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Hello my friends. I really want to apologise for hardly visiting anyone last week. Life took a turn I both was, and wasn’t expecting – and I found myself rather thrown! Those of you who came to the crop last year will remember Marian who popped in at lunchtime to thank you all for your generosity. She has been one of my greatest friends since I first met her in the early 1990s. When John died she was the one who came with me to register his death, and came with me to a craft show – completely out of her comfort zone! In March this year she was diagnosed with cancer and within a month was told it had spread too far for any treatment. She knew she was facing the end of her life on earth. I have never seen anyone face death with such quiet certainty and with such hope of Life Eternal in Jesus – it was beautiful to behold. Last Wednesday as I prepared to come visiting I learned she had significantly deteriorated that day. Whilst on the Welsh Highland Railway on Thursday I received the word that she had gone as an inpatient to the local hospice – how fortunate we are here to have this facility right on our doorstep. On Friday evening I learned she had died. You can probably imagine the sadness in church on Sunday – we completely re-wrote the service, allowing people to weep, to ask their questions, to give glory to God as we spoke of Marian and her life. An amazing time with God!! So it all meant I simply didn’t find the energy, or actually much time, to come visiting – sorry.

I have hardly touched my desk all week – I’m sure the heat hasn’t helped, as my house hasn’t dropped below 23 degrees in over a week now – day or night! However – here is the said desk:

Almost the only difference is the fact that I have taken the photo from the other end! But – I have finished the wedding card and a couple of other cards today – so not completely unused! Piles of paper and card, some ready cut images Shaz Silverwolf gave me – still going through them, Shaz! – box of sticky risers – or whatever their name really is – glues, DST, fairly dead baby wipe, peel-offs, scissors, etc. An empty cutting mat means the three cards are finished, and behind the corner cutter is hiding a list of cards I must make before I go away in August. Seemingly most of my family and friends have birthdays or anniversaries in the next two months!

So, if you can bear to peek at a few more images…

The completed wedding card – Brambly Hedge stamped images, heat embossed then water-coloured and diecut. Used the matching CD to print off the banner and the backing papers, then cut loads of leafy swirls. A bit of silver ribbon, lettering and – voila – an easel card.

I have received three more ATCs – and they are lovely. Thank you so much to Christine:

To Kelly:

And to Nikki C:

PLEASE – if anyone has sent me an ATC this year and not received one in return…. let me know! Don’t sit there and think “what an old meanie” – It hasn’t been done on purpose!!!

So last Thursday , on the hottest day of the year, I headed off on the Welsh Highland Railway with two lovely friends. The trains takes two hours to travel from Caernarfon down through the mountains to Porthmadog – yes, the Porthmadog which has consistently been the hottest place in the UK! Fortunately, because we all had to get back, we only had half an hour there in that lovely little Welsh town. But never fear, I’ll do the run again and stay longer! Oh the blessing of a resident’s pass which means I travel for only a third of the regular cost! The day was glorious – and the views spectacular. Cloudless deep blue skies meant we saw all the tops. Wonderful!


At three and a half thousand feet – the highest peak in Wales – showing off its beauty!

The river estuary at Porthmadog – even got the horizon line fairly level!!

Our gallant little engine which was singing the children’s song, “I can do it” up the pull and then all down hill from just before Beddgelert, and then did the opposite journey in reverse!

My childhood holidays were taken on the North Wales coast so my mum could visit her family. Coach trips out invariably took us past this mountain – famous because of its shape… Any guesses?

Yes, elephant mountain! It was such a beautiful day, a good time with friends catching up as they prepare to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, glorious views everywhere we looked, sun, friendship, meeting strangers on the train. Brilliant.

So that’s it folks. That has been my week. A complete mix of emotions, as you can guess, but as a Christian, I know that Marian is now safe in God’s arms – free from cancer, pain and suffering. I praise Him for that fact!

Take care. God bless you.


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    So late with my desk visiting this week. I am so glad your faith has brought so much comfort to you on the loss of your dear friend. We are firm believers that He moves in mysterious ways – sometimes it takes a while to realise why things happen but out of the blue it comes to you that there was a reason and it is a blessing. Thinking of you – what a lovely adventure you had on that glorious day – for every negative there is a positive. God bless. xx Jo
    Sun, 08 Jul 2018 13:55:50

    So sad to hear about your friend’s passing, Margaret. It sounds like she was deeply loved and will be missed by the local community and I know she has a special place in your heart too. It’s always hard for the people left behind. The finished card looks lovely as do the ATCs – it’s nice to see them still arriving! The train trip must have been amazing – good weather for it too – if only a bit too hot, but if it was raining we would be complaining about that. Thank you for your thoughtful email. Best wishes, zsuzsa #26 xx
    Fri, 06 Jul 2018 10:59:02

    So sorry to hear of the passing of your friend but how lovely that she faced her passing in the way that she did. In God’s hands indeed. Well Margaret, you certainly got the views on your trip. What a wonderful day it must have been. I thought it might have been a little cooler for you at the coast. It has been horrid today as the wind has changed direction and the smell of the fire at Winter Hill is awful. Not good for me and my breathing. Mind you I do not have to try to fight it like those brave firefighters who need all our prayers now – and rain – just on Winter Hill please – buckets of it. Hugs, Neet 6 xx
    Thu, 05 Jul 2018 22:17:47

