1 – Man-made structures

This was our first area of study. We visited the Marble church in Bodelwyddan, taking sketch books and pencils. Here we were encouraged to look at the shapes and forms within the building, draw them, then when back in the lecture room we made a design board selecting one or more shape and building on it. Then we made a book based on this aspect and designing an imaginary piece of work for an imaginary customer, with materials to be used, costings, etc. This section got us into the swing of things, showing us how to work, how to develop ideas, and how to think about developing the work for a customer.

The original design board using the shapes found in the church.
The design book.
Inside the book each page edge was “burned” using my poor long-suffering hubby’s soldering iron!!
My imaginary customer was to be a church who needed a new Bible cover for their lectern Bible. The fabric would be coloured with different fabric paints, with the shape found in all the windows picked out and edged with stitching. The main shape of the cross was to be couched and raised gold fabric, stitched down and sewn round with purple/burgundy threads.