Hello my friends. The last WOYWW post before the crop. I think the current head count is 14, plus lots of hubbys coming along, so there will be lots of noise, chat, laughter, fun, cake, tea, coffee, cake, lunch – and did I mention cake? Before I show you my delightfully messy desk, let me give the crop folks some hints about getting to me… The church car park is not big – but, with (to use Julia’s phrase from last year) economical parking, there will be room for everyone. I realise that you will see “reserved” on one or two spaces – but that’s ok on this Saturday – you can ignore that. Fill all the diagonal spaces, then double park. If there is anyone else in the car park, they know about our group, and will come ask to be let out! Of course, we will insist they stay and talk to us, make a card, do some dumfing or whatever…. When you have parked, go round the back of the building and find the door, ring the bell, and we will let you in. The door that leads into the carpark has a bell, but it doesn’t matter how hard we try, we can’t get it to work! So please don’t stand there ringing that one… we won’t know you have arrived. If you arrive before 10, that’s fine – I’ll be there getting lunch organised and can let you in early. Most of you have been before, so will remember how to get to us – but if you haven’t… www.emmanuel-llandudno.org will find our church website, and the address and postcode are in there on the “How to find us” page – I checked yesterday, and the interactive google map isn’t working properly (something else for me to see to), but you can see the place quite clearly. Looking forward to greeting you. Travel safely.

So, my desk this week…

I have been in full Christmas card production mode today – and succeeded in making 16 cards before the doorbell rang! Needless to say, I didn’t get back up here to my nice space until now. So, on the desk – some paper scraps from the pad I have been using as backing for the cards, a lovely pile of finished cards, embossing powder, inks, tray, handcream, ink dusters, once again my blade hasn’t been covered – naughty me! – the handle of a pair of scissors, a box of peel-offs, some Thomas Kinkade images ready for whenever I have the opportunity to come back up here, card blanks, envelopes, card for backing the images. Right at the front there is the centre of a finished roll of DST – unable to be put into the waste bin for recycling, it is awaiting a trip to a different bin!

By the way – Kevin thinks you are all wonderful! He thinks, having done so much work on my blog over the past weeks, that this is terrific group; that all are such good friends; and that the support given is huge and beautiful. He reckoned he sat in tears over some of your comments when my John died!

So that’s me this week folks. Running round in small ever-decreasing circles preparing for about four different events in the next four days. It will all be done! All will be ready when you arrive. There is still plenty of room if you want to join us – just let me know, and I’ll cook you some lunch.

Take care folks. God bless you.


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  1. oh still photos how good (was hoping to enlarge though, sad face… Kevin!!!!) I wish I could make it to the crop I do miss you all. but just can’t get trains to work and it’s tricky getting Friday’s off to do an overnighter. Have fun – I know it will be magic! Helen #1

  2. Morning Margaret, can’t wait until Saturday. I am picking Eva up early so we may be early depending on traffic. Prolific card making again I see lol. Have a great week. Sarah #4

  3. Morning, nice tidy productive desk there, 16 cards is going some. Well done.
    Have you persuaded Kevin to visit us all on Saturday?
    Hope you are keeping busy today, or doing something special.
    Bless you

  4. What an organized production! Loving the new-look website, but I do struggle to read the text – not enough contrast between the colour of the text and the background for my poor eyes 🙁

  5. I could do with your Kevin to reorganise me. What a lovely guy he is to make such a super job of your blog – much easier to read than the old one and I love the larger photos.
    Oh Margaret, you do work hard for us. It really is appreciated so an early thank you from me.
    And you have the ‘mystery guest’ staying with you (we could have picked her up and brought her down with us had we known earlier – booked in now for the Thursday night so can’t do it, sorry – but I guess you want to do it yourself anyhow) which will be lovely for you. You will love her, can’t wait to be reunited with her.
    Must get on and leave you to keep preparing, thank you so much.
    Blessings, Neet 8 xx

  6. Thank you again for organising the Crop for the second year running Margaret – it is much appreciated by us all. I’m looking forward to seeing you and will get there as early as I can on the Sat morning to help set up.
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx
    Kevin can always take up crafting and join us – worth suggesting?!

