Hello there my friends. Another Wednesday – another 7 days closer to Christmas. Where do the days disappear to? I really want to apologise to those who didn’t get a comment from me last week – I did visit – I did try to leave a comment – but google refused to play. I always comment as glitterandglue google account… but by the end of the list it was refusing to add the glitterandglue bit! Consequently it was trying to make me comment on an anonymous google account – so, of course, very sensibly, your sites weren’t allowing that! I was incredibly disappointed – but I did see your desks and your work.

So, this week… Absolutely empty desk syndrome going on here – so I thought … a little indulgence?… a couple of photos of my decorations?

This lovely decorators glass brick. When away in the caravan during the summer holidays I met up with Daughter number 1 and my grand daughter. We popped into a craft fair in the local village hall – and there was a delightful lady selling these bricks, with an etched design on them and little lights inside. We couldn’t make up our minds, until, suddenly, out from behind the counter came this gorgeous design. Decision instantly made – my birthday present from Joy and family was bought! It is so lovely when switched on in a darkened room – just the nativity tableau and the words “O Holy Night”.

On the lounge windowsill, the first thing to come out of the Christmas boxes, is this lovely set John made about 20 years ago. Simply chunky blocks of wood, well sanded, pyrography designs on each one, then acrylic paint. He may have given them just one coat of yacht varnish – but each year out they come – a lovely reminder of what Christmas for us is all about, and of the 45 Christmases I had with John.

So that’s me this week, folks. I’ll trust google behaves this week and I can come visiting and leaving comments! Next Tuesday evening I shall be in Nottingham for one night, enjoying the Swing Band Christmas concert and carol event which my grand daughter will be in – so I’ll ask someone to link my post in for me so that I don’t miss the last week before Christmas!

Take care everyone. God bless.


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24 Replies to “WOYWW497”

  1. I also had trouble leaving comments. Love the glass brick and the simplicity of your lovely nativity scene. Have a good week. Ani

  2. Oh, I love your wood block display; and what a treasure to have too. The glass block is beautiful too!

    I find I can’t comment from my phone as it keeps signing me out of my google account so have to wait til I get home from work.

  3. Ahhh, brilliant Margaret, love your share, that little nativity glass black is really beautiful! I’m getting my decs out tomorrow, hopefully. John s simple design is stunning too.
    Happy WOYWW sis, Shaz in Oz.x

  4. Your glass brick really is a beautiful ornament along with the wooden block Nativity displaying the true meaning of Christmas. Unpacking things like this each year really does warm the heart.
    Happy WOYWW Tracey #7

  5. Your wood block nativity set is just fabulous, Margaret, and what a treasure to have, being made by John. It’s such an unusual idea, and works so well. He had done such a lovely job with it. Christmas is a non-event for me (long story but I’m sure you’ve come across Christians with similar views!) but I shall listen to the Carol Service from King’s College in Cambridge and probably get to church. I cooked a full dinner for us 2 last year but not doing it this year – all the social activities are already making me overtired and I shall be glad of a rest.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #11

  6. What a lovely way to have memories of John on display for everyone who knew him – those blocks are wonderful – he was so talented. I treasure my key fob.
    Lovely glass brick too – I have never seen them done like this and can well imagine how beautiful it looks when the lights are out.
    Have a lovely week.
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  7. I love all kinds of light up decorations – they’re so magical at night. The wooden blocks your husband made are so precious – especially at this time of year – it’s lovely that they remind you of all your Christmases together! I’ll try to remember to link you up if nobody else beats me to it next week! Enjoy your concert! zsuzsa #14 xx

  8. Beautiful decorations Margaret and each with their own lovely memories. The wood blocks are simple but lovely and a cherished reminder of John. The glass blo act is such a clever idea and just the sort of thing that I’d go for too!
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

  9. Hi Margaret, lovely decorations, and the glass block is such a gorgeous idea. The wooden blocks are such a beautiful memory to bring out each year. I think everyone will be pleased that Google+ is ending next year! Have a lovely time in Nottingham.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz X#5

  10. Such warm and personal decorations Margaret, the ones that carry stories are the most precious isn’t it? The glass block is beautiful and the wooden blocks… gorgeous! And you did manage to leave a comment over at my place, yay! Thanks for stopping by today, have a great week. Love, Marit #16

  11. that brick is a stunner and I love your nativity! thanks for visiting!I haven’t been here in a while and I love your new look.
    Robyn 17

  12. Thank you for your return visit, Margaret, and for your understanding! A lot of people thing I’m really weird… Every year I struggle with Christmas and it’s getting worse because it’s such a pagan mid-winter festival (what the RCs tried to cover up with Christmas in the first place) and it holds very little meaning for me now. I do enjoy singing the carols and I always listen to the carol service from King’s in Cambridge on Christmas Eve, and I do enjoy the food lol!! Trying to be less indulgent this year though as I need to keep the weight off. Also, I have so little energy to spare for extras and always find this a very tiring time of year with all the extra social stuff going on. Having my computer crash on me like that was the last thing I needed right now! Everything is taking longer than usual because I still haven’t got everything back to normal an some things don’t behave as they ought. Today is the quietest day of the whole week actiity wise but I’m too exhausted to do all the things that have been neglected because I’ve been too busy to deal with them so it’s all a bit frustrating!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #11

  13. Hi Margaret. Sounds like you were having fun with the internet last week, who knows what goes on Lol! Loving your wooden manger scene, really gorgeous. The glass block is a beauty too. Have a lovely woyww and happy crafting, Angela x15x

  14. Your nativity and glass block are beautiful! Enjoy your trip next week! Thanks for popping by and God bless!
    Carol N #19

  15. Hello Margaret. The wooden blocks and the glass brick are quite delightful. I haven’t got decorations out yet – a touch behind with everything – trying not to stress and keep in mind what it is really about. Have a lovely time in Nottingham. I am looking forward to Christmas Production at my granddaughters school. Anne x #21

  16. Beautiful decorations. I love those glass blocks but usually see vinyl on them. This is gorgeous! Happy week and thanks for your earlier visit. Dorlene #25

  17. Hi Margaret, glad to see Google is behaving well this week – it must have been so frustrating for you last week. Your etched glass brick is truly beautiful – a lovely gift to receive – and the blocks are a wonderful lasting reminder of your beloved John. That’s one of the pleasures of bringing out the Christmas decorations – they bring back all sorts of lovely memories of Christmases past. Hugs, Elizabeth x #18

  18. Wow, what a beautiful nativity, it is obviously a treasured piece, as it should be! It’s funny how treasured Christmas decorations seem to be Nativity scenes. Mine is a handmade pottery nativity from Mexico that my Dad bought for me many years ago. And your Holy Night glass brick must be beautiful sparkling in the dark, reminding you of your visit with your DD! Thanks for your visit, Lindart #20

  19. Sorry to be late! Google can really be a monster can’t it, sometimes it makes me tantrum like a child! I love the glass brick. Oh Holy Night is my favourite eve hymn and just the sight of those three words will have me humming it with pleasure! John’s nativity is perfect, it says so much about you both. What a great alternative to a desk this week Margaret. Xxxx

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