WOYWW 422 – again – I think it’s right

Hello my friends. July already – oh my word! Without further ado – my desks this week – filled with all-sorts as usual, and somewhat arranged for you, I’m afraid!

Your comments last week about the ribbon weaving cards were so beautiful – thank you! It inspired me to do a few more for the coffee morning a week on Saturday.

I’ve also made a few lantern boxes for the morning – which will have the option of a night light in them. I would like to decorate some of these a little further – just haven’t got around to it yet. I hope to cut a few more out as well.

I realised last week that there were three ATCs which arrived and I had not acknowledged them. I am really sorry – and here they are!! Front left from Kyla; front and back right from Kim Young; back left from Christine. Also is the birthday card I have made for my eldest grand daughter – she will be 16 this next week. Where, oh where, do the years go???

The team leave here for Uganda tomorrow (Thursday), so I rapidly sewed together the next selection of squarish squares.

Remember this?

I made this blanket in March – and it fitted right over a single bed. Well, on Sunday the team learned that while they are in Uganda, they will be attending a wedding. They wish to bless the couple by taking them a gift. This is what they have decided to take – I feel really chuffed that they have chosen something I have made – but of course – it needed to be a bit bigger…. So, today, I have spent the day in front of Wimbledon (OH, what a sacrifice!!!), and have put lots of extra rows down the sides, then one final row all the way round…

It now fills a king sized bed!

So that’s me this week folks. Thanks so much to everyone who left comments last week – they were so special. I managed to visit everyone last week – I’m only sorry I didn’t manage to leave comments on quite all the posts. I love seeing what you are all up to in your space. I’m off out Wednesday morning to help the team with their “pre-packing” – ie., taking wrappers, packaging, etc., off everything going out to Uganda – making the most of the luggage allowance! – So I will be back later to visit.
Take care all. God bless.


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