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Hello my friends. Has anyone ever told you that you are wonderful? Within minutes of my linking up to Julia last week I was receiving emails asking to send a card to Mrs D. Sarah even said she would like to visit Chris! She did, too, and Chris said what a lovely time they had together. It really cheered her. Thank you all! Cards have been arriving, and I’m getting them to Chris. She is still in Royal Stoke on Trent University Hospital, has moved bedrooms three times so far, is thoroughly fed up, is recovering in some respects, but has gone down with an infection which isn’t helping! Oh dear, she really is in the wars. I visited her again on Sunday after driving all the way to Rugby to visit my dad, then returning to North Wales via the hospital. I took her some stamps and inks, and we played for a couple of hours, trying out Chris’s new Stamping platform. Chris and Adrian don’t know when Chris will be discharged – the Dr is happy when the physio is happy, and the hospital is happy so long as they have a Doctor’s address to which to send all the details of the accident, treatment, etc. Until all that is in place… they stay put.

In the times between dashing up and down Britain I have been having a card fest! As I was sitting with Chris and Adrian last week and Chris was saying how she couldn’t do any crafting and would need to buy their Christmas cards this year, it dawned on me that after John died last year God had spoken very specifically about this next season in my life. He wanted me to use my art and craft skills to bless others… What better way to bless Adrian and Chris than to make their cards for them? I offered, and the offer was gratefully received. Chris had the stamp she wanted to use on the boat, so Adrian posted it to me and I got busy…

So, here’s the chaos which is my desk this week – talk about the left shove! I think I have employed left, right, up, down, and the floor!! Two shots – one from either end of my desk – and in answer to someone’s question last week, yes! It’s very long – about 14feet…

So, a very neat pile of finished cards in the centre on the cutting mat – I’d just photographed them – a box with dies I have been using and haven’t yet put away, and various bags of bits, plus the usual clutter of glues, tapes, etc.

And from the other end, a printer on which is piled some boxes and handbags ready made for an order, a basket with some cards for the hotel, piles of papers, boxes of peel-offs – all of which I have been using for Chris’s cards, my to-do list hanging up, inks, brushes and all sorts of bits.

The various bags of bits laying toward the back of the desk are from Chris’s Christmas box. She told me to see what was there – so I boldly went where few others have been before. What fun!!! I’ve been hauling pieces out, putting them together, and generally using anything I can find in order to make all the cards needed (between 80 and 90 – NOT that I’m that far yet! I’ve got 33 for her so far!)

So a few examples of what I have been playing with! This is the gorgeous stamp Chris wanted to use this year…

There in the box of goodies was a kit… so I played, and came up with four cards on a theme. Here’s one to give an idea…

Chris must have stamped this one when playing at my house – because it is my stamp…

So, still not bored here on the North Wales coastline – greatly looking forward to meeting so many of you at the crop in a few week’s time. There’s still time to say you want to come – plenty of room for you – just let Julia know. I shall be doing the shopping tomorrow for Step Inside – but will get to visiting between thinking about jacket potatoes, toasties, salads and cakes!
Take care everyone. God bless.



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Hello my friends.

Well, what a week this has been – nothing like I expected it at all! It all started Friday evening really, when I was asked if I would consider taking a friend’s mother in law back home to Cheltenham. It was my turn to play on Sunday for worship, so I said I would travel down on Sunday afternoon, sleep over and travel back Monday… But before then, I was treating myself to a day out – and look who I found…

Our very own Neet, demo-ing at the Leigh show. It was a good time there – when I eventually got a parking space. Not a huge show, but some different stalls from the NEC and similar. Sorry about the lack of quality – took the photo on my phone!

So, home I went having had a lot of fun at the show. Sunday came, I played as expected, then went out for lunch and set off for Cheltenham. 167 miles – not too far, we thought. Manic traffic, torrential rain, a lovely meal on the motorway and a good night sleep later, meant I was ready to set off home on Monday morning. I decided a small detour on the way home was in order. I called in to see Mrs D! You see, our Mrs D was in trouble… She had been working a lock on the canal – this very one!

Mr D was in the boat down below in the lock. Chris was working the lock gates. She had closed the right one, and crossed that little white bridge in order to close the left one. See that high circular piece of concrete? Well, she fell from there onto the path below! A distance of about 5ft 6inches. Yes, the word is “OUCH”!!!!!!!!!!!! She has damaged one of the vertebrae in her neck – number 3 for the medics among you; broken a bone in her upper arm; severely bruised her under arm down to her elbow; gouged a chunk out of said elbow; and damaged her pelvis. She was in excruciating pain and taken straight to Royal Stoke University Hospital following a 999 call. They have been brilliant. The Canal trust have really looked after Adrian. I’ve texted her today (Tuesday) and she has managed to walk as far as the loo, but needed a chair to get her back to her bed. This was her yesterday (Monday) – and, yes, I do have her permission to show this!


She is feeling very sorry for herself, unable to do very much at all, and is exhausted with the pain. I know you will all wish her well, with a speedy recovery. But IF anyone wants to send her a card or a note please send me an email to margaret(dot)diddanfa(at)gmail(dot)com, and I will send you my postal address. I’m their mailing address whilst they have no house. She has her little computer with her in the hospital and can occasionally get connection, so any good will messages on my blog will get through to her.

So, you see, that has been my unexpected week! Needless to say, not a lot of crafting done. But… my desk in all its glory…

So, some card and wax jars plus a die cut from a gorgeous die , all purchased at the show on Saturday; some glitter glues, tacky glue, a box of peel-offs, reels of tape, scissors, blade, etc. A bit staged so you can see the colours. And today I have been playing with the wax. I bought some Alchemy wax jars by Imagination crafts – and have been having fun getting thoroughly messy!

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Hello my friends. I’m back from a great break in Derbyshire, where I went on some trips down memory lane! Many years ago I trained as a teacher in Matlock in Derbyshire. I lived there for three years, courted John there, went to church there in Matlock Bath, learned, had fun as a student, even learned how to drive whilst there! It was such fun to be back, see how things had changed – even to the extent that my old Hall of Residence is now a block of luxury apartments!! (I assure you it wasn’t luxury anything when we were there! One day I travelled to Dovedale, a glorious valley and river with famous stepping stones across. The last time I went there was before we were married – so about 47 years ago! Somewhat poignant to see a young man go down on bended knee in the middle of the stepping stones and propose to his young lady. When she accepted the crowd burst into applause! I hope they have as long and as good a life together as John and I had.

The stepping stones. I think this was the only time whilst I was there that the stones were empty of tourists! It was a long queue either side of the river most of the time.

Another day I drove a little North to Chesterfield and Staveley and discovered the Pink Frog craft shop. Tucked away in the same complex as Morrisons Supermarket, I think I was expecting a large store – but no – a tiny shop, but with very friendly staff.

So, after 6 lovely days in which I did very little crafting other than try some pergamano patterns and knit a whole 2 rows of my cardigan, I was home. (I did read five books!!) And it hasn’t taken long to mess up that lovely tidy desk! I’ve been playing around with a few Christmas ideas. Some I am happy to repeat, others, I’m not too sure!

So, my desk today looks like this. My cutting mat, some cards I have been trying out, stickles, perfect pearls, a Christmas die, glue, my diary as I was trying to get hold of the gas service man!

These are the ideas I am beginning to think about. Back left – a glorious Christmas die – 6inches square – cut out in a rich blue and stuck onto white card. The sentiment “Jesus – the reason for the season”. Back middle is the same die cut straight out of the card front, then backed with black. A die cut “JOY” stuck onto the side. Back right a new Joanna Sheen Christmas die – but cut up into three scenes and stuck straight onto the card front. Middle left – the same die cut but in white on a red card. I certainly prefer this one. Middle right – a gorgeous Crafters Companion die. The frame is cut out of the card front, and the candle scene cut out of Christmas paper, and glued behind the card front. The bow is cut out of the same paper and stuck on to the candle piece then covered in Glossy Accents. All this is backed with black card, then a poinsettia cut out and glued on the front. A few perfect pearls dotted about! The card front left is one of the new 3D embossing folders from Crafters Companion, placed on the card front with decorative paper and a ribbon behind it. Some stickles and a bow added.

So that’s me this week, folks. I will endeavour to get around to folks – but I have to do the shopping for Step Inside. Feeling just a tad guilty that this is all I can do to help this week, as I have to be at a funeral on Thursday lunchtime.

Take care everyone. God bless.


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Hello my friends. Goodness! I am writing this on the afternoon of August 1st!! Where, oh where… ? My only encouragement is that you all seem to feel the same. The days seem to be slipping by so fast this year!

My desk this week is absolutely neat and tidy.

There are two reasons for this. One is that I am on holiday in Derbyshire next week, so am getting things tidy for my daughter and family who will be staying here whilst I am away.

And the second reason is that I have spent this last couple of weeks REALLY tidying up my craft space – putting like with like, labelling everything, tidying the utter chaos under the desk – and even hovering the floor. Look, no paper poo!! The bird book and binoculars are there to identify some of the many varieties of bird we have coming to the field opposite my landing window! – no, honestly, I don’t sneak looks at my neighbours…

So, you can actually see what is there now. I have spent so many hours and days manically making cards this summer for the hotel – who are not slowing down on their sales – that tidying was a non-event. Left shove was more the in-thing! The few things still on my desk are ready to take away with me on Saturday.

I have made a few cards, though – one for my daughter’s parents in law who celebrate their Golden Wedding a week on Saturday, one for each of my daughters – both August birthdays – one for my nephew away on the sandwich part of his university course, two for friends who are married and both have their birthdays on the same day!, one for a daughter who’s 20th anniversary is on Sep 6, and one for friends who had their 46th anniversary on July 23rd. Needless to say – I forgot to take a number of photos here…!

I have to confess I have spent an incredible amount of time in front of the TV screen the past few weeks – Wimbledon!! I LOVE IT! However…. I couldn’t sit idly by whilst the players were working so hard…. so…

Having crocheted together so many blankets over the past five years, I have ended up with a great bag of part balls of yarn… Here they are all put together. I simply kept going round and round, joining in new colours until each square was 12 rounds. Then crocheted them all together and added a border to tie it all in – my Wimbledon blanket!

The team who went to Uganda had a fantastic time – and had asked me before they went for a teaching aid – a large banner. They wanted to use it to explain what happens when people live God’s way. So…

One 6foot by 4foot banner. A brown heart in the centre, then four character attributes of the heart – in black, held on individually by Velcro, then, as the teaching continues….

A white and gold attribute covers the black – the black is still there because we are not yet made perfect.

So, all these have indeed been ON my desk in the last little while – but they aren’t there now, I’m afraid. Hope you can cope, and I don’t get too many black marks from Julia our hostess with the mostest!

Take care everyone. I’m doing this on Tuesday afternoon, as in a few minutes Mr and Mrs D are due to move in for a couple of nights. The packers have been in their home for the past two days putting everything into boxes, cartons, etc. Tomorrow the lorry and storage container arrive. They will watch their entire life disappear into a van and not know when they will see it all again. Thursday they complete the sale on this house and move into their canal boat for… who knows how long. They haven’t bought, but are waiting to find a new home as they travel the waterways.

See you all after my holiday. I’ll do my best to get around folk in the next three days.

God bless.


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