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Hello my friends. A really short effort tonight as I know I won’t have time to do this in the morning. It’s my turn to make the soup for Step Inside this week, so early tomorrow I must go to the shops and get all the ingredients – twice as many as usual as the Llandudno Christmas Fayre will be in full swing by Thursday, and LOTS of extra folk will be in town! Parsnip and sweet potato is on the menu this week – lots of it – two HUGE pans full!

So… my desk…

Somewhat different from last week! I’ve actually been playing… The funky stars I have been having fun with. Not at ALL convinced I like what I have done – I may simply take them apart and re-do. The tree is ok, and the three letters are fine so far. I’m awaiting the postman to bring me a poinsettia die so I can decorate them. Then there is a half hidden birthday card, and piles of wool tops. I’ve had my dumfer out – erm – electric needle-felting machine, and seeing what I can do. I have also this week wrapped almost all the presents, and written about half the cards. Phew!!!

The worship on Sunday went really well. We linked up by radio to the London Cenotaph, and all went to time! Yippee!!!

I will come around visiting after I have made the soup and it’s cooling down. That in itself takes hours as there is so much content in each pan.

Take care, my friends. Sorry this is a bit brief – but it’s how Julia likes it, so maybe I’ll be awarded a gold star?

God bless.


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My dear friends. I can’t believe it has been three weeks since I last wrote a WOYWW post! How quickly time is dashing forward… So, straight to business… my desk

Hmm – a complete jumble of things. Obviously reflecting the state of my mind at this time!! Left to right we have the shelf with papers, and all the usual paraphernalia – kitchen roll, baby wipes, paint brushes, rolls of tape inks and embossing powders. On the desk, computer printer piled high with cutting mat, some little gingerbread cottages, die storage, cross stitch pattern and cross stitch (I’m nearly done!!!), day light lamp, bent over so I can look through the magnifier (Can’t see the holes these days), big shot, computer and clutter. Lurking behind the big shot is a pile of music and notes as I’m leading worship this coming Sunday. I leave you to imagine the trials of leading on Remembrance Sunday, and trying to end the song at JUST the right moment to fit in with the lifeboat flare and alarm along with the senotaph celebration! The pink and purple blur in the centre are two fun pencils, greatly fluffy, and apparently closely observing my Birthday card list hung on the wall. Do you know, I had never noticed they were facing that way – sure I had stood them facing the room…??!!

Yesterday I found some lovely happy mail had arrived.

Darnell sent me lots of hugs!! Thank you so much, Darnell.

So, that’s me this week, folks. It’s early morning, I have to be in and out a bit today, but will visit between dashing around North Wales.

Take care. God bless.




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