    Dorlene Durham
    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer is so horrible. She sounds like a wonderful person and will be missed. Big hugs to you! Dorlene #40
    Thu, 05 Jul 2018 22:16:59

    Ali Wade
    Happy Belated WOYWW and thanks for your earlier visit. I am so sorry to hear about your dear friend, Marian. It must be very comforting to be part of such a close and supportive community. I have never been at all religious, but in the past few years have felt myself drawn to joining a local church (or chapel). Part of getting older and fearing being alone, I suppose? My issue is that I read the Bible and struggle so much with the violence. Lovely wedding card. I also have lots of family/friends birthdays in the coming months, and will be starting my Christmas crafting this month too. Need more hours in the day! Ali x #27
    Thu, 05 Jul 2018 20:22:50

    Hugs on the passing of your friend. Marian will be missed but she was here on Earth when you needed her most. To have such a friend is a treasure. Love the travel pics. I so wish I were brave enough to travel abroad. So many places I’d love to see. Alas, age, expense, health, political unrest just kind of take the fun out of such an adventure.I will live vicariously through photos of my friends. Creative Blessings on your week! Kelly #29
    Thu, 05 Jul 2018 15:10:48

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, it sounds like you gave her a good send off, and she is in a happier place. I know your friend will live long in your memories. You certainly have been busy, and you have a busy desk as well! I love the easel card, perfect for a wedding card! Thanks for your visit, have a great week, Lindart #41
    Thu, 05 Jul 2018 14:58:34

    Sorry Margaret – so taken up by the contents of your post that I completely forgot to thank you for your visit and your lovely comment on my blog! What a beautiful way to look at the return of my precious little book! It was such an amazing thing to happen. Thank you for the idea for using a mug tree for my tapes – as soon as I saw the one at the fete, I knew what I would use it for! Shoshi x
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 23:08:19

    Margaret, I am so sorry to hear of the death of your friend Marian, but as the Bible says we are not to sorrow as the world does because we know she’s gone to a better place. It’s a bitter sweet experience for us as Christians, I think. What a wonderful thing to do, to make the whole Sunday service an opportunity for the whole church community to mourn her passing and to celebrate her victory in Jesus. I thank God that He has delivered me from my cancer. There’s no rhyme nor reason in this, in our limited vision – why did I survive, and Marian did not? Her passing must have brought back so many emotions from the time of John’s death too. I am so sorry. Beautiful pictures of beautiful Wales! Thanks for sharing. It’s always nice to see where people live, and to enjoy with them their beautiful surroundings. Praying for you in your loss. God bless you, and as happy a WOYWW as possible under the circmstances, Shoshi x #28
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 23:05:35

    Heather Marshall
    Hi Margaret, sorry to hear your sad news about your friend Marian, a small comfort to know she is now free from pain. Your photos show some lovely views. I do love Wales, my father was from Cardiff and all my childhood holidays were spent in various parts of Wales. I love the Brambly Hedge images, too cute for words! Thanks for stopping by earlier- I hope you manage to keep your desk space free so you don’t end up crafting on the floor! Have a lovely week Heather x #9
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 22:08:30

    Dear Margaret I do remember your friend Marian.She seemed a lovely lady. So sorry for your loss. The wedding card is lovely. Have had many holidays in beautiful Wales and have been to ( including climbing up to top of Snowdon) / seen all the places you mentioned, except for Elephant Mt – not sure how I missed that! I hope you have a happier week with time yo recharge your batteries. Anne x #11
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 21:06:08

    Dear Margaret I do remember your friend Marian.She seemed a lovely lady. So sorry for your loss. The wedding card is lovely. Have had many holidays in beautiful Wales and have been to ( including climbing up to top of Snowdon) / seen all the places you mentioned, except for Elephant Mt – not sure how I missed that! I hope you have a happier week with time yo recharge your batteries. Anne x #11
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 21:05:40

    Hi Margaret, so sorry to hear off Marion’s passing. She will be much missed by all who knew her. I can quite understand that you’ve not felt much like crafting and the heat is no help either. Beautiful ATCs received and equally beautiful cards made. Hope the coming week is a better one for you. Hugs, Elizabeth x #32
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 18:16:57

    Carol N
    So sad to hear of your friend Marian. Glad to know she’s enjoying Jesus! Always hard whether family or friend. Great ATCs! And fun seeing photos of scenery and fun times. Hope you get some cooler temps. Southern Arizona USA is very hot, too, with no rain in sight for another week. Ugh. Have a great week! Carol N #33
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 17:24:48

    So sorry to hear about Marian. I know you will miss your friend but how reassuring to know that she is celebrating with Jesus now and you will see her one day again in Glory. God bless my friend. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#38)
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 17:03:31

    So sorry for your loss. But, what a comfort knowing she is with our Lord and Savior. Those are some great ATCs. Lovely photos you are sharing today. Thanks for posting, even when your heart aches. #36
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 17:01:32

