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Hello my friends. Away again last week – but what a precious time I had being pampered by my family – and it turned out, by my friends! Spoiled rotten, I had almost forgotten how to make a cup of tea by the time I got home! Seeing the whole of my family is always special as they live the other side of Britain – so plenty of driving to be done, and visits to wallpaper shops (need to do the lounge) and craft shops became a real treat for us all – along with the required trips to tea and coffee places!!! The week finished with a meet-up with Chris and Adrian (Mr & Mrs D). They continue to make their way slowly across the canal system toward their new home – it has all taken a frustratingly long time, but it seems the end of the house purchase is almost within grasp. Currently they are in Derbyshire, and will quite possibly cross into Nottinghamshire today. Every few days they stop, catch up with friends in the Boaters Christian Fellowship,meet new folks on the canal, do some shopping, or generally have a lazy day. They will soon be in the right place!! Watch this space, as they say.

So, my desk today shows a complete contrast from one end to the other. I-spy two pairs of specs, two pairs of scissors, hand cream, sweets, an empty cutting mat, DST on the glass mat, a pile of little tag shaped packs waiting to be coloured in – and that’s on the tidy side! On the rather more cluttered (polite word!) side is a pile of cards waiting to be photographed before going to the hotel, large white basket with diary and church notice sheet info, large blue folder which means, yes, it’s my turn to lead worship on Sunday, lead for re-charging the phone (it was about to die!) and my early morning cuppa. The image on the computer is the one from my visit to Bodnant Gardens on Good Friday. Under the desk is my knitting pattern folder, and some boxes ready for a craft stall I have been asked to partake in. Nothing in them yet as I can’t think as far as June!! I’m having enough trouble sorting out one day at a time!

So that’s me this week folks. I’ll be around to visit after I have done the shopping and sorted the soup for Step Inside.

Take care my friends. God bless.


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Hello my friends. Not doing too well this year, am I? Missing again last week – but here today. I’m writing this on Tuesday evening as the sun is setting – well, as it’s getting darker, I assume the sun is setting – somewhere! My landing desk space has seen absolutely no action this past fortnight – what little action has actually taken place is on the dining table. 10 bags now finished, lots more have been given out for others to sew – brilliant!

10 bags ready to be filled with their Bibles for the children in Uganda.

I decided to get out and about a little this past fortnight – the weather was completely crazy, but when it was dry, off I went. The Welsh Highland Railway runs from Caernarfon down to Porthmadog – a glorious 2 hour run pulled by a steam engine. This was taken almost as we were about to set off home. I reckon the driver was showing off somewhat – exhibiting loads of steam!!!

The journey South had been great, but low cloud had obscured all the tops of the mountains. However, on the run back North – suddenly, and only for about two minutes – the cloud base moved. The top of Snowdon – not as much snow as I expected, and the view was interesting(!) as I had to take this through the carriage window, hence the reflections!

Good Friday morning found me in church singing with the worship group, but then in the afternoon three of us went to Bodnant Gardens – a National Trust garden on the side of a hill here in North Wales.

The plants were definitely doing their best to imagine Spring is on the way!

I was thrilled with this bud – although the actual photo is slightly out of focus – oops! Must have moved as I pressed the shutter. May be an azalea bud? Just so soft and velvety. Beautiful.

But the real reason for going to Bodnant on a freezing cold March Day are the daffodil meadows. As you can see, many are not even out yet! Lots of gaps – usually wall to wall flowers here… It has been far too cold for them – even on this somewhat sheltered hillside.

So I’m afraid that’s me this week folks. Not too much artycraftystuff going on at the moment. I’ll do my best to get around everyone in the next couple of days. I’ll link up in the morning and then go shop for Step Inside and make the soup! I will be missing again next week. I’m having a week with my daughters and the families – a late Easter.

Take care everyone. God bless.


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