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Well, hello my friends. I’m somewhat later to the party which is WOYWW today as John and I have been trying out different routines with all the extra care he is currently needing. Which is the best order for everything that needs to be done, etc. However – here I am at last.

My workdesk today is in manic mode. You can see evidence that we have been ordering presents – hence the brown cardboard in the waste bin. There on the floor is my new big shot plus. On the desk is the back of the arran cardigan I am knitting for John ready to be photographed, the Christmas card list with pen, the piles of Christmas cards waiting to be written, the notepad giving me details on how to contact our motor insurance company to change our policy. John has taken the momentous decision to relinquish his driving licence as he feels he could be a danger on the road if a breathless attack happens whilst he is driving. A hard decision as he has always enjoyed driving. There is a plastic box bursting at the seams with my dies and stencils, some half made boxes awaiting finishing, and piles of clutter. Get Christmas done and I really MUST tidy the whole area!!!



A close up reveals the designs – very simple!! – of our Christmas cards this year. I have made around 330 cards, so the designs HAD to be simple. I still have the close family ones to make – and they will be more detailed and complex.


Some asked last week what John’s arran was going to look like…. so…ta-da…. not a complex pattern, but one he liked. So, above, is the back. I’ve now completed the back, both fronts and the first sleeve – so I’m getting there. He’s going to have to model it when finished!

If this is the first time you have arrived at this place, and think I have completely lost the plot by showing you my workdesk… well, you may be right. But – there is a purpose. What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday is a globe-wide group of crazy arty folks. Join in? Simply go to Julia will give you the hows, whys and wherefors.

That’s me this week folks. Apologies to any who left comments last week that I didn’t get back to – I can’t often comment on Google+ blogs – sorry. I do visit.

Take care my friends. God bless.



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Mystified why I should be talking about my workspace? Pop along to Julia – our hostess – at and see how it all works.

Hello my friends. My workdesk this week has been the driving wheel of the car. John has felt well enough to be out and about – so… out and about we have been. Sunday, he managed to get to church for only the fourth time this year, and then we headed off to Anglesey in the most wonderful, warm, sunshine. A meal out was a real treat for me, the views of the mountains were tremendous, and the drive home awesome as we hit the mist roaring down from the tops.

So, having had such a great time out, we decided to repeat it on Monday. The weather forecast was great, John was able to get up fairly early, so we set off to go to Martin Mere. For those from other lands, Martin Mere is a wetland conservation site, where otters, beavers, birds of all varieties from sparrows to swans live, nest, and overwinter. Some of the migrating birds were there as they travelled south for the winter. But, oh, what a contrast from the day before. The fog and mist never really lifted, and the air smelled of Autumn. But the colours were still there. We had a good day out despite the change in the weather.

So, some proof of our time… a lot of fun with the camera. I love to take photos – especially (in good weather!) to have the macro lens on and be grovelling around trying to get inside a flower. Monday, though, was more of a “stand at a distance and use the zoom” type of a day!

A huge fungus growth on this tree stump. It was about 35cm across – incredible.

This tree was covered with these gorgeous shaped cones – a real sign of Autumn.

By one of the ponds were these lovely rushes.

These berries were about the brightest thing we saw all day.

And finally – an attempt at a little arty type of photo!!

So that has been my workspace this week – a few more boxes made, a lot of knitting – I’m making John an Arran cardigan – lots of homemade soups are now in the freezer to have a go at when we fancy soup for lunch, and great fun with the camera.

Take care, my friends. I’ll do my best to visit folks.God bless you.



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