Hello my friends. I trust this finds you well and enjoying your creativity. It’s early Wednesday morning here on the North Wales coast, it’s sunny, I already have windows wide open, and so can hear the birds out over the field opposite. A lovely day to greet my friends from WOYWW. My desk has seen absolutely no action this week apart from being used as a bit of a dumping ground – why? After all the frenetic card making last week? I’ve been making Roman Blinds for some friends at church – they are done. The most glorious sheep covered fabric – they are delivered, but not yet fitted in order to have a photograph (sorry!). I discovered they are not so hard to make, and although they took me a couple of days (I’m sure Annie would have run them up in her coffee break), I have had a lot of fun doing them. So my desk his week looks fairly abandoned…

The yellow pieces of card are all pictures drawn by the children in Uganda to thank you all for your support of them – bags, dolls, teddies, squares for blankets, wool, a really generous donation from last year’s crop. Thank you! The blue and white handmade pot is a personal thank you from the team for enabling them, collecting everything, helping them actually get out there. Beyond that is my paper pile on which I lean when stamping, and last week’s card making efforts which I must write and get sent off. And that’s it!

So, as the recipients of said cards don’t read this… here they are…

A mixture of birthday, anniversary, men and lady cards, and a real mix of fancy die cuts, photos, and decoupage.

The Uganda team had a fantastic time, and have brought back for me just a few photos (so far)… the children receiving their Bibles in a bag. So many folk have given generously of their time, energy, and fabric stash this year and made dolls, blankets, bags, teddies…. that I already have almost sufficient bags for next year! But here are a few smiling faces …

As you can see, the classroom is basic – BUT – it has a proper concrete floor, and proper brick walls – due in no small measure to your help over the years. Your help has provided them with a kitchen area and so they receive breakfast of a porridge on arrival each day, and a meal mid-day. The fact that these children have received their bag and Bible means they have learned to read and write sufficiently well to be able to use it and read it by themselves – for so many in the world that means so little – but for these youngsters it means they are a step nearer to achieving their dreams. Thank you!

I will be missing for the next three weeks. A couple of reasons. I am spending time with my family on the Isle of Mull. We are all travelling up to a rather large house, and spending a week there. Never been before, so I’m looking forward to potential visits to Iona, Staffa and a sailing experience like I have never had in my life! As an aside – I do have to ask what the schools teach youngsters these days! My mobile phone is used almost exclusively for texts – I don’t spend hours on a tiny screen watching films, going on the internet or anything, so when I got it the company turned off my data (??). However, because one of my friends is seriously ill I want to keep up with them whilst away – by email – so yesterday I popped into the local mobile place and asked if they could turn on the data so I could get emails when I was on Mull. The, very pleasant and helpful, young man said “Are you staying in Britain?” “Yes”, says I, somewhat mystified, “I’m going to Mull”. “But where’s that?” he asks. I could not believe he had no idea of our own set of islands! Even when I told him it was an island off Scotland he still persisted in asking if it was Britain or was I going abroad!!!

The second reason I will be missing for a while is that I use Serif for this site – and the blog will cease working at the end of August (something to do with smart objects and google???) – so a friend from church has spent hours transferring all this info, all your comments over the past years, etc., onto a new look, new company, site. Not sure yet what it is going to look like – but I’ll be back, even if the whole site isn’t fully functional, the blog will be – it might mean that the web address has to change a little – but I hope not. Watch this space, as they say – or the new space!

So that’s me this week folks. Take care – enjoy the summer. God bless.


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  1. Hope you have a fabulous time on Mull. I’ve never visited any of the “pretty” bits of Scotland, so I am jealous. They don’t seem to teach geography properly at all … hey ho. Glad that the bags and goodies for Uganda are being well received. Helen #1 – see you on the new look site later this month then!!

