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Hello my friends. I’m hoping this will work – as word press seem to have altered all sorts, and quite frankly, I’m up the proverbial creek without a paddle!!! I am writing this Tuesday lunchtime before I head off to Nottingham for my grand daughter’s concert this evening. I’ll schedule it and it will be linked up by someone else – many thanks!!! So, here we are – the last post before Christmas 2018. I’m writing this to the accompaniment of a Carol CD – wonderful – there is something about the harmonies of Christmas music which isn’t found the rest of the year – no idea what it is!!

Well, my desk is showing definite signs of activity this week. There’s the mess on the floor and the overflowing waste bin to prove it!!! My Advent tree – nearly denuded of chocolate; a pile of card to finish the current project – some little desk notebook holders – glue, scissors, some photographs of our family holiday in Mull ready to be cut up for the rest of the holders.

More activity this week! My family are all receiving money this year – it’s what they all wanted – and I felt it was boring not to have their present under the tree, so set to with a tonic die and made these lovely 11inch high boxes for their gift. These are for all the ladies…

…and these are for all the gentlemen! A friend who is a stamping up demonstrator decided to brave the world of You tube, and this was her second video. Thought I’d try them out! Her first video was the desk notebook holder – which, needless to say, I didn’t follow the exact instructions for!!!    is the little notebook thingy

Well, I reckon I’m showing my age! This hasn’t been an easy post to put together due to all the changes – I’m afraid I stick to the adage that if a thing ain’t broken don’t fix it!!! However…

May you each have a special and precious time this Christmas season. May you know the joy and peace which only the Saviour of the World can bring as He came into this world torn apart with hatred and anger. I will not be posting on Boxing Day as I shall be back in Nottingham with ALL the family – all 10 of us together – brilliant, noisy fun!

Take care, my friends, travel safely if driving to friends and family – see you for WOYWW500 in the New Year – 2019 – however did we get there?

God bless you.


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Hello there my friends. Another Wednesday – another 7 days closer to Christmas. Where do the days disappear to? I really want to apologise to those who didn’t get a comment from me last week – I did visit – I did try to leave a comment – but google refused to play. I always comment as glitterandglue google account… but by the end of the list it was refusing to add the glitterandglue bit! Consequently it was trying to make me comment on an anonymous google account – so, of course, very sensibly, your sites weren’t allowing that! I was incredibly disappointed – but I did see your desks and your work.

So, this week… Absolutely empty desk syndrome going on here – so I thought … a little indulgence?… a couple of photos of my decorations?

This lovely decorators glass brick. When away in the caravan during the summer holidays I met up with Daughter number 1 and my grand daughter. We popped into a craft fair in the local village hall – and there was a delightful lady selling these bricks, with an etched design on them and little lights inside. We couldn’t make up our minds, until, suddenly, out from behind the counter came this gorgeous design. Decision instantly made – my birthday present from Joy and family was bought! It is so lovely when switched on in a darkened room – just the nativity tableau and the words “O Holy Night”.

On the lounge windowsill, the first thing to come out of the Christmas boxes, is this lovely set John made about 20 years ago. Simply chunky blocks of wood, well sanded, pyrography designs on each one, then acrylic paint. He may have given them just one coat of yacht varnish – but each year out they come – a lovely reminder of what Christmas for us is all about, and of the 45 Christmases I had with John.

So that’s me this week, folks. I’ll trust google behaves this week and I can come visiting and leaving comments! Next Tuesday evening I shall be in Nottingham for one night, enjoying the Swing Band Christmas concert and carol event which my grand daughter will be in – so I’ll ask someone to link my post in for me so that I don’t miss the last week before Christmas!

Take care everyone. God bless.


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Hello my friends – it seems the weeks go by too fast for me to keep up! I’ve missed a few weeks yet again – however… here I am, like the proverbial bad penny! I do trust you are well, and not stressed out because Christmas is approaching.

So, my desk… It has been very varied – from extremely overcrowded to completely empty! This was last week when a friend came round – new to crafting she asked for some help and reminders – arrived with her entire stash… and lots of time to have fun together!


And now it is different again…

A few left over cards and scraps of fabric; some card fronts given to me by a friend who thought I might make use of them, a couple of Christmas baubles – and my Advent tree. This comes out each year and is normally in the lounge. This year, though, life is about to change for me, and I have brought it upstairs onto my workdesk so I can enjoy it here. The rest of the house is decorated, trees in the lounge and dining room, decorations in the hall, cards written and presents wrapped (is it any wonder I have been missing recently?) – and a spare bedroom changed beyond recognition and awaiting friends who, whilst their static caravan site is closed for the winter, are coming to stay. A delightful American couple  in their 70s and 80s, their caravan is their permanent home. Normally they travel to family in America when the site is closed – but this year they can’t go. Hubby is undergoing cancer treatment. It just “felt the right thing” to offer them a home… So life for each of us will be different – but, as I believe it is what God has asked me to do at this time – I’m sure that we will all be blessed.

But – the Advent tree… On it are 24 pyramids all worked in pergamano. I love them, and so enjoyed making it (Yes, it took a while – 5 years to be precise – but to be fair, I did make other things at the same time!!!) So here are a few pictures of some of the pyramids. They stand about three inches tall (around 7.5cms). Worked using a variety of techniques including painting, pencil work, pricking, and embossing with a ball tool, to name just a few. Enjoy!

So that’s me at the moment, folks – attempting to be ready for friends (nearly there); attempting to be ready for Christmas (almost done); attempting to stay healthy so I don’t pass on any infection to my friend ill with cancer (failing dismally); unsure whether I will have the opportunity to post each week; not at all sure when I will get round to each of you this week – but I will, even if it takes four or five days! I do visit you all, I’m only sorry there are a couple I can’t leave a comment 0- be assured I love to come peek!

Take care my friends. God bless you as you prepare for Christmas – the time when we celebrate Jesus coming into this world which is so torn apart, determined to go its own way and not “hear the angels sing”.


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