    You have my deepest sympathy on the loss of your good friend. We lost one of ours on Friday. To young and one of the best Lynn xx
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 16:15:54

    Hi Margaret, great post today. Sorry to hear about the loss of such a loved friend but I’m sure it is comforting that so many people were there to remember her. Have a lovely woyww, Angela x10x
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 15:50:58

    Margaret ((( HUGS ))) I am so sorry for your loss. That is really great that your community was able to start grieving together too. Love the wedding card! ~Stacy #36
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 15:25:02

    Arnoldo L. Romero
    May the peace of the Lord be with you, as you celebrate the meeting of Marian with our Creator.
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 13:42:07

    What a beautiful post Margaret. You describe the ups and downs of life so beautifully. Death is the one thing in life we can be sure of but when it’s someone as special as Marion she will have touched the lives of so many people that she will have left many gaps. I’m sure you all have many happy memories to focus on and that will help you all through the weeks ahead of you. Sending you lots of love and hugs, Annie x #13
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 10:51:54

    Hi Margaret, lovely views of your scenery. I haven’t been to Caernarfon for many, many years. My ex husbands Mom used to have a static caravan on a site down there- must be 40 odd years ago now. So sad to hear about your friend, but I agree, she is free from pain and suffering, which is to be grateful for. We too have many, many birthdays from mid July to mid August- a whole pride of Lions here, lol. Funny story, my poor DIL was quite stressed about the fact that me, Doug AND her Hubby are all Leos, and once said, ‘I’m not having Leo kids!’ I laughingly said to her, ‘Your first baby will be a boy & a Leo. ‘ No way, she says. Then when she realised she was most likely pregnant, I paused for a moment, did the maths, and laughed like a drain. She asked why I was laughing, and told her what I’d worked out. It would be a Leo. She wasn’t a happy bunny, lol. Then when they gave her a date for her caesarian- a back injury- it was past the dates for a Leo, so she was chuffed, I just insisted he’d be a Leo. Then, ONE Day before the cut off, my Son phoned on the evening and asked if we could run them down to the hospital, as Becks waters had broken. We got there, and she walked out of the door, looked at me and said ‘ Do NOT say a word’. Mortimer was born the following morning on the last day for Leos. She swears to this day I cursed her with that. We do laugh about it now though. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #2 XxX
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 10:37:21

    Diana Taylor
    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, what sad news. It sounds like she made quite an impact on people’s lives and it’s good you can celebrate such a special person. I love the pictures of the Welsh scenery, such a stunning place. Hope you have a good week, Diana x #24
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 10:11:13

    So sorry for your loss Margaret. I enjoyed the photos of your trip, I even think I sat in that train with my son when he was four or five years old… just to take a picture I think as I can’t remember we took a ride. I DO remember the beauty of Wales though! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland! Marit #22
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 10:07:23

    I’m so so sorry to hear about your dear friend. At least she is at peace and you were lucky to have such a wonderful friend in your life. Lovely projects! Ellie #14
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 09:47:29

    Gorgeous wedding card. Sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend, Marian, but so glad to know that she was sure of her eternal destiny and is now free of all suffering. God bless. Thanks for sharing – Hazel WOYWW #15 x
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 09:37:21

    Praise God for a Blessed life returned to Him in glory. You are bound to miss her physical presence here but you will meet again….. this is the Assurance. What a beautiful railway run. It has been 35 C here and is in the 30’s most days, don’t care what the weatherman says about the hottest place! I have photos to prove it, always check the ‘outside in the shade’temp before I go out to feed the chooks. Have a crafty good week Christine #20
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 09:09:40

    My word Margaret, you’ve been e periencing extremes of emotion, take some time to ease yourself and find balance wont you girly. Am so sorry to read of Marian’s death….my word it is such a pernicious disease. I know you and your community will miss her horribly, am so glad that you have faith and joyful memories to keep company with her memory. The railway journey looks marvellous. I couldn’t see the elephant until you said it. Now of course, it’s ridiculously obvious!!
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 08:34:15

    Morning Margaret, that wedding card is beautiful, well done. Beautiful pics of Snowdonia, miss it, but not as much as you will miss Marian, she leaves a massive hole in the world and in so many lives, bless you Chris #8
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 07:23:15

    So sad to hear of your friend, she sounded like a wonderful woman full of heart for others. How lucky you were to have known her. I love Wales, been all over so many times to recall. My 40th was celebrated with the family in North Wales, so many Happy memories a beautiful country right on my doorstep. Enjoy the day & Thank you for sharing WOYWW. Tracey #5
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 07:09:37

    Bleubeard and Elizabeth
    How sad, and yet you seem to have turned the sadness into a celebration. Still, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Happy WOYWW from #1.
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 07:03:51

    As you know I didn’t get to the crop so didn’t meet Marian, but am so sorry for the loss of your dear, good friend. She sounds quite a lady. Loved the photos – never been to Wales (well through it very speedily on a coach onthe way to Dublin) and glad the extreme heat didn’t put you off. Love the desk!! Helen #3 (would have been 1 but we were all 3 posting at once)
    Wed, 04 Jul 2018 06:38:58

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