Month: December 2016


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Hello my friends. Sorry I have been AWOL again – I can’t quite believe it is 5weeks since I last posted. I have been travelling around Britain – firstly down to the Crop, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and like most other folk, didn’t actually do a lot of crafting. It was so very good to meet the people I have been rabbiting on to for the past four years!! Then, a huge round trip to attend my youngest grandchild’s final junior school nativity play, and my 4th grandchild’s concert. I also took the opportunity of seeing folk I have not seen for a long time – including my 95year old dad, my brother, and the pastor of my last church. A really good trip. So, now I’m home, and awaiting the arrival of all the family on Christmas Eve. For those of you in Britain, I will give fair warning…. they are all praying hard for lots of snow – they wish to take me sledging!

My desk this week is in waiting mode. All is done. We have a large number of January birthdays in the family, so not only do I need to organise all the Christmas presents, but about 5 birthdays as well! However, once I have been to the bank tomorrow, that will all be ready as well. Two church events to do – Step Inside on Thursday and a Christmas surprise concert on Friday evening for which I am responsible for the VERY simple refreshments, then I can sit down and enjoy the festivities

So, here it is… Three envelopes awaiting cash, the birthday cards and a Golden wedding card, a pile of Thank you cards anticipating the arrival of Santa at my home, some dies I haven’t properly put away yet, and a flower pot which holds important electric leads – phone charger, lead to download pictures from my camera to the computer, camera battery charger…. you know the sort of thing – those leads you can never find when they are most needed. As you see, nothing has yet happened with the canvas – it’s still propped up against the wall. After Christmas, me thinks!

So there you have it, folks. Not much to show because it is now all wrapped up and under the tree.

I do wish each of you a very Happy Christmas. As we watch the news each night and see the devastating items from around our beautiful world – the pain, the suffering, the atrocities – may it cause us to cry out for mercy and peace to God who is all compassion and love, and who, in that love sent Jesus  – born into a country wracked with war and a tyrannical leader, to a single mother, He lived only a short life, and knew a horrible death. BUT that wasn’t the end, for as Christians we believe He overcame death and rose again, showing us the way back to His Father, that we might know LIFE with capital letters.

Take care, each one of you at this special season of the year. God bless you.


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