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Good morning my friends. Well – that was the week that was! The postman had forgotten what it was like to make his way down my drive – but he has been doing just that several times in the past few days. Thank you to everyone who has sent me an ATC already received. I know there are a few more still to come because you have told me, but here are the lovelies I have so far had.

Thank you to everyone of you – they are a delightful memory to savour. Ani even told me that this was the first ATC she had ever made – don’t you just love those weeny knitting needles!

So, my desk this fine and sunny morning here in North Wales:

A mess after a somewhat unproductive morning on Tuesday attempting some special birthday cards – only one was made in three hours! Glue, double sided tape, pile of paper, an attempt at a box lid (failed ‘cos I got the measurement slightly wrong)a flower die set, some failed printed photos (still don’t know what is wrong with the printer), camera lens cover, list of birthdays I need cards for, and the usual things on the shelf. The picture was taken this morning at 5am. I just happened to waken early – and look what I saw outside across the valley:

Wasn’t that just beautiful. It spread all the way down the valley, rising and falling with the contours, and then disappeared into the gap between two of the mountains. I confess to standing transfixed for a while!

So here’s the card which took quite so long yesterday!

And the next squarish square blanket I have put together this week – I’m nearly at the end of all these shapes now…

My whole family, two daughters, two sons in law, and five grandies, are all on holiday at the moment in a village called Llangrannog in Mid Wales. We arranged to meet up on Monday at a red kite feeding centre down that way. What a sight! Over 100 birds flying around us as they gathered. How ever do they know the time?? They don’t land for the food that is thrown them, simply fly in, grab with their feet, take themselves up again and have lunch on the wing. A whole new meaning of Grab and go – I wonder if that’s where the supermarkets got their idea?! Because the day was so grey it was virtually impossible to get a decent photo pointing upwards to the sky – but I managed a few which I was pleased with:

As you can see from the shapes of the photos I have cropped the images. Didn’t think you wanted to see a load of empty sky or a load of grass with a tiny subject in the middle! These stunning birds have a 6 foot wingspan – and yet weigh only around 2 pounds. It was a beautiful experience – one we all thoroughly enjoyed – and well worth the 95 mile each way drive. The first of the two pictures shows the kite with food in his claws and reaching down to eat as he flies – the second I thought looked rather like the Red Arrow flight formation team as they came in as a family group to grab and go!!

So that’s it folks – that’s me this week. I’ve quite a busy day here – so will be around to visit between other things I must do. Just want Sarah to know that I do visit each week, and would love to comment – just can’t. SO sorry!!!

I trust you have all had a good week.

Take care. God bless.



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Happy 8th WOYWW Anniversary

Who would have believed when Julia started this fun blog hop that it would still be going strong after 8 years. Congratulations to everyone – and thanks to Julia! So, hello my friends and welcome. Without further ado – what we are all here for… my desk shot! If you are of a nervous disposition, then maybe you shouldn’t look too closely!

Taken Tuesday afternoon after a mammoth card fest – nothing tidied away, everything out. From left to right – a music CD on the floor at the top of the stairs. I’ve been going through all our CDs to see which ones are me and which are not – sitting on the floor means it is not, and so will head to the nearest charity shop. On top of the radiator is a pile of envelopes – the ATCs already spoken for. If you would still like to swap with me just say so in your comments and send me an email to margaret(dot)diddanfa(at)gmail(dot)com. I have three spare. First come first served.

Moving along the landing there is my CD player, drawers on the floor – that’s my drawer of bling, a drawer of stamps, and one of ready to fold card stock, 2 boxes of ribbon – well, a girl can never have too much ribbon can she?? and the waste bin.

Up on the desk, from the window forward – a box of embossing folders, a bow maker, a stash of coloured card and paper, a printer which needs checking out, the card, paper, stamps and peel-offs I have just used, mobile phone, glasses, cards I have just finished for the hotel (yes, MORE!), scissors, inks, brushes, and a background I was playing with using brushos. Not at all sure about it – my first attempt with watercolour paper. In the distance on the windowsill are a couple of sad looking orchid plants and my collection of cut glass and silver perfume bottles and thimbles.

So, what have I been doing to produce such chaos? Well, ATCs, cards to go with them, cards for the hotel, and since taking the photo I have played with a tiny die for making a rather attractive gift bag – might think about how to use that in different ways… I have almost completed another blanket of squarish squares, have taken a day out to drive to Rugby to see my dad who is definitely not too well, and spent time recovering from all the talking with my college friends!

So, that’s me. folks. Happy WOYWW anniversary to you all.

Take care. God bless.


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Hello my friends. I have no desk shot to show you this week because it is currently completely empty! Not that I have been idle… far from it – but because I want to tell you a story… But that must wait a few moments. Let’s see just what I have been up to this past two weeks.

I finished crocheting another blanket of squarish squares together

I finished a couple of jigsaw when I wasn’t feeling at all well

I had rather a card fest! Request for more cards for the hotel, so made 14 more, plus a birthday card and an anniversary card for personal use.

I finished the fan birthday card!!! YAY! I was thrilled with it apart from some bits of glue showing through – particularly as it was supposed to become invisible when dry. In the end I did decide to place it on its stand.

