Hello my friends. I’m writing this latish Tuesday evening, thinking about my desk – or should I say desks, in the plural. It has been a crazy week, hardly time to breathe – but before I show you… thank you so much for all the birthday wishes that came last week across the ether and all the visitors who left comments! I had a good day – a bit of retail therapy, coffee and cake out – well, actually, hot chocolate as I don’t do coffee, more pieces put in that jigsaw from last week, a bit of craft time, with the present Mrs D bought me, and TV. Thursday morning found me down at church with yet more soup and a completely manic time – loads of visitors to “The Bible Comes To Life” exhibition, and they all came in for lunch as well as our usual step inside crowd! None of us were quite sure which way was up by the time we had finished for the day. I had planned to meet up halfway across Britain with Chris and hubby – but hubby was suffering from having three teeth extracted – so we didn’t do that – I finished the jigsaw instead! – Yes – finished it – all those sky pieces from last week – YAY!! Then suddenly it was Sunday and our worship group were playing so I was behind a microphone, then buying all the ingredients to make a giant cottage pie for our church family meal Wednesday evening. BUT – I found time to have a fun filled craftathon on Monday – never went out the front door, and succeeded in making over 2 dozen Christmas cards.

So, my desk has moved around the house – upstairs, downstairs, kitchen… here’s the evidence!

Top left – the real desk – the aftermath of the craftathon. Goodness only knows why the green mat is empty! It hasn’t been all week… Second down, left – the floor desk! Yes, drawers out, waste bin over flowing. Top right – mince and lots of vegetables, all cooked and cooling, awaiting the potatoes which are in those two giant saucepans – and no, folks, they aren’t mine – they belong to the church. My biggest one is only about half that size. Third down on the right – a half made blanket – relaxation in front of the TV of an evening.

The second collage of pictures – at the top, my pile of made cards, and the two at the bottom – my efforts with Chris and Adrian’s present – a box of twelve brushos. WOW!!! I really enjoyed my self – The “love” card is brushos spotted onto card then sprayed with water and allowed to do what they wanted. The “hope” card, the water colour paper was soaked then the tiniest bit of powder sprinkled on top. I made some other small sheets of colour as well – cut one up to make the word “Joy” on the Christmas card in the picture above. I have a sneaky feeling that all this effort describes my style perfectly – clean and simple!!

So that’s me this week folks, here on the North Wales coast. I had an email from Shaz in Oz to say she was safely home after her world trip – I imagine she is still sleeping off the effects!

I’ll be around to visit over the next few days – I do come see you, Kathryn – it’s just that I can’t leave a comment – sorry.

Take care everyone. God bless.


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  1. Morning Margaret, glad you had such a lovely birthday. Just reading about your week made me breathless. Those cards using the Brushos are fabulous. I love how you never know what’s going to happen with them. Have a great week. Sarah #5

  2. wow, what a busy week, you quite put me to shame just walking around with my camera! Hope you have something a bit less busy planned for this week. Helen #3

  3. Well even amidst the chaos of such a busy life you seem to be tidy, preparedness is everything isn’t it. Those cottage pies are HUGE!! I don’t know how you do it, not being able to know advance numbers for Step Inside, let alone exhibition attendees as well. Man you’re very cool. Am almost jealous that you can produce a dozen or more cards if you spend a day…I’m going o get me some of whatever it is that you’ve got that makes it possible!!

  4. Oh what a busy week you’ve had….nothing new there then, just different eh? And I’ve missed your birthday! A very happy belated birthday my friend.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x #11

  5. I’m glad you had a good birthday Margaret! Wow, you’ve been a busy bee this week – the church are very lucky to have you, I think – those pans are huge, they’d have come in handy for when I used to cater for Julia’s workshops!! I love the brusho cards, great fun!!

