Hello my friends. Well, if you have found your way here – well done. I know that this new website isn’t properly up and running yet – lots of things missing, in different places, etc., but I am seriously indebted to a friend from church who has painstakingly copied all the posts of the past three years into this temporary “nestled” site. He has spent hours copy and pasting all your beautiful comments so that I wouldn’t lose anything when these magic smart objects (whatever they are) turn off in two days time Thank you Kevin!!!

So, a three week break – oh my word! The Isle of Mull is spectacular – great sweeping cliffs falling hundreds of feet into the sea – narrow roads (almost all roads on the island are single track with passing places) – a population of merely 3000 on the whole island which is almost 70 miles long – a lovely house. I could continue… but instead – a tiny foretaste

Iona Abbey

OK, so I managed to get a photo in here, but can’t work out how to centre it or grow it!! Hmm – talk to Kevin!!!

The view from our house – Ardcrishnish

A week on the island with the whole family, then on to the Lake District to a small campsite, all on my own – so different, but still lovely

Sunset from my caravan!

So now I am home, and preparing for the crop a week on Saturday – how quickly that has come round. I am really looking forward to seeing so many of you making your way to Llandudno – it will be a great day, with an extra special guest amongst us! Before that, though, I’ve begun to work back in my special space…

From the closest part – some stamps, an acrylic block, neatly laid out distress inks, water spray, lamp, cutting mats, empty mug of tea, coloured sheets I have been playing with ready for the crop, Christmas present list (yes, I took FULL advantage of Mull and Iona, pile of purchases from before I went away with some mags I bought whilst in the Lake District, my computer with Snowdonia in winter as my screen saver, and the pink bird which used to keep turning her back on us all – now firmly blutacked down to the little speaker!

So that’s me this week, folks, already feeling my holiday was a million miles away, looking forward to seeing many of you next week – there is still room to come, just let me know, so I can cook you some lunch – and now to work out how to publish!! It is only a temporary address – I’ll have a permanent one soon.

Take care. God bless.


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  1. I thought I’d come to the wrong place… the page contents swirling into vision as I scroll might take a bit of getting used to, if that is to be a permanent feature…. but loving the pics from your holiday – how beautiful! Have a great week Helen #1

  2. Love the look of your new blog home. Much better to read than the old one and the pictures are much larger and easy to see. Well done Kevin, we all need a friend like him.
    Lovely photos from your trip away, looks as if you had decent weather too. A friend of mine was in Scotland for a week and had rain the whole time.
    Great desk shot, now I can see everything much clearer – even your screen saver which is lovely.
    Almost time for your visitor and the Crop! Such an exciting time.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  3. Morning, posh new website, not sure I like the fact that it move bits into focus as you scroll down, maybe something to do with the tablet.
    What a well organised desk, all ready for you to leap into crafty action.
    Have fun.

  4. I’m pleased to say I’ve found you on your new blog and I rather like the new look. I’m also thrilled to hear you’ve enjoyed your break….you’ve been missed. I’m really looking forward to the crop. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone.
    Annie x #12

  5. I like the new blog page very much – all the better to see your lovely photos! Well done Kevin, what a star to transfer all those blogs/comments. Now that’s a true friend!
    I’ll be ringing you later to see what I can bring/do for the Crop.
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxxx

  6. Hello Margaret. What a posh new blog!
    So glad you enjoyed your holidays. All looked wonderful.
    Sad to say I made the very difficult decision to not attend the Crop. So much happening and I must visit mum so can really only do one trip.
    I am upset that I will not meet with you all again. Especially sad that I will miss meeting ‘the special visitor’ who emailed me some time ago to say she hoped to be there and was praying for me.
    I know you will have a wonderful time. Anne x #15

  7. Hi Margaret, Eva and I are really looking forward to the crop. Looks like you had a fabulous holiday. Love the new blog, the photos are so clear, thanks Kevin! Have a great week. Sarah #18

  8. Oh my! this is an interesting new blog. Good luck at getting it all sorted to your liking. Lovely photos too. Have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x9x

  9. Is it my vertigo or are your texts moving around? I think you’re very brave (can’t really see what I’m typing as it’s so small) to have a new site, I am terrified of changing over to another supplier. All I can say is well done you.
    The photos are lovely and it sounds like you had a really good time with your family.
    So looking forward to meeting up at the Crop.
    have a good week
    God Bless you
    Christine #19

  10. Such a lovely change. Updating is always to everyone’s advantage but to do it is another thing. Good for you. Wonderful photos you have shared. Wow loving the little cabin. Your crop sounds so fun. I’d love to win the lottery and make the visit ! Enjoy and I’ll be waiting for photos.