  2. Morning Margaret, what fabulous pictures of the children in Uganda receiving their gifts. I do hope you have a peaceful, restful break with the family and that the blog/website transfer goes well. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #19

  3. Morning missus, are you off on your hols already, thought it was a couple of weeks to go. Have a fab time, love to all the family, and those cards are all super, as usual! Bless you, Chris #9

  4. Hi Margaret, firstly, have a wonderful holiday, not been to Scotland for many years now. I am not at all surprised by that lad not knowing where Mull was- education today does not seem to include basic General Knowledge, that was a big part of ours. So wonderful to hear how all the fund raising you do, and all the work you put in, gives these children some help to a brighter future. I’m pretty sure there are many children all over the world, that would never believe that so many kids in the ‘developed’ world, treat education with disdain. Look forward to seeing the new site, and catching up when you come back. Love and hugs to you, Shaz ( & Doug) XxXx

  5. Have a fabulous holiday Margaret, how lovely to be spending time with family. I hope the weather will be kind to you up there it can be at times a wee bit windy.. Wonderful photographs, so heart warming to see those happy faces receiving such precious gifts. Fingers crossed you can still access your blog when the changes come in, we will find you if not, you can not get away from us that easily.. Take good care & enjoy your down time. Happy WOYWW hugs Tracey #3

  6. Hi dear sweet sis, Yes geography is sadly lacking these days.. not just in UK but here too. Great to see children with their bibles and bags and really nicely dressed too, with meals served each day, it must be such blessing to them all! prayer hugs for travelling mercies and a great time, Shaz.xxxxxxx

  7. Wonderful photos, Margaret! Enjoy Mull – we have friends who run a B&B there 🙂 A very happy WOYWW to you! Claire no.6

  8. Well, first of all enjoy your time in Mull. I believe it is beautiful up there – should be very peaceful. Lovely to see all those children and I love the gifts they have made for those who have helped in so many ways. To be honest I thought you were going to be missing this week so it was a lovely bonus to see you here. Just hope you can be up and running in some new format come September. Take care, enjoy God Bless, Neet 4 xx

  9. I have made quite a few roman blinds they are great as economical with fabric. I absolutely love Mull – so jealous! Karen 26

  10. WOW quite a busy post! Safe travels and enjoy your holiday! Will you be bring along some art/craft supplies? Do have fun whatever you do! And best of luck with your new site! Jackie xx

  11. Your cards are beautiful, what a lovely selection to suit everyone – I love the 3D butterfly one, what a spectacular display those butterflies make, and the one with the rose jumped out at me too, what a fabulous stamp. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and enjoy your sailing trip, don’t forget to pack your sea legs!! Diana xx #21

  12. Enjoy your time away. Lovely lot of cards you’ve shown. Thanks for sharing. Sounds as if the Uganda project was a big success. Thanks for sharing – Hazel, WOYWW #15 x

  13. Have a great summer time with your family and good luck with the transition to your new site! Happy WOYWW xox Cheetarah #30

  14. Seeing the photos of the kids with their bags really brings it home about how wonderful a job you and the church are doing – I’m happy to have been just a small part of it. Hope you have a wonderful time on Mull, I’m very envious, that’s a part of the UK that is on my list to visit. It made me laugh that the lad didn’t know where it is though it is a bit sad too….. I hope that we don’t lose you in the blog switchover though! Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  15. Hi Margaret, lovely post and pictures on the children in Uganda. I hope you have a lovely time with your family. I did a similar thing in Cornwall last year, rented a big farmhouse for us all and had a wonderful week, with some quality time with both my daughters and their families. Have a lovely week Heather x #34

  16. I hope you have a most wonderful visit!! Love the photos of the kids getting their Bibles and such! And hope your next “space” works great! God bless! Carol N #29

  17. Hope your holiday is full of happiness. Great photos and hope the blog changes go well too. Have a great woyww and a lovely crafty week, Angela x17x

  18. Hi, Margaret. Goodness, you’ve been quite busy! The cards are beautiful and photos of children are lovely. Hope you have a nice visit with family (and sailing)! Happy WOYWW! Julie {#32}

  19. Your holiday sounds like it’s going to be amazing. I’d love to go somewhere like that – The furthest up I’ve been is Drumnadrochit. I hope your blog transfer all goes smoothly and pain free for you. Have a lovely week, Carmen x #35

  20. Happy Belated WOYWW. Roman blinds! They sound complicated. I would be terrified I would get the measurements wrong. Thank you for sharing photos of the wonderful scenes in Africa. It is truly glorious that we can help others so far away. Have a wonderful time in Mull. Another part of the UK that I have always wanted to visit. Hope you get some bright weather. Ali x #7

  21. Thinking of you with all your family around you and enjoying the Islands. Take care and God Bless Christine #22

  22. Hello Margaret. I have not joined in this week as DH and I have been looking after our grandsons Tues- Fri. Just wanted to say have a super holiday! I’ve not been to Mull- but do know where it is 🙂 Have a lovely time. Anne x

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