Hello my friends. I trust this finds you well. Thanks to everyone who visited and left comments last week – yes, this week has indeed been less manic, thank you! The cottage pie went down a storm, fed 45 people – and resulted in three “proposals” of marriage! (Keep still, my beating heart!) Talk about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach…
Anyway – on to my desk this week

This really does show the calm AFTER the storm! I had been working on a dozen cards (not yet photographed!) as samples for a lady who would like to buy some to sell on for Shevet Achim – the second charity we support here at church. I was trying to vary the styles, so the chaos which ensued was unbelievable. The desk was piled nearly 12inches high with card blanks, ribbons, washi tapes, scraps of card, dies, stamps, ink pads – it really was bad! – the floor, currently housing just two neat piles, was strewn with four drawers, and the green cutting mat had about 6square inches of workspace left! I couldn’t carry on – it had to be sorted – and I could not inflict major heart attacks on your good selves by showing that.
So, now, ready for today, there is a Christmas pile down on the floor waiting for me, guillotine, a little pile of different coloured card scraps I have been using up, pack of C6 card blanks, peel offs, various tools, DST, metal ruler, pile of paper for test stamping on, and an ink brush. The green pyramid is a 3D fabric Christmas tree – unfinished – John bought for me the kit – on the desk in the hope I do actually finish it in time for Christmas this year! But before the Christmas makes, I must do another dozen cards for the hotel – they close in four weeks for the winter, but are full until then, so…
In between attempting to make more cards, I’ll be around to visit you all, and gaze in awe at your neat spaces or your busy spots. I had a comment last week that for anyone with eye problems the text was quite hard to read – so I am trying something different – let me know if this is better or not.
Take care everyone. God bless.

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  1. your text this week, being a bit darker IS much easier to read – especially as I don’t put my readers on this early (naughty me!) Wish you’d taken a pic of the desk in full flow – it all looks as you say, very calm now! Have a great week. Helen #2

  2. Morning Margaret, the larger font is easier to read I must admit. Hope you manage to get round to finishing that Christmas tree when everything else is sorted. I laughed out loud at the 3 marriage proposals! Have a great week. Sarah #3

  3. Yay, I can read your post, I am SO happy!! Thank you for adjusting the font size and colour 🙂
    How I love your desk… **swoon**
    Happy WOYWW 🙂
    Claire, no.1 (don’t know how…)

  4. Text fine and dandy.. well done on 3 proposals in feeding 45… pretty good average. Having tasted your cooking I quite understand it!!
    Mm my desk has been inflicted upon you but not my floor.. that would be too too much!! Yours is a productive as ever list to do.
    Been emailing in my head for ages. Must really do it soon!!!! Hugs dear sis Shaz. Xxxxx

  5. Oh my Margaret what have you been putting in that pir to spark those proposals hee hee!
    Your desk looks very inviting and raring to go, all the best with those Christmas cards, I must start mine next week.
    Happy WOYWW Tracey #6
    P.S I’m hoping there will be chocolate inside your fabric tree 🙂

  6. Morning Missus,
    Shame you didn’t show the busy desk as well, we could compare!
    Have fun with the cards for Margaret

  7. It may be too late for the Hotel, but I’ve sent some cards as we discussed. Meanwhile, I’m glad you’ve had a quieter week, even if it did mean a long and untidy session at your desk, I think trying to change styles is very difficult and you are certainly not alone in making a mess when doing so!! Happy to hear the cottage pie was such a success, reminds me of when I helped out with meals for my mum and dad. One day I delivered a batch of different meals in foil trays for the freezer, a week later on checking what I needed to top up, I discovered that they’d eaten cottage pie every evening for a week because they liked it so much!! So true about the proposals, my lovely Bart’s eyes light up when I propose cottage pie as a meal!

  8. Hi Margaret, great desk shot, lots to see. Would have loved to see the other pic though! Text is fine, the ones I find hardest are the ones in a fancy, sort of scribble/joined up font. It’s good to get feedback from others, I think. I used to have my Labels box at the top of my blog, and someone told me that it really makes it slow to load on phones, so I moved it to lower down. We don’t know these things unless someone is brave enough to let us know. 🙂
    We’ll go out for a meal at the weekend, as Doug is on earlies, he’s up at 4.30, so in bed fairly early too. Love & hugs, to you, Shaz #5 XxX

  9. Well done you with all the sorting and tidying….you will start afresh this morning I’m sure. I’ve been busy using a few more of the fabric samples this week…and I’ve still got more to use! I think they are multiplying hehehe
    Annie x #12

