Month: November 2018



Hello my friends – long time, no see! I have been dashing around Britain again, seeing both my daughters , sons in law, grandchildren, and on to Chris and hubby (Mrs D). I had a great time and apparently managed to work some magic in Mrs D’s craft room to help her. So now I’m back home until the school productions begin and I go away again to see the youngsters acting and playing instruments.

But first, my workdesk this week…


This is the chaos resulting from simply attempting to make one card – a style I had seen before, but never attempted. It’s sitting on the green cutting mat, but I can’t show it properly as it hasn’t been received yet. On the desk are paper pads, all from the drawer which is pulled out onto the floor; the waste bin is overflowing as there were so many bits and pieces to cut and shape; there’s a box of peel offs not yet put away after a bit of a card fest to finish all the main Christmas Cards; glue, DST, ink duster, ink pad, baby wipes, mini glue dots, some tiddly bits of cardboard backed fabric. In the distance is an A4sheet of watercolour paper on which I had a bit of fun mark-making. Yet again the cutting blade is left uncovered.

I’ve spent some time since returning home, attempting to finish some unfinished symphonies! Remember the green pyramid from a few weeks ago?


Well… here it is (sorry about the lighting!). Decorated and ready to act as our family table centre at Christmas, because…

…it opens up and the square in the middle can be filled with little sweets or gifts. I’m pleased with it now it is finished – but, oh my word, what a palaver to make – I don’t think I have a real affinity with glue!


I’ve managed to finish all the Christmas cards – this was one of the last ones I made.


And I finished a blanket for Uganda – took it with me when I went away, and was so enthusiastic with the squares I ran out of yarn before I ran out of time away! Oh dear… that meant a visit with Mrs D to the Crafters companion store near Chesterfield! What a problem to have!

So that’s me folks. I’ll be missing next week – will be watching Mary Poppins at my grandchildren’s school!
Take care. God bless.


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