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Good morning my friends. Well – that was the week that was! The postman had forgotten what it was like to make his way down my drive – but he has been doing just that several times in the past few days. Thank you to everyone who has sent me an ATC already received. I know there are a few more still to come because you have told me, but here are the lovelies I have so far had.

Thank you to everyone of you – they are a delightful memory to savour. Ani even told me that this was the first ATC she had ever made – don’t you just love those weeny knitting needles!

So, my desk this fine and sunny morning here in North Wales:

A mess after a somewhat unproductive morning on Tuesday attempting some special birthday cards – only one was made in three hours! Glue, double sided tape, pile of paper, an attempt at a box lid (failed ‘cos I got the measurement slightly wrong)a flower die set, some failed printed photos (still don’t know what is wrong with the printer), camera lens cover, list of birthdays I need cards for, and the usual things on the shelf. The picture was taken this morning at 5am. I just happened to waken early – and look what I saw outside across the valley:

Wasn’t that just beautiful. It spread all the way down the valley, rising and falling with the contours, and then disappeared into the gap between two of the mountains. I confess to standing transfixed for a while!

So here’s the card which took quite so long yesterday!

And the next squarish square blanket I have put together this week – I’m nearly at the end of all these shapes now…

My whole family, two daughters, two sons in law, and five grandies, are all on holiday at the moment in a village called Llangrannog in Mid Wales. We arranged to meet up on Monday at a red kite feeding centre down that way. What a sight! Over 100 birds flying around us as they gathered. How ever do they know the time?? They don’t land for the food that is thrown them, simply fly in, grab with their feet, take themselves up again and have lunch on the wing. A whole new meaning of Grab and go – I wonder if that’s where the supermarkets got their idea?! Because the day was so grey it was virtually impossible to get a decent photo pointing upwards to the sky – but I managed a few which I was pleased with:

As you can see from the shapes of the photos I have cropped the images. Didn’t think you wanted to see a load of empty sky or a load of grass with a tiny subject in the middle! These stunning birds have a 6 foot wingspan – and yet weigh only around 2 pounds. It was a beautiful experience – one we all thoroughly enjoyed – and well worth the 95 mile each way drive. The first of the two pictures shows the kite with food in his claws and reaching down to eat as he flies – the second I thought looked rather like the Red Arrow flight formation team as they came in as a family group to grab and go!!

So that’s it folks – that’s me this week. I’ve quite a busy day here – so will be around to visit between other things I must do. Just want Sarah to know that I do visit each week, and would love to comment – just can’t. SO sorry!!!

I trust you have all had a good week.

Take care. God bless.



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    Busy girl! love the glittery hummer! Robyn 3
    Wed, 28 Jun 2017 14:48:25

    Vickie Doswell
    Didn’t make it around to blogs last week so decided they would be first on the list this week. Love the pictures of the birds. I don’t know that we have this bird here in Oklahoma! I see a lot of hawks and an occasional owl but most of the predator birds are further east of us. Love watching them fly and hunt! Something as easy as a card can take forever and a day to get to turn out…it is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my desk last week. Vickie #43
    Wed, 07 Jun 2017 18:46:42

    Hi Margaret, lovely photos of the kites. It is difficult to get a really good photo of birds in flight, unless you have a super-duper whizz of a camera, which I don’t, so I’d be cropping them too. You’ve received a lovely collection of ATCs – as you say, something to savour. Your card is gorgeous – three hours well spent. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth x #33
    Sat, 03 Jun 2017 11:16:05

    Kim Young
    Happy late WOYWW! So sorry for commenting so late! Your ATC and card are wonderful! I can see why that card took so long! Looks great, and thanks for sharing the Kite photos…amazing! Have a great weekend. -K #32
    Sat, 03 Jun 2017 02:07:02

    I love seeing your photos. I think I’d have just pulled up a chair and enjoyed my tea while being mesmerized by the mist. I didn’t get up early enough this morning for anything except blinding sun. Bed was just too comfy. LOL Creative Blessings! Kel
    Fri, 02 Jun 2017 14:43:03