  10. Hi Margaret I daren’t show you a full photo of my space as it is in chaos at the moment but have a plan. I think I might have been happier seeing the messy one Lol! Have a lovely woyww, whatever you choose to do. Angela x13x

  11. Happy WOYWW, and I would love to see your desk when messy/crafty. Look forward to seeing photos of the finished cards. Cottage pie – which reminds me, I need to put the beef in the slow cooker for later (forgot yesterday too!!). (Cue – Ali rushing off to the kitchen!!). Ali x #18

  12. HI Margaret, I had no troubles with today’s font, and I am not sure if I noticed the older one. ( and I am looking at this without my glasses on so far. I really only need them for the tiny numbers through the bifocals haha) So anyways, sounds like lots of cards are underway again at your space by the time you read this. Happy Crafting! ~Stacy #22

  13. I love how your new blog is developing over time, with friends’ feedback! It’s so much easier now, especially for us oldies with incipient cataracts lol lol!! (Although they say I won’t get any trouble for a while yet… I’m worried about how they affect colour vision though, which is so essential for art…) What a very tidy desk! I’m in the same position this week. It doesn’t last long, though – either a new project takes over and messes it up, or it turns into a dumping ground! Shevet Achim – Brothers dwelling together! Love that Psalm… Do you know the song in Hebrew? We sing it often! Thank you for your lovely comment and good wishes for my various appointments. I’m glad you like my boxes. I’ve started the second scarf, even though I haven’t yet embellished the first, because just simple knitting is so easy to pick up when watching TV etc. Nice to have something like that on the go.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi xx #15

  14. Hi Margaret – text fine for me too. My you have been busy with card making – they will sell well I am sure. Maxine sets her exhibition up at the end of October for all of November. I think other artists are there too. I will let you know details from Max later. She has so little time for updating her website. xx Jo

  15. You are looking so organised Margaret, I can hardly believe you were in such a mess, but that’s what trying new things does – I got out nearly all my crafting supplies just to make the card for my nephew this week as it wasn’t my usual style!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Hugs, Diana x #16

  16. I love your new blog and the larger text is definitely better.
    I am not surprised about the proposals – my DDC always says ‘treat ’em mean and keep ’em keen’ – so you carry on cooking and refusing!!
    I agree about having to tidy up – I am hoping to attack my desk tomorrow – after some gardening first, we have to ‘close down’ a clients garden for the year.
    Have a good week….. sitting sewing?
    Christine #25

  17. So now your desk is ready for the next round! I can so relate with the down to a 6″ work space! LOL! I also have to make some Christmas cards, doing 1 today on my FB Live video which I with then put on YouTube.
    Thanks for popping by and have a blessed week!
    Carol N #20

  18. Hi Margaret, oh my, 3 marriage proposals … which one will you accept? Maybe they should all cook you a meal before you decide ?

    The font is fine, but so was the other one for me. This one is clearer I think. A tidy desk after all those cards, I agree with others- before and after shots are required next time. I look forward to seeing the finished green pyramid tree soon.

    Have a wonderful week, no doubt you will be a busy bee as always! Take care, Heather x #27

  19. I think everyone prefers good old fashioned food in reality! My menfolk would have a roast dinner every day if they could, lol! So glad it all went well and that your cards seem to be whizzing out of the door 😀
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

  20. I smiled on the marriage proposals… oh, MEN!!! Your desk looks pretty neat and clean (there would even be more wedding proposals when men could see it… ‘oh, a neat housewife, ánd she can bake a pie.. must propose..!” *grin* Thanks for your visit to my blog the other day, I’m pretty late with my round again but hey, at least I made it before Wednesday 😉 so happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #11

  21. Sorry I am so late – had a mixed week, so thanks for commenting on my blog and waiting for my return.
    What a busy bee you are – lots of card making on the horizon but it is the proposals I cannot get over – must brush up my shepherds pie making.
    It’s lovely sat here today seeing the sunlight dappling through the trees whilst I okay catch up.0
    Love the text but did n’t have problems with the other – the thin I had problems with is the size in the comment box but then it happens in them all.
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  22. Your space looks beautiful, all nice and ready for the next session of crafting! I love it when my room gets so cluttered and messy I only have a tiny spot to work (like this week’s photo) so that I can go into cleaning frenzy and get it all tidied up for the next bout. Haven’t done that yet, maybe today! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, and yes, all the “sculptures” were made of pumpkins! Sorry I’m so late, it’s been a crazy week! Lindart #23

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