Month: April 2017


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Good morning, my friends. I do trust this finds you well. I was AWOL last week – more about that later – but still can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone since I last posted! So, to business – the reason we are all here – my desk!

As you can see, I am at the pergamano again. Apart from the day light lamp, the parchment and tools, on my desk there is the usual muddle of bits including a box of small sized inks which I was using for Easter cards. Now, I promised you part two of the pergamano fan – and so here it is.

The fan is now completely embossed from the back, and here is turned right side up. The next stage is to prick the “holey” bit – just VERY lightly! You hardly push the end of the tool into the parchment.

The picture above shows you the pricked parchment, then when that is complete, you go over it again, this time pushing the tool right in and thus expanding the holes. I hope you can see the two different sized holes. When that is complete, you take some special curved scissors and with a rather strange twist, you cut the holes. This design is going to leave some really narrow sections in the parchment! Gulp!! Hope I can achieve it – I would hate to ruin it at this stage! As you see – it takes time – I think that is why I like it so much.

So, when not doing this parchment… what else have I been up to…

Yes, I’m still working my way down the pile of squarish squares – another blanket finished for Uganda.

I finished a second set of ten bags for the children. I think I exhausted my sewing machine doing this – as when I was trying to sew something this morning the machine ground to a halt, and seized up! I’ve had to take it in for a major service and repair. Uh-oh! I see a large bill looming – but it’s a good machine, so I would rather like to keep it.

Then I made a couple of cards. This is for my daughter’s mother in law, who, at 80, has just knitted the most gorgeous jumper for the babies in Uganda.


So, that’s what I have been up to when at home… but where was I last week??

I went visiting. Daughter number 1 lives in Nottingham – and daughter number 2 was visiting with her family, so I went and joined them for a day – and we went off to Attenborough reservoir where they have a small boat. Great fun was had by all out on the water – and, yes, even I was persuaded to get in and go for a sail. Never done it before – don’t swim, am terrified of the water – but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Yes, I did turn around and face the way I was going – and had control of the ropes for the front sail. A pretty cold day out there on the water – hence the coats, hats, and gloves.

So that’s it folks from North Wales. Mrs D, her hubby and I all had a day out in the sun in Beddgelert last Saturday – a glorious walk along the river and through the village, ending up watching the local preserved train being shunted back and forth along the line for photo opportunities. Great fun!

Take care, folks. God bless.


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