Month: January 2016


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Hello, my friends, and a very happy and blessed new year to you. I realise that the title of our lovely group is what’s on your workdesk – but please believe me when I say I would much rather NOT show you what is on my desk this evening. I’m writing this on Tuesday evening, after a day supposedly dedicated to taking down the Christmas decorations – but we all know what happens to the best laid plans…. Needless to say the task is not completed. What with the lovely treat of some unexpected visitors, phone calls from health care professionals, a dash to the surgery for a script, then getting it made up at the pharmacy…. you get the picture.

Those of a nervous disposition should scroll down rapidly here – I would hate to be responsible for your state of health after seeing my desk. There are some better photos further down.. So, here it is, in all its glory

So – from right to left – a telephone directory open at a number I really MUST get around to phoning; my new ultimate pro – which, yes, I have now tried out; a box card in the making (used the pro for this!!); a rack of paper and card; the rubbish bin; Christmas stockings; a present not yet put away. And on the floor are bits and bobs of decorations not sorted and put away. The angel we bought in Vancouver nearly 19 years ago, which I dressed; a metal angel Mr and Mrs D gave us as a pre Christmas present this year. The door in the far distance leads into the eaves storage area, and that is where the decorations are heading once all are tidied! Total chaos.

Before tackling this I have actually done a fair bit of crafting this week.

Two of our grandchildren are becoming teenagers this month – so a card for Nathan.

A gift box for Emma’s present. The box card is still in the making!!

A card for a son in law

Sorry about the quality – or lack thereof – of the pictures – not very good light late on Tuesday evening!

Last, but not least, a picture of the arran cardigan, finished well in time for Christmas, and modelled by John. He is also showing off his extremely smart oxygen machine. It takes air from the room, gets rid of the nitrogen, and pumps through mainly oxygen. Amazingly clever, and piped from the machine downstairs as well, so John can use it anywhere in the house. This was taken only a few days after he came out of hospital – hence the somewhat dazed look – but I need you to know that the bruise on his forehead was NOT made by his physiotherapist, but was self inflicted when he fell asleep after lunch one day in hospital and crashed onto his table! Ouch!! I don’t think the medics know what to make of him – he is recovering well, very tired, but eating well, beginning to do little bits each day. I praise God for the way he is feeling so much better at this time. Tuesday afternoon I went out and left him at home on his own for an hour whilst getting his prescription – the first time I left him since he came home. I think I was more nervous than he was!

So that’s us this week, folks. Plodding on, not quite able to believe the first week of the new year has already gone by.

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Take care. God bless.


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