tree – nearly denuded of chocolate; a pile of card to finish the current project – some little desk notebook holders – glue, scissors, some photographs of our family holiday in Mull ready to be cut up for the rest of the holders.

More activity this week! My family are all receiving money this year – it’s what they all wanted – and I felt it was boring not to have their present under the tree, so set to with a tonic die and made these lovely 11inch high boxes for their gift. These are for all the ladies…

…and these are for all the gentlemen! A friend who is a stamping up demonstrator decided to brave the world of You tube, and this was her second video. Thought I’d try them out! Her first video was the desk notebook holder – which, needless to say, I didn’t follow the exact instructions for!!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVT5LHFQwHk    is the little notebook thingy

Well, I reckon I’m showing my age! This hasn’t been an easy post to put together due to all the changes – I’m afraid I stick to the adage that if a thing ain’t broken don’t fix it!!! However…

May you each have a special and precious time this Christmas season. May you know the joy and peace which only the Saviour of the World can bring as He came into this world torn apart with hatred and anger. I will not be posting on Boxing Day as I shall be back in Nottingham with ALL the family – all 10 of us together – brilliant, noisy fun!

Take care, my friends, travel safely if driving to friends and family – see you for WOYWW500 in the New Year – 2019 – however did we get there?

God bless you.


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  1. Lovely gift boxes, Margaret! At least gifting didn’t cause you a headache this year if they all just wanted money. Wishing you a blessed, peaceful Christmas and a great time with your family on boxing day! zsuzsa xx (ps. I had to link the whole blog thread as the post was not titled and if you had decided to add a title, the link would have stopped working. This way, the link will still work, but will always show the latest blog post – better than a broken link!)

  2. I love your little gift boxes, Margaret – so effective with the die-cut overlay. Your desk looks very tidy. So nice to see those little pergamano Advent boxes again – I didn’t realise you hung them on a tree. I was soooo impressed with the amazing work on them and was looking at the photo of them only the other day, that I took when you visited. So delicate and pretty, and no two the same. Have a lovely time on Boxing Day with the family. We are with my hubby’s brothers and family on Boxing Day too, and on Christmas Day we are just being quiet at home but I have decided at the last minute that I am going to cook a turkey after all – I do enjoy the trad meal with all the trimmings and you end up with a nice carcass to make the most delicious soup with! I shall probably wear myself out doing it but I’m doing as much as possible in advance.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #13

  3. Hi dear sis. Well you’ll be enjoying Nottingham now but going up to Mull as well, you are getting around. Love the ladies bags best well done.
    Hope and pray it all goes well,
    Happy WOYWW and Gids blessings for Christmas.
    Love and prayers, Shaz in Oz. X #7

  4. Those gift bags are gorgeous Margaret and worthy of keeping and using again and again!! I hope you have a marvellous time with your family, I do love noisy Christmassy times!!
    Thanks for all your support and friendship this year, long may it continue!
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  5. What beautiful gift bags, I love the effect of the foil overlay on the Kraft background – just grogeous. I hope you have a lovely time with your family over Christmas, it sounds like it will be fun.
    Diana xx #19

  6. Hi Margaret, I love those gift boxes, and yes, a lovely idea for cash gifts, I’ll remember that for next year. My grandkids all prefer to have cash too. Have a lovely Christmas, love from us both. Shaz #5 XxX

  7. I stop by for the last time this year to say hello and wish you happy holidays. Those gift boxes are adorable and will indeed look good under the tree. Love from Holland, Marit #22

  8. What superb boxes! You are so clever…….
    Have a good Christmas, warm, lots of laughter and hugs with plenty of food.
    Blessings to you all
    Christine #24

  9. Thank you for your return visit, Margaret, and I’m glad you like my little heart ornaments. They were such fun to do, and I’m now looking forward to working on my hubby’s little frames as well. Yes, last week was quite a week, but I am glad I have got more answers to my health issues and I feel a lot more at peace about the possibility of further surgery if it is deemed necessary. Whatever happens, I am in the Lord’s hands and I trust in Him. Some good news today – I had a phone call from the pants people and they’ve received the prescription and are working on my final pair as a matter of urgency. I think my extreme annoyance on the phone has borne fruit and I was able to have a civilised and very pleasant conversation with the lady on the phone today! My hubby is always far too nice to people and gets walked all over and doesn’t get results but sometimes you do need to put your foot down – I don’t like confrontation either but sometimes it is necessary in order to see the right things happen!

    Shoshi x

  10. Your gift boxes are adorable! I, too, make fun items to put gift cards or cash in. Just can’t give the items in a plain ugly envelope! Have a very Merry Christmas!!
    Carol N #23

  11. Margaret, Those money holders are fab. Much better than money dropping out of a card.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #15

  12. Hi Margaret. The money boxes are a great idea and the family will be able to spend it in the sales so even more to look forward to. Just want to wish you all the best for Christmas and hope it’s full of fun for too. Thank you for all the great comments and wishing you a lovely woyww too, Angela x17x

  13. I always have to wrap money somehow too, got some to do for my nephew and niece.. Knee isn’t too bad, bit of a bump mind you! doesn’t hurt though… Have a fabulous Christmas – I love to hear carols too, always make sure I watch the Carols from Kings – it’s the start of Christmas for me and one of the best bits! Helen #1

  14. I agree regarding the Christmas carols. I love this time of year so we can hear them all over. Those boxes are gorgeous! I too hate giving the gift of money, but for most adults this is the gift they want and need. We stick to the usual underwear and socks for our adult children and then an Amazon card. Merry Christmas. Dorlene #29

  15. Those gift boxes are very special Margaret, I find it so difficult when someone just asks for money. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with family sending seasonal blessing your way.
    Happy WOYWW Tracey #6

  16. HI Margaret, I just love how festive your space looks with the tree there and the gift packages look awesome too 🙂
    Merry Christmas!
    `Stacy #28

  17. Merry Christmas Margaret and have a fabulous time with your family in Nottingham (we shall be along the road in Uttoxeter over Christmas). Love the way you found to gift wrap money. Happy New Year also and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  18. Thanks for visiting and your kinds comments. Thanks for sharing your cute gift bags. Wishing your safe travels and lots of fun with family over the holidays. May you and yours enjoy the festive holiday season and have a very Merry Christmas

  19. Wonderful little gift boxes, much nicer than just an envelope! Have a wonderful Christmas with family, it sounds like there will be a houseful! Thanks for your visit, Merry Christmas, Lindart #27

  20. Oh yes, we have the “obligitory jigsaw” as well, almost finished, sitting on the dining room table. 1000 pieces. I told hubby 500 was better. I just don’t have the patience or the eyesight to handle 1000 teeny tiny pieces! I’m glad you had a nice Christmas and new toys to boot. I got a few myself! Happy 500th WOYWW, and Happy New Year as well! Thanks for your visit, Lindart #32

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