Month: July 2016


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Hello, my friends. Surprise, surprise, I’m actually posting this week! It has been 7 weeks since I last posted – my only excuse being exhaustion. We have not slept well, and the days are full looking after John – and to be honest, by the time I have gotten him to bed on a Tuesday evening it can be 10.45 – and  simply don’t have the energy left to write, edit then put up a blog post! Sorry!!

I have been busy doing all sorts of things getting ready for the team to go to Uganda- I have made bags for Bibles, sewn together squares for blankets, stuffed letters into envelopes… and also made lots of cards etc for family and friends. But first – what you are here for… my desk!

You see the aftermath of a couple of cards – some boxes of peel-offs, Pollyanna Pickering image pads and papers, pens to colour peel-offs, and the usual scissors, scalpel, bone folder. There is my die storage folder – with, of course, dies on top because said folder is now too full to take any more, Mrs D’s box of dies which I have been having fun using whilst she has been away, and up on the top shelf the yellow pot holds paintbrushes, and the boxes lots of A5 size papers and 6×6 pads. On top of the large box of dies is an anniversary card for John. Friday is our 44th Wedding anniversary – a day we didn’t think in December that we would see.

So, what else have I been up to since my holiday? Here’s a few examples…

Well, my friends – that’s us this week – muddling our way through the hottest temperatures North Wales has seen for a good long time – and plodding from day to day. I will do my best to visit everyone – but believe it or believe it not, we are forecast to have thunderstorms, lightening and torrential rain here tomorrow!!! Why not join in the fun of peeking at workdesks… Pop over to our leader, Julia – back in the driving seat after an extremely short break consisting of major surgery and recovery. Well done, Julia – you are doing great. Allow yourself time to really recover.

Take care. God bless.


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