  6. Wow – it’s a wonder you find time to breathe Margaret – you really are amazing in all that you do. I can almost smell that wonderful meat pie on the go! I used to love using Brusho with the children in school – lovely effects. xx Jo

  7. Hi Margaret, busy bee you’ve been! Love cottage/shepherds pie- especially good as a winter meal. Gorgeous cards, and aren’t Brushos such a lot of fun? Messy, but fun! Good to hear the update on Shaz, can imagine she’ll sleep for a week after all her travels. Love & hugs, Shaz # 8 XxX

  8. I’ve done it again – forgotten your birthday. Belated Birthday Greetings Margaret.
    You have been a busy bee as per usual, how you find the energy to do so much I don’t know – give e some please.
    Hugs & Blessings, Neet 7 xx

  9. Yay you for two dozen Xmas cards! You’ve been extremely busy from the sounds of it. Happy belated – it’s birthday season in our house too with hubby, son and even Oreo having birthdays in the last two weeks – I’m the odd one out – being female and Spring born! Happy #487 zsuzsa #19

  10. Love all your activities and the beautiful cards, too, Margaret. So glad you’ve had the Bible Come to Life – it was at one of their exhibitions in 1985 that I first came to understand the importance of Israel in the purposes of God and it was a life-changing moment for me! I am glad to hear it’s still going strong. At the second one I went to, I was asked to dress as a Bethlehem woman! Thank you for your lovely comment, and I’m sorry to hear about your hernia woes. I hope it can be sorted. Unfortunately parastomal hernias are a really intractible problem and the majority of people with stomas get them. Anyway, as you say, yours is probably a relatively small price to pay for all the wonderful quality time you had with John. I feel so privileged to have met you both on more than one occasion and always remember the fun we had at the craft show – remember the red rose? Haha! Great times.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #15

  11. Whew! What a busy life you lead, Margaret, I’m exhausted just reading about it. As for making 2 dozen cards in one day – I congratulate myself if I’ve made one so well done you. Brushos are fabulous and you are getting some lovely results with them. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #17

  12. Margaret…phew, I think I need a nap after reading all your activities! You have been one busy lady and majorly productive. I love puzzles but I am still on the smaller 200/300 piece puzzles. I do them every winter with my in-laws. It’s so much fun. I love, love, love your cards. I have to get over my procrastination and make some. Have a blessed day!
    Belinda #24

  13. My goodness, what a busy gal you are! 12 Christmas Cards! I haven’t even made one yet! The food looks delicious – they are certainly lucky to have you! Nice to see you have some down time in front of the telly as well 🙂 Have a great week, Lindart #25

  14. I didnt know you sang in your worship team – I am the same! You really have had a very busy week – i do love your brusho cards… I must play with mine again. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. God bless, Caro x (#29)

  15. Hi Margaret, belated Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. I’m still tired from jet lag, but my goodness I’m exhausted now reading all that you have been up to. Where do you find all the energy? You’ve now put me in mind for a cottage pie for tomorrow, as the nights are drawing in a bit! Well done on all the Christmas cards too! Good to hear Shaz arrived home safely. Have a lovely, crafty week, Heather x #28

  16. Wow! You HAVE been busy! Great pics and looks like you got some fun gifts, too! Havae a great day!
    Carol N #20

  17. How do you survive all that whirlwinding? Good to see you managed a bit of crafting!! you make me feel quite normal ….
    you have a good week, hope it’s a bit more restful.
    christine #21

  18. Wow! You’ve been busy. I love how you managed to produce a dozen Christmas cards. LOL Have a great week. Dorlene #26

  19. Wow Margaret, looks like you’ve been busy. All those Christmas cards, brilliant work. Thanks for asking about my mum she is making progress and thanks for the visit to mine. I have to admit that I haven’t done much else to those pebbles since mum had her fall but they will get finished sometime. Happy belated woyww, Angela x13x

  20. Sounds like a hectic (but fun!) week, boy where do you find all that energy?! Thanks for your visit earlier this week – the comments you leave me on my blog have to wait for the moderator/me to approve them so that’s the reason you don’t see them right away on the blog… I DO see them and approve them usually the same day. Happy belated woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #10

  21. Hi Margaret, another super busy week I can see – that really must have been a GIANT cottage pie! Love the effects you’ve created with the Brushos, they look gorgeous :o) Annie C #14

  22. Hi Helen
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. Eyes won’t allow me to do too much right now, so I ‘m afraid i couldn’t read the full post. I think your cards look smashing.
    Roes #27

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