  7. Happy WOYWW. I so wish that I could be there on Saturday. If it was an easier train journey, then I would attempt it, but it would literally take all day with some changes – and then that means a few nights away (and Buzz the dog going into the kennels), so just not practical. You get the award for the most cards made in one day. I struggle to get one done! Ali x #19

  8. I’m sooo excited and have been getting ready all week ???? I will do my best to bake cake to bring with me (just hope my customers give me 5 mins). See you Saturday wahoo wahoo
    Annie x #14

  9. Hi Margaret- getting totally excited now, after missing last years we’re especially in need of our crop ‘fix’, lol. We’ll be over to help set up after breakfast, as we’re coming down Friday afternoon. 🙂
    Love what Kevin has done with your blog, it’s quite amazing. Time I went and got all my stuff packed, I think. See you Saturday,
    Love & hugs, Shaz #9 XxX

  10. I’ve missed a couple of weeks and come back to this beautiful new blog of yours – I love it and well done to Kevin -what a great job he’s done. I would love to know how you manage to make 16 cards in one sitting – it’s taken me days to complete 2 – mind you, that’s grabbing 10 minutes here and there! Have a great crop – I sooooo wish it was nearer to me.
    Diana x #18

  11. Sounds like you’re all set for Saturday. It’s a shame I can’t make it – if I could teleport myself for a few hours, I would – but I will just have to content myself with the photos that you will all share! Well done on the cards! I ran into the exact same Google maps problem at work! I’ll send you an email and tell about it! Have a great week and have fun on Saturday! Say hello to the other WOYWWers for me! zsuzsa #21

  12. Jo and I are bringing some hand dumfing for anyone wanting a go this year. If you’d really like a play on my dumfing machine let me know and I will bring it for you to have a play with.
    Annie x

  13. Kevin’s done a great job on your blog, Margaret. I do love the nice restful pastel green background which shows the photos off very well, and I’m pleased to see they aren’t moving this time!! Hope you all have a fantastic time at the crop and I am sure there will be lots of photos for us to enjoy in due course – I look forward to that. Thank you for your visit and for your good wishes – just waiting for the medication to kick in but I suppose it’s too much to ask after only 2 doses so far!! My leg is still painful. I’m very tired after the exertions of the previous few days so taking time out to rest today.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #24

  14. Thanks for all the helpful instructions and a massive thank you for all the organising ready for Saturday – you are one amazing lady! So looking forward to our weekend. xx Jo

  15. Lovely organised desk there! Wish I could be at the crop but I am at a Hen party in Coventry and cant be in two places at once. Have fun and I look forward to seeing some photos next week. Thanks for sharing. Have a good week. Caro x (#27)

  16. So jealous! Wish I were going too, it sounds like a blast! Have a wonderful crop, and I will look forward to all the pics next week! Thanks for your visit, and have a great week! Lindart #23

  17. Hi Margaret.
    Well done on the Christmas card production, very industrious! And preparing for 4 events. Thank you so much for organising this, I am so looking forward to meeting everyone. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My gym isn’t quite in my house, Mr M has converted half the garage for me, so I will have lovely views of the garden. See you on Saturday Heather xx #12

  18. Hi Margaret, sounds like a productive day and a fun event coming up. 🙂 That is very cool that Kevin was able to move all that info for you. 🙂 ~Stacy #28

  19. So wish I could be with you all on Saturday but know you will have a great time. You asked about the dragon eyes, I hide them in the park near where we live as part of the Lincoln Art Ninjas group. We hide small items for people to find which they can keep or re-hide though of course I do keep a few and friends often beg them from me so I have to make more and more! though not just dragon eyes and not just pebbles. Happy woyww, Angela x17x

  20. Wow! Well done on the Christmas card front! I started early this year with some challenges but haven’t made any recently!!
    My hubby will probably wander off as usual in the morning but will be back for lunch(and washing up!!)
    We are planning on leaving early to avoid the traffic! See you soon! Chrisxx

  21. Hello Margaret
    Didn’t even make WOYWW this week 🙁 Just wanted to wish you well. I’know you will have a super time on Saturday. Sad to miss it. Take care. Anne x

  22. Kevin did a great job!
    LOVE your description of the parking and that if anyone is blocked in they will be invited to stay and craft etc! That totally sums the day up. Enjoy.

  23. I’m so envious of you all, it would have been a good time for me to get away but with this kitchen refit & my Son still working nights until he’s back at Uni there is no one to take care of the dog but I will be thinking of you all.
    Have fun, enjoy yourselves and the cake and i’ll dream of maybe making it next year.
    Hugs Tracey #6

  24. I would LOVE to come to the crop some day… for now, I will be there in thoughts and await the photos that will surely be posted on all the blogs! Enjoy, enjoy! Big hug from Holland, Marit #25

  25. Oh Margaret judging from the photos I saw on Jan’s blog you have again organised a lovely crop! Wish I could have come! Also I must say that your renewed blog layout looks lovely! Thank you for commenting on my blog! I hope to get over my knee problems and all this pain and be back with the WOYWW community soon!
    Lots of hugs,

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