So that’s me this past two weeks. But, why no desk shot? Well, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. In September 1969 I left home and went off to teacher training college, and there met up with lots of new friends. 7 of these friends became close friends, and the eight of us spent two years in digs together. When I was married in 1972 some were bridesmaids. We all decided we would stick together as friends, and every two years since 1979 have got together as a group – usually for just a day, in one of our homes. The 8 soon became 15 as seven of us married. Then the group grew as we all had our children. I think we peaked our get togethers at around 35 people. Then, the inevitable happened and the group started to shrink in number as our children started leaving home. Soon we were back to 15 of us meeting every two years.

Because of John’s ill health, I missed the last three natter sessions. We were the sort of friends that we simply picked up conversations as soon as we were back together. It was as if no time had passed. It was decided by everyone else – in my absence, and without consultation, I have to say – that this year the whole group would rent a HUGE property and would come up to me. So, they all arrived this Monday. They are here until Friday – so I will visit you good folk – but not until after they have all left.

It’s so good to see them all. We are all older, but still have plenty of spark within ourselves. We have known each other now for 48 years. 7 marriages, no divorces, only John is missing, many of us now have grandchildren. Our hair is greyer, or even coloured, but our ability to get on together is undiminished. We laugh, we cry, we tease, we go out walking, tomorrow (Wednesday) some are even climbing Snowdon. What a lot of fun we are having together – and how precious that after all these years we still have plenty to talk about together. We have our Christian faith in common – some preach regularly in their churches, one is now ordained as a minister, we see our children growing in their own Christian faith. we encourage one another. When we meet in two years time, we will have been friends for 50 years.

So, you see, I haven’t even had time to take a desk shot! Do you think I might be forgiven?

Take care my dear friends out there in blogland. I have been busy making ATCs for next week – but couldn’t show you those – I have made 12. 4 are already spoken for – so that leaves 8. If you would like to swap please say so in your comments here. The first 8 will get an envelope through the mail! Please email me at margaret (dot) diddanfa (at) gmail (dot) com with your address and details. Thanks so much.

God bless you.


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Hello my friends.

Been AWOL again – sorry – life just got rather manic what with one thing and another… and now here we are only three weeks away from the 8th anniversary. How on earth did we get there already? No idea!… Many, many thanks to Neet for checking up on me! I really appreciated the thought.

So, what’s my desk looking like today? – empty – completely bare of work

You can see two cutting mats – that’s because Joy, Ruth (my daughters) and friend Helen all came for the weekend for a craft and mountain time. They went into Snowdonia on Saturday and achieved Glyder Fach, The Cantilever and Castell y Gwynt (I’m really proud of them all! Those mountains are HIGH!), and spent Sunday playing with my craft stash! A wonderful time was had by all three. But, of course, I had to clear everything away to give them room… So, a camera case, some inks, a pile of cards sent to me, my computer, CD Roms,, pictures on the wall, pens, more inks, tapes, a gingerbread house. In fact, nothing very edifying at all.


So, that’s it as far as WOYWW is concerned – however, I have been busy while away… and you are welcome to peek if you have time.

My pergamano card continues – and I can’t show it you complete yet, as it is my friend’s birthday party this weekend – but… 1 – shows all the original cutting out done; 2 – a close up of the delicate shapes in the centre of the design; 3 – I had to wait for this fancy tool to arrive – a semi-circle of needles to make a lovely edge pattern; 4 – first pricking done, then each semi-circle is embossed from the back, then each semi-circle is pricked deeply; 5 – all cut out ready for the next stage.

I’ve crocheted another blanket for Uganda – the colours aren’t good in the photo, that apparently deep brown is actually a glorious burgundy!

Hopeless photo, but I managed to do a jigsaw – a Thomas Kinkade image.

Almost my only contribution to Sunday’s craft fest – a monochrome card. I went down with the most appalling cold on Saturday evening and felt like nothing very much on Sunday! I had been busy all of Saturday at the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza to be honest. As usual our church opened its doors for BBQ food and homemade cakes. The weather was cold but fine and vaguely sunny, so the town was heaving. Over the Saturday and Sunday we made over £1000 profit, all going to children’s charities, two local, one in Uganda, and the other in Israel. VERY, VERY hard work, but so rewarding as we met up with folk who had been before, who remembered us fondly, and were thrilled to come back for “the best cakes in town”! I love it, but it is certainly an exhausting day or two.

When the girls all arrived on Friday, they came bearing the fruits of their hard work…

They, plus Mrs D, had made some bags for Uganda – plus, Ruth had persuaded her Mother in law to make a set…. and to help use up my stash of yarn for blankets and jumpers. She has done all 7 of these gorgeous aran sweaters. She has also taken 2 whole bags of DK yarn to crochet some blankets. WOW! Thank you Sue!!!

So, a very heartfelt thank you card was made! Lovely Spellbinders die set, plus the thank you die from Mrs D – a Christmas present all the way from China!

Well, if you got this far – well done – gold stars all round. That’s me done, folks. You take care of yourselves.

God bless.


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