  11. Wow Margaret, what a job he’s done. The blog is amazing! First time I’ve seen one like this. Go You! Your holiday looks and sounds like it was fabulous. Beautiful place. Looking forward to next weekend- and our extra special guest.
    Do you have a Big Shot? If so, will you be bringing it? I’m bringing my dies, so there will be plenty of cutting opportunities. I’ll also bring my ‘Bug.
    Love and hugs, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  12. Wow, Margaret, I’m really impressed with your new website! The animated appearance of the photos is so cool! Lovely scenery – I would really enjoy The Isle of Mull too, I can tell!. Did you really go camping by yourself afterwards? So brave – you never seize to amaze me! I once went on holiday to Greece by myself when I was in my 20’s but I don’t think I could pluck up the courage to do it again! I’ve missed a few WOYWWs too, and it’s so nice to be back! I wish I could make the crop, but it’s just too far for me to travel. I do look forward to seeing all the photos though, so make sure you take lots! Have fun! zsuzsa #24

  13. Oh Wow, I’ve never seen a blog like this before, love the photos, a crafty friend from Australian has just been touring around there too.
    Sorry to miss the crop, it would be lovely to meet so many deskers but a bit far to travel but I’m sure someone will post photos of you all.
    Have a great week
    Jan no 22

  14. Happy WOYWW. Your holiday sounds and looks fantastic. Never been to that part of the UK, and I know that I would love it. Your new website is very fancy – love the colours – but the moving around comments etc did make me dizzy (I get dizzy very easily). So sad that yet again I cannot get to the Crop. North Wales is just too difficult to get to from the SW without driving, and it would be at least 5 hours – too far for me to cope with, and hubby is busy. Ali x #22

  15. What beautiful photos! I would love to spend some time on that island, surrounded by all that medieval history! And that sunset was spectacular! I love how neatly your desk is laid out – all ready for some fun! Have a great time at the crop, and a great week as well! Lindart #30

  16. Hi Margaret, Lucky you going to The Isle of Mull and then on to the Lake District.

    Your work area looks nice and organised.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #7

  17. What beautiful photos of beautiful places. Love the organisation of your desk. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Caro x (#35)

  18. Wow – all singing all dancing today Margaret – I love the new site – clever Kevin! Such beautiful photos of you wonderful break. xx Jo

  19. Hi Margaret, wow what a fancy blog! All the moving posts confused me at first, but I’ll soon get used to it. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Crop. Thanks for the suggestions on where to stay. I will know next Monday if we are staying overnight or driving back home. It’s not too far for us. Have a lovely week Heather #11

  20. Hello Margaret! Your new blog looks very swish – what is turning off? Do I need to worry? (Not much I can do in two days I guess!! Photos of Mull are stunning, must have been lovely. Thank you for your earlier visit, I’m way behind as I had some visitors today. Happy Wednesday, Cindy #23

  21. Hi Margaret – your new blog is great – a lot brighter and nice big pictures too. How tremendous to have such an obliging friend to do it for you! I have to agree with several others that they way they zoom into focus makes me feel a tad seasick though! I’m so glad you were able to get away for such a fantastic holiday. Mull is so gorgeous, especially when the weather is good. Your desk looks so tidy with everything lined up like that. Mine’s such a tip at the moment and I need to spend about a week up there, sorting out all the mess. Thank you for your lovely comment and I agree, I am very busy at the moment, and I could do with a quieter period for a while. I shall be shattered next week, but it will be worth it. The conference is going to be very good, I think. I am feeling pretty well at the moment but am pretty sure that my hernia has come back, which is a huge bore – awaiting CT scan to make sure.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #37

  22. Welcome back! Love you new site! What a wonderful trip you must have had! Gorgeous photos. I am glad you have a good tech friend. I have to wait till Christmas for my techsie family to come. Thanks for the peek at your great space with the sunlight coming down from your new window., I am surmising. Thank you for your visit. #33

  23. I am so jealous of your trip to the Isle of Mull. It looks absolutely stunning!

    Your table is so neat and organised waiting for you too 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Carmen x #39

  24. HI Margaret, this is interesting ( the movement your blog has now) I have not seen that before. Love the photos from the trip a lot 🙂 thanks for sharing, ~Stacy #38

  25. wow! fancy new blog! Love all the movement of the photos. Besides that, your photos are great and I love your desk this week. Have a great rest of the week.

  26. Fancy blog. Love the photos, so many places in the world I want to see. Your craft space looks nice and busy. Have a great day and thanks for the visit!
    Angie #28

  27. Your website is marvellous Margaret.. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time away, those weeks flew by. Sorry I can not make it to the crop as much as it would be a welcomed break with this upcoming Kitchen Chaos, i’m looking forward to seeing what you all get up too.
    Happy WOYWW and so sorry i’m late to visit.
    Creative Hugs Tracey #8 xx

  28. Oh wow, I love those photos… is it the ‘even in Holland famous ‘Mull of Kintyre”? It looks fabulous overthere…! After painting (the lilac case) my beloved and I spend some quality time last week going for walks and such so I’m pretty late with my visit, it’s almost weekend already! Enjoy, enjoy. Love from the Netherlands. Marit #20

  29. ooh very posh site and how lovely for him to move everything across too.
    Your holiday photos look lovely and I look forward to seeing photos from the crop too (sadly cannot make it).

  30. Margaret! What a lovely new landing page and beautiful scenic trip you took us on. So happy for you. The place looks lovely. Thanks for the visit! Hugs & Creative Blessings! Kelly #27

  31. Hi just a further comment following this morning’s phone call, the word in the menu bar at the top are barely visible, probably need to be a different colour, or much darker mauve.

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