    Hi Margaret, You were so lucky to see the Red Kites. Magnificent birds. The card is beautiful. Loving the colourful blanket. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy WOYWW Sue #24
    Thu, 01 Jun 2017 11:22:26

    Super card, no wonder it took so long. Would making a duplicate take as long as the thinking is already done I wonder? Thanks for the visit BJ#11
    Thu, 01 Jun 2017 09:59:41

    Diana Taylor
    I love the pretty lace card – that background insert is gorgeous and the cut out flowers are so sweet. That must have been an amazing experience with the birds – they are quite magnificent. Hope you have a great week, Diana xx #23
    Thu, 01 Jun 2017 09:47:19

    Gorgeous ATCs and what a lovely collection, yes I love the little needles, so sweet. I promise not to cut up anymore old tax discs! Thanks for the visit to mine and happy crafty woyww, Angela x21x
    Wed, 31 May 2017 23:28:29

    Lisa M
    Your card is beautiful, Margaret, well worth all the effort. Somedays things just take longer than others don’t they? Your day out sounds great. We have two red kites that we see regularly but too see so many must be an amazing sight. Love your misty valley too. Hugs Lisax #26
    Wed, 31 May 2017 21:20:50

    Carol N
    I can tell that card took a LONG time! So detailed and gorgeous! What a fabulous group of ATCs, too! Love the colorful blanket and your photos of the fog and birds! Hope you have a great week and God bless you! Carol N #34
    Wed, 31 May 2017 20:39:07

    Oh Yes, the best happy mail is the handcrafted variety, love the shots of the fog and the birds too Margaret. that card looks like it was time well spent 🙂 ~Stacy #40
    Wed, 31 May 2017 19:58:26

    Fab photos especially the misty morn and those beautiful kites – just my thing! Glad our surprise ATCs arrived safely – it’s just a bit of WOYWW fun and we love it!! x Jo
    Wed, 31 May 2017 19:45:48

    Wow – those Kites are awesome! I didn’t know they were so big! That must have been quite awe inspiring to watch them! Your 3 hour card is beautiful – I’m sure it would have taken me longer! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #41
    Wed, 31 May 2017 16:26:03

    hi margaret as always havent you been busy. isn’t it great to receive such fabulous mini masterpeices. I havent taken part this week or even got to everyone last week,still trying to catch up!!.What stunning photos… youv’e captured the morning mist so beautifully.It sounds like you had a a fabulous time with family isn’t nature wonderful .Enjoy the rest of your week crafty hugs Andrea x
    Wed, 31 May 2017 14:09:11

    Your photos are just so lovely – I too would stand transfixed at the mist/cloud rolling through the valley. How beautiful! Have a Wonderful Wednesday! Bubbles #31 http://patchworkapples.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/woyww-417.html
    Wed, 31 May 2017 13:26:19

    Sarah Brennan
    Those birds must certainly have been an impressive sight in the flesh! Lovely card. I quite often take 3 hours to make a card by the time I’ve faffed around. Sarah #22
    Wed, 31 May 2017 12:51:33

    Isn’t it wonderful getting the ATCs through the post, I love it! You’ve got a nice haul there :-D. What a good week you’ve had, the kite pics are amazing…we saw a similar place near Llandovery, it was wonderful just gazing at those beautiful birds. Hugs, LLJ 18 xxx
    Wed, 31 May 2017 08:48:07

    Ali Wade
    Happy WOYWW. Your collection of ATCs is truly impressive. Yes, those teeny-tiny knitting needles are fab. Well done on getting the special card finished. I think that 3 hours isn’t too bad! We have seen the red kites feeding. It has all been too successful and now there are too many in Wales. Ali x #7
    Wed, 31 May 2017 06:39:30

    Fantastic atcs, each one so different. Great photos – especially the one from this morning! Helen #5
    Wed, 31 May 2017 06:31:51

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