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Hello my friends. I do trust this finds you well, and coping in this cold spell. I have to admit the weather forecasts and news items make me laugh! 4inches of snow – at the most – and we grind to a halt. Schools close, railways don’t run, chaos reigns, accidents happen… However do folk manage in places like Switzerland, Austria, Central America??? However – enough… You are here to see what I have been up to this past week with my artycraftystuff! Well, the answer is – a mixed bag!


I went over to Cheshire and saw Mr and Mrs D. Here they are beside “Essence” their lovely canal boat. At last they felt they could go back to it and set off across country. They are currently holed up somewhere out of the wind, and hopefully aren’t too frozen!

When I got home I finished a blanket… Made of all the scraps of yarn left over after making other blankets for Uganda, I decided to empty my scraps box…

Quite a rainbow! but I’m pleased with it – it will help someone there in Uganda.

Saturday came, and the sun shone! Far too beautiful to stay indoors – so off I went into the mountains. It was bitterly cold, although most of the snow had gone, except on the tops. But the views were spectacular. Unfortunately, most of my photos of the day were pretty awful, but I managed a couple of decent ones…

Driving down the road I came across this scene – the water was pouring off the mountainside, but was freezing as it came out of the ground. Glorious! Lunch out, a visit – inevitably – to a couple of craft stores – then home to actually do some crafting…

A Pollyanna Pickering image for a birthday card.

Another birthday card with a Pollyanna Pickering image – they are rather gorgeous creatures, aren’t they?

A bit of fun with one of my own photos

And a bit of fun with brushos. Thought I’d just see what happened trying something newish… then kept playing until I was a happy bunny!

Not sure what happened to the other photos I was expecting to show… but there you go… enough to look at anyway. So, that’s my variety of desks this week folks – Mrs D’s boat, the countryside, the settee and the desk proper. Sorry I didn’t get around everyone last week – it was a tad manic! I didn’t even have the excuse that I was leading worship – just did a spot of door duty. I’ll try to get around this week. Thursday is Dydd Dewi Sant – St David’s Day – so I’ve made the cawl (a Welsh broth – pronounced cowl to rhyme with owl) this Tuesday afternoon in order for it to sit and the flavours all meld together before Step Inside. Yum – roll on Thursday!!! Hope there is some left for the helpers!

Take care everyone. God bless.


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Hello my friends. I trust this finds you well and – if you are here in Britain – enjoying the sun! I have had quite a week – so only the one photo this time. I haven’t been working at my desk on the landing, although I need to get there, as it is a grandson’s birthday soon so a card is needed, and I have a commission for a leaving card. But, I have re-organised the dining room so I can work there. Yes, it’s that time of year when I need to cut out 100 bag fronts, 100 linings, and 100 straps! Done 90 fronts and 30 straps so far… so slowly getting there.

So now there are lots of scraps on the floor; it needs hoovering, more bits need cutting out, and at some point it would be nice to sit at the table again for a meal… but there we go – my workdesk this week!

I will be around to visit this week – but it may not be until sometime on Thursday. Tomorrow I am driving into Cheshire – I’m off to visit Mr and Mrs D, carrying a huge pile of their mail, to help launch them into the next season of their life! Yes!!! They moved back onto the boat today. Their plan is to cruise slowly (Mr D’s word!) across country, heading East, hoping that by the time they arrive there, a completion will be about to take place on their new house purchase! I certainly hope so for their sake – it must seem a long time since they last saw their own settee!

So there we are this week folks. Not much to report at all.

Take care. God bless.


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WOYWW454 – rather photo heavy!

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Hello my friends. I do trust this finds you well today. I’m struggling to believe we are already halfway through February! Where are the days going?  I have to confess there is absolutely nothing on my desk thus week… so consequently, no desk view. However, there are lots of pictures from my week away.. So, without further ado…

A few days down with LLJ resulted in sides groaning from so much laughter, and lots of cards for her WI.

We had a visit from Ali – producing yet more laughter…

We did find time to make some cards… Folk had been so incredibly generous in donating stash – and we set to, using only a tiny proportion of it all, but having great fun! We only used what had been sent, no diving into cupboards and drawers to see what else we had available!!

From Jan’s I travelled down to my daughter’s home for the baptism by immersion of one of my grand children. An incredible day – and just as wet outside the pool as in!!

Whilst there, my daughter’s MIL handed me another bag filled with a cardigan she had knitted for Uganda,

and two gorgeous children’s blankets she had crocheted. When Mrs D was sorting her home she handed me a whole lot of yarn specially for blankets… so Sue made really good use of some of it!

After a fantastic time away I came home ready to deliver all the cards I had made to the local hotel…

So my desk at home may yet be empty, but I’m sure I shall soon launch in to making something else…

I will be around to visit folk just as soon as I have prepared the worship for Sunday morning – yep… my turn again already!!

Take care my friends